Wolf’s half-brother Ruck the TruckThis did not happen…it’s a story made up by request of Wolf!Wolf and I found an apartment close to our college. Wolf took a part time job as a stripper at a gay club…damn! he sure filled up the G-string whereby most nights his cock wasn’t in it!…..I took a job at a fast food joint with a hot looking manager, Angelo. He had the sweetest bubble butt. I fantasized about him while in classes during the day. I think he’s bi-curious even though he brags about the pussies he has conquered. He’s looked at my bulge many times as I did his. One night as we were closing up at eleven, he said he wanted to see me in his office after I did my clean up chores. I got done and headed toward his office. I opened the door and their is Angelo sitting naked on his desk with a hard on dripping pre cum…he rolled a condom on it and ordered me to strip. I felt excitement as my cock started to twitch…he ordered me to spread my cheeks and sit on his hard on…he handed me lube…I climbed up and spread my cheeks as he pushed his thick Italian hardness in me…I can feel his full balls…he gripped my sides and started lifting me up and down on his cock….his cock fully deep in me with each thrust…after about ten minutes he ordered me on all fours on the floor…I did as I was told…he started ripping my asshole apart with his thickness…my cock is dripping precum…he grabs my abs and starts fast fucking me…I moan…it feels so good…he slaps my ass and yells “I’m cumming bitch”…he loudly grunts and groans…shooting a massive amount of cum in the condom…his thick Italian cock was about eight inches…he then ordered me to dress and head on home…he also said “hey gay boy, there will be more after work sessions…got me!” I said “yes, sir!” My ass is sore from the boss’ thick cock…As I open the canlı bahis door to our apartment, I hear noises coming from the second bedroom….I quietly open the door and see Ruck the Truck masturbating his ten inch cock with a dildo stuck up his ass….Ruck is Wolf’s 21 year old step-brotherRuck got his nickname cause he is built like a truck….a beefy chassis with a ten inch tailpipe and a lovely trunk…I watch awhile until he sees me…he tells me in a threatening voice to get undressed and get on all fours…I start to be off since my ass was sore already…Ruck jumps off the bed and tackles me….ripping off my shirt….unbuckling my pants…pushing them down…by now I am too tired to fight…he throws me on the bed…shucks my underwear with my soft 5 inches swaying…suddenly he has a ruler and handcuffs…he handcuffs my hands and feet to the posts…he takes the ruler and starts moving my softness back and forth with it and then slaps it…he undoes the feet handcuffs and lifts my ass up…seeing my hole has been widened he says “you’ve fucked tonight already haven’t you…cheating on Wolf?….I said not cheating, my boss did it from work….he slaps my ass many times with the ruler and then shows me a ten inch dildo he got from under the bed…he said ” a little something I brought with me”…my ass still had lube from my boss…he starts to insert the dildo in my ass….he finally has the whole dildo in me…he says “bitch, how you like that big dick” and I replied ” I have on every night with Wolf” he didn’t like my answer and started rough pushing the dildo in and out of my already sore asshole….I notice his 10 inch dick is fully hard….he removes the dildo and then comes up to me and blindfolds me…and then went back and struck my ass until it was totally red and then inserted his hardness deep in me….he bahis siteleri starts widening my ass more by doing circles with his cock deep in me…he leans down and says “boy, you my bitch now!”…he fucked my sore ass hard…so hard I felt cum traveling up my cock and smushed between the bed and my stomach…he flipped me over seeing the mess I had made…he took the ruler and hit my softening cock a few times yelling “bad boy!”…he rolled off the bed and I felt his standing above me…I felt something warm starting to run down my chest…he was urinating on my body as a stream hit my lips…he then squatted down and slapped his cock across my face before forcing it down my throat…open up boy…you’re gonna suck his fucking monster until I say stop!….as I tried to breath through my nose…he was fucking my mouth…I felt him climb off me and he licked my nipples and then I felt pain…he put clothespins on my nipples and my balls…he started stroking my cock and my balls bounced up and down with pain coming from the clothespins….my cock got hard and I felt him put lube on it…Ruck slid his ass down my pole while slapping the clothespins on the nipples…his ass felt good…he didn’t put a condom on me and as he rode me I told him I’m about to cum…he seemed not to care…I shot my load way deep in him with some dripping out his ass onto my bush….I felt something shoot on my chest…I heard Ruck say “yeah bitch…this is how we do it!”….he climbed off me and put his softening dick in my mouth again….he said “now I can see why Wolf talks about you so much…you’re a good fuck!”…as he is gagging me with his huge dick he gasps and says “Wolf, how long you been there?” …Wolf replies “Long enough!”…so I see you’ve dominated my boyfriend….Wolf being there didn’t stop Ruck from feeding me his dick…I hear güvenilir bahis Wolf getting closer and Ruck says “b*o, that monster is freaking hard what are you going to do? Wolf says “you’ll see!”…I feel Wolf climb on the bed…lift my legs high in the air…and next I feel his cock being shoved deeply in me…his full balls start banging against my ass…now both of my holes are full of dick!….Ruck removes my blindfold and then removes the clothespins…I reach up and tweak Wolf’s erect nipples…..Wolf is slamming his dick in my hole with Ruck still gagging me with his…Ruck gets off the bed and moves behind Wolf…he grabs Wolf’s arms and pins them behind his back…Wolf hasn’t missed a beat fucking me….Ruck says “I always wanted to do this b*o….pushing Wolf forward…opening his hole…Ruck aims his now hard cock into Wolf’s tight little pink hole…Wolf’s cock twitched inside me….they started a rhythm with all of us moaning…Ruck says “I’m cumming b*o and shoots his load deep in Wolf…Ruck’s cock plops out still dripping cum…Wolf leaned down and kissed me hard…arched his back and let loose a load of cum in me….he plopped out dripping cum…both Wolf’s and my ass had cum running ou of them…they both started to lick my hard cock…running their tongues up and down my shaft…after a bit they started to ride me…still handcuffed by the hands I just laid there and enjoyed…it was like Russian roulette…who will get my next load…the winner was Wolf…he rode me hard…I told him I was gonna shoot….he rode me harder…I let out this huge grunt and shot a load deep into Wolf’s ass…Wolf got off me dripping my cum….he came up and sat on my face ordering me to eat my cum out of his ass…as I ate it, Ruck was sucking the dried cum off my cock…when done with Wolf, Ruck came over and ordered me to clean his cock of the dried cum…he shoved it in my mouth and then I put both of his balls in my mouth cleaning them…finally he undid my hand’s handcuffs and we all spooned the night away with me between the two brothers.

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