Wife’s interracial adventure – a true story oPART 2 – JO’S STORYI didn’t mind Matt watching us for a while. He’s ever so sweet and he does always do his best to make sure that my needs are met. But after sampling that first session with Ash on the sofa, I just knew that I needed some serious one-on-one time. I took Ash upstairs to our master bedroom and pushed him down onto the bed. He looked a little surprised – perhaps he’d never seen a woman with such a strong sexual appetite. My guess was that he’d been used to fucking lots of twentysomething girls who didn’t really know what good sex was all about. Ash was a bright and willing guy though and he soon took the hint. For the next couple of hours we proceeded to go through the whole repertoire together. He lay back on the bed and I rode his gorgeous long black shaft. It was the perfect size and seemed to stimulate my g-spot in ways that Matt had sadly never quite been able to achieve. When I tired of riding him, I lay flat on the bed on my front whilst my fit black lover filled my pussy once more from behind and then after a quick foray into the bathroom for some massage oil, he trickled the liquid all over his stiff length and began to slowly feed it into my ass. This was something I’d tried with Matt (and a few of my other boyfriends and lovers besides) but it had never really done anything for me. Until now that is. Ash was careful not to thrust his cock too hard into my ass and reached around at the same time to touch my clit with a couple of fingers. It was heavenly – I just felt unbelievably full and satisfied. It wasn’t long before Ash was tensing up for another of his incredible ejaculations whilst simultaneously I was shaping up for another long, intense orgasm. Afterwards, we just collapsed in each others’ arms and, embracing in another deep passionate kiss, we fell asleep together. We must have been really exhausted by that sex session because the next thing I knew Ash’s mobile phone was ringing on the bedside table and the morning sun was streaming through the bedroom window. “Shit, shit, shit….” He said. Obviously realising what time it was, the clock by the bed registering 8.30. “Can’t believe I slept for so long. I need to go. I’m supposed to be meeting Felix and Will for a sprints session at 9”I felt him try to detach himself from my body (he’d fallen asleep with me on top, his cock inside me). I’d heard about Felix and Will. They were his two athletics buddies and he’d always be hanging out with them, training, swimming or running. I thought about the situation. I had woken up with this gorgeous Adonis of a man and knew that I wasn’t going to let him leave until he’d at least given me a reminder. I wanted him again. I was even hornier than the day before. I felt naughty and mischievous. “Hey, darling….” I tried to adopt a tentative tone, though I knew exactly what I wanted. “Why don’t you invite your guys to come over here and pick you up on their way. I can make you some breakfast, you won’t be late and then you can do whatever it is that you boys do on a Sunday morning?”Ash considered this for a moment and then, liking the idea, nodded and began tapping into his mobile phone. A couple of replies later, he turned to me “Cool. All done. They’ll be over here in about half an hour”The two of us slipped on bathrobes (Matt’s looking somewhat small on Ash’s muscular frame) and went downstairs for breakfast. My adorable hubby had already laid out breakfast for the three of us and looked us up and down like a little puppy dog as we came into the kitchen, obvious that he was curious as to how it had gone last night. “It was truly divine sweetie” I told him. And kissed him lightly on the forehead, very much aware that those very lips had been wrapped around Ash’s adorable cock for a large part of the preceding 12 hours. “Better lay up a couple of extra settings” I told Matt. “Ash’s buddies are calling round in a little while and they may want a quick bite before they all head off”. I winked at Matt who headed off to the cupboard like a good boy whilst Ash and I fed each other slices of bacon, toast and pancakes that he’d prepared for us. It wasn’t long though before the doorbell chimed and I lost no time in going out to answer it. Before I pulled the door open I confess that I did just check in the hallway mirror to make sure that my dressing gown was very slightly undone, with a hint of cleavage showing, and that my hair was looking tousled in a sexy rather than purely a messy way. I opened the door to the sight of two unbelievably attractive black guys. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and I felt my desires resurfacing. The pair were about the same age as Ash, mid 20’s, looking energetic, clean cut, freshly showered and full of life. The guys introduced themselves. Felix made an immediate impression, he stood at least 6’5’’ tall with a toned, athletic rather than skinny frame; certainly a very fit specimen of a man. Will didn’t have Felix’s height (maybe a little under 6’) but he had a more muscular build, a big powerful bull of a man, with swagger and confidence to match. I thought of Ash, occupying my bed that morning, and idly speculated what it might have been like with one of these guys instead. Or both. I smiled. “That’s a lovely smile, Jo” Said Will, kissing me on each cheek as he broke my train of thought. “Are you going to invite us in for coffee then?”“Trying that line so early in the day?” I quipped and opened the door wide to both of them, slightly surprised that Will already knew my name. The new arrivals greeted Ash and then shook hands with Matt in the kitchen who provided them all with toast and coffee, sitting around the table in the big open-plan kitchen diner. Matt looked a little hesitant in front of all these ultra fit looking guys. They were smiling and karşıyaka escort laughing with Ash. “So I guess the two of you already know the set up with Jo and Ash then?” Matt asked somewhat apprehensively.“Oh, hell yeah” laughed Will. “My b*o’ fills us in on every little detail of his life and we do likewise. It looks like he’s got a wicked thing goin’ on here, he hee”. He turned to me, staring at my chest where I think my nipples were hardening possibly with the dressing down rubbing against them or more probably just from the x-rated thoughts racing through my libidinous brain.“So you don’t disapprove?” I said. “No issues, with your friend fucking a married woman?”“I’m not exactly Snow White myself” Said Will, looking it has to be said about as far from Snow White as you can imagine anyone to look. Very dark black skin, taut muscles barely concealed by a sports top and if I wasn’t mistaken more than an average bulge going on at crotch level. “Is that so?” I said, sidling over to Will who pushed his chair back from the table to allow me to plant myself on his lap. I thought it was time to up the stakes and looked over to Ash, wondering how he’d respond to me hitting on his best buddy. But Ash just grinned a wide smile right back and came over towards me. I was already feeling hot, I could feel the unmistakable sensation of Will’s cock twitching through my skimpy cotton dressing gown as I sat on his lap. It wasn’t yet fully erect but it certainly had some life to it. Ash, still standing, bent down towards me and kissed me deeply on the lips, a long intense kiss, my tongue entwining with his, barely pausing to draw breath. Meanwhile Will was running his hands over my body, his large strong hands cupping my breasts, opening up the gap at the front of my robe. I loosened it around my shoulders so that it could slide off to my waist and so that I could enjoy those caresses from Ash’s friend properly as he kissed me. My heart was pounding. This felt exquisitely delicious and yet so wrong and dirty at the same time. But there was going to be no stopping me now, I felt that I had a role to play in this drama. I wanted these guys to fuck me in broad daylight in front of my adoring hubby. I wanted them now. Not being one to play the passive role, I pulled Ash towards me, and as he did so, pulling off his garments with a shrug. The delicious shaft that I been playing with for the past 12 hours or so was bobbing in front of my face and I wanted it back in my mouth. I couldn’t resist the offer and took it in my hands, feeding the long black length into my mouth. I could still faintly taste my pussy juices on his cock as I slowly worked my tongue over his length, licking it tenderly until it was harder and wetter, glistening with my attention. Felix wasn’t going to be ignored in this unfolding drama either and he stepped across the kitchen floor to stand next to Ash, wasting no time to pull down his jogging bottoms and trunks and display to me his own equipment. Now this was a sight that provoked an involuntary gasp from me. His penis was seriously long, and I mean it had some real length to it. From the close range, bobbing in front of my face next to Ash’s cock it looked like a true monster. Possibly slightly narrower than Ash but maybe ten inches long. It was a slightly lighter colour than Ash’s cock and as I took it in my left hand, whilst holding Ash’s in my right, it felt sublime. I felt indescribably slutty as I then began to bob my head from one cock to the other, switching over every three or four sucks. “That’s right baby” Sighed Felix, enjoying the sensation of my work “See how much you can take in that beautiful mouth of yours”I gave what probably sounded like a gurgle of appreciation and tried to take as much of Felix’s long dark rod as I could manage, maybe six or seven inches of it going between my lips and down my willing throat. I tried this a few times, smiling to myself at how hard Felix had become, before turning back to Ash, giving his cock the same treatment. Then in a super-slutty motion, with a hand around the base of each cock, I brought the two cocks together in my mouth, trying to fit the two cock heads in my mouth at the same time. Judging by the gasps coming from the guys, they seemed to appreciate this move, so I focused on a single sucking action on the two cock heads at once, working my tongue over and between them at the same time. I was in a blissful trance of enjoyment. Of course I hadn’t forgotten about Will, on whose lap I was still sitting. His cock felt unmistakably hard rubbing against me, and his hands were now tracing wider movements running over my aroused breasts down my abdomen and slowly easing my thighs apart. My pussy was dripping wet by this time and as I felt a couple of Will’s fingers stroking my engorged clit and probing inside of me, it was as if someone had lit a fuse. My efforts on those two cocks inside my mouth doubled and I sucked and licked ever more vigorously. I opened my legs further so that Will could touch my pussy and clit unhindered. Then I began to tense slightly as the first orgasm of the day hit me. As luck would have it, this gorgeous O coincided perfectly with Ash’s cock starting to spray his load into my open mouth, which in turn caused Felix to cum too, going into the same place as Ash. Whilst Ash managed to shoot a reasonable amount (I have to take credit for almost emptying him over the preceding 12 hours!) Felix on the other hand was a veritable volcano; his hot thick semen started to flow into my mouth and it just seemed to keep cumming and cumming. I had truly never known anything like it. His long shaft was pulsating with every ejaculation and with each pulse, a huge spurt of cum was directed into my open mouth. Eventually I had to break karşıyaka escort bayan off as my mouth was just so darned full. Will directed a few final spurts over my breasts as I tipped my head back slightly to swallow the combined loads. I then paused to finally take a breath and rub Felix’s excess cum into my breasts with my fingertips, my nipples becoming further aroused as the warm and slightly sticky cum worked its way in. It was then I noticed Matt watching me, wide eyed. He was seeing me in a totally new way this morning, and judging by the look on his face he was appreciating every moment. He was naked now, holding his (comparatively average) cock in both hands as he stroked it, getting off on the sight in front of his eyes. I knew that he was enjoying the sight of his darling wife being taken by these athletic black guys, but I the mischievous girl in me needed to give him more attention. “Did you enjoy that darling?” I asked him. Somewhat lost for words, my hubby just nodded dumbly and looked slightly embarrassed, like I’d caught him jacking off or something.“You like watching those lovely black cocks in my mouth and body don’t you?” Another nod. “You’d love to know what they taste like too wouldn’t you” Yet another one. I gestured for Matt to lie down on his back on the limestone tiles of the kitchen floor. “Your turn for a special treat darling” I said. I sat astride Matt’s cock on the kitchen floor and it slid straight up into my wet pussy right up to the base (in truth after Ash’s length, I didn’t really feel very much but I could tell by the look of pleasure on his face that he was enjoying the sensation). Then I leant over and, closing my eyes, kissed him full on the mouth. My mouth was still wet and messy with Ash and Felix’s cum and it was such an erotic experience to have my husband’s tongue inside my mouth where only seconds earlier those fit black guys had deposited their loads. It didn’t seem off-putting to Matt in the least though, and he kissed me passionately and intensely, his hands cupping my sticky breasts. It would’ve been such a romantic thing to do – but then I opened my eyes and was greeted by the sight of Will’s cock dangling just a couple of inches from my face. I’d forgotten that Will hadn’t been part of the earlier cum party in my mouth, and I think he must’ve been feeling a little left out. Anyway the guy obviously was not going to hang around waiting for things to happen, so he was kneeling on the floor in front of me, waving his big length in front of my eyes, somewhat hypnotically. As a means of attracting my attention it worked fantastically. Will’s cock was a good length, maybe the same as Ash’s, but was much thicker, several inches around, and I wondered to myself how I’d manage to get my lips around it. I had to break off the kiss with Matt to find out, stretching my jaw wide to wrap my lips around his length. Whilst I took Will’s thick dark cock in my mouth, my jaws aching with the strain, Matt switched his concentration to kissing my neck and cum-smeared breasts, his own familiar cock still slipping around inside my pussy. I was enjoying the sensation of my husband’s cock in my sopping pussy, but it just was never going to be enough to make me cum again. I realised that my whole spectrum of what turned me on had become completely recalibrated over the past 24 hours. I was just wondering what to do about this situation when I felt a pair of hands around my waist. It was Felix, his huge member hard again, and he kneeling behind me as I was leaning forward astride my hubby. I thought at first that he was positioning himself to slide his cock into my ass, since Matt was already occupying my pussy (well kinda). But no, I was wrong. He was wanting to stuff that super-long cock of his into my pussy too. I could feel the tip of his cock pushing alongside my hubby’s as he began to slowly slide his length inside me. Luckily his cock wasn’t quite as wide as the one that I was sucking (otherwise this would’ve been a complete physical impossibility) but all the same my pussy felt completely filled-up as Felix began to push that long cock of his deeper and deeper into my aroused pussy, tight against Matt’s erection. This was the definition of heaven. Felix began to build up a slow rhythm, thrusting his long cock into me as Matt continued to stay inside me too. Matt was also continuing to kiss and caress my breasts (he absolutely adored my firm, feminine curves – well he wasn’t alone in that adoration it seemed). And the only thing that I had to concentrate on was keeping my mouth around Will’s wide shaft, which seemed to be getting even more engorged, if that was feasible. Out of the corner of my eye I also caught a glimpse of Ash, standing a few feet away, his iPhone in hand, recording the action for future posterity. He was every bit as dirty as me, I smiled to myself. Things were hotting up now. I wondered which of the boys was going to pop his load first and was quickly rewarded by an enormous flood of cum from Will’s prodigious length. The first few gushes were directed straight down my throat as I sucked him as deeply as I could manage, but the subsequent squirts ended up running out of my mouth, down my chin and dribbling onto Matt below me. I swallowed as much as I could before scooping whatever I could salvage back into my mouth with my fingers. There was so much of it I could’ve really have done with a ladle. Will’s hot cum tasted divine, a complex masculine taste, sensual, salty and delicious. Combined with the sensation of those two cocks in my pussy it was enough to send me over the edge. I screamed loudly as my body convulsed with wave after wave of orgasm that I was powerless to control. I felt my pussy pulsating and contracting around those cocks, triggering escort karşıyaka a chain reaction as both Felix and Matt came into my pussy at the same time. The sensation of those two cocks pulsating inside my wet pussy as the guys came together is a feeling that will live with me until my dying day. Just out of this world. I’ve no idea how much cum was being pumped into my pussy by Felix, but it felt as if I was being given an internal rinse out with a fire hose. It was good to know that at least a little of the cum belonged to my sweet husband, even if the quality and volume of his sperm was likely to be no match for Felix. Felix, still gasping with the pleasure of his climax, slowly pulled his length out of me and in doing so Matt’s now flaccid member also flopped out of my gaping pussy. “What did you think of that darling?” I ask Matt, my eyes sparkling as I looked down at him. Matt of course was still lost for words. But I wasn’t finished with him quite yet. With Matt still lying on the itch floor on his back, I turned myself around to position my pussy lips near to his face. Of course by this time the huge volume of cum that Felix and Matt had deposited inside of me was beginning to work its way down. “Something there for you to taste my dearest” I said to him, as he began to lap at my pussy lips, immediately understanding what I wanted him to do in this particular kinky scenario. What felt like gallons of warm cum begin to ooze out of my vagina and gush onto Matt’s outstretched tongue. His tongue was lapping up the cum and licking my pussy lips and clit. It felt wonderful. You had to give the guy credit, he was very diligent in his work, and the gentleness of his tongue against my clit after the physicality of those huge black cocks was a different kind of pleasure, almost as enjoyable. As Matt tongued my pussy, Ash came over to join the fun. He was still recording everything on his iPhone, but he was able to hold the phone with just a single hand whilst he used the other to guide that beautiful dark cock of his back into my mouth. I was surprised at how hard it was still, perhaps a reflection on the quality of the floor show that he’d just filmed. I took his length lovingly in my mouth and tried to take in as much of his length as I could. Matt was still lapping away at my pussy which I was pushing down onto his mouth, probably half-suffocating him in the process. I sucked and stroked at Ash’s tool in a slow sensual way, aware that it was now Will and Felix’s turn to be scrutinising the action. It wasn’t long before Ash was getting close to cumming again and I tried to time it to perfection, holding my mouth as wide open as I could so that Ash’s friends would be able to see the load of white jizz that he was depositing in my willing mouth. He gasped and groaned – signs that I was familiar with by now and sure enough, out it came into my sweet mouth, less of it this time, but every drop delicious. I squeezed all of his cock juice into my mouth with both hands this time retaining as much of the delicious cum as I could, although I felt a little of it slide down my throat. I then swivelled around so that I could share the experience with my obedient hubby. I kissed him deeply on the lips, at the same time passing most of Ash’s cum from my mouth to his. Matt wasn’t expecting this and his eyes shone with surprise, but he understood my intention and swallowed everything that I passed to him, kissing and licking my mouth for good measure. After that I embraced Matt in an intimate, cum soaked embrace and we kissed lovingly for what seemed like moments frozen in time, whist the three guys clapped and cheered. Much later, after I’d gone upstairs to shower and dress, we all sat in the living rooms and Matt rigged up the plasma screen tv to play back Ash’s recordings of our session. It was a fun afternoon spend watching that recording, the guys sitting on the sofa, whilst I lay slutishly across them, still toying with those cocks, which I just couldn’t leave alone. It was late in the day by the time the guys finally left the house and I can say with no hesitation that they left behind a very satisfied and exhausted woman. Those 24 hours marked a huge sea change in mine and Matt’s marriage. If there’s anyone reading this who’s considering something similar then I can tell you unreservedly that in many ways it made us much stronger as a couple. Matt truly learned to understand much better my needs and desires and, like the man that every woman hopes to marry, he accepted and responded to those needs. We talked about what had happened that day and whether it should just be a one-off or perhaps something more. Of course it was obvious really that having taken the lid off this particular bottle, the genie was well and truly out, there was no going back to our safe, dull coupling. My curiosity had been sparked and I knew that this was a lifestyle that was right for us. It did mean some sacrifices for Matt of course. He would forever be sharing me now, with guys that were always going to be younger, fitter, and frankly more sexually equipped and able. But he knew that in return I would always be sharing that pleasure with him, so that he could appreciate the pleasure and fulfilment it gave me. Since that session last summer I’ve done lots of reading up on this whole scene on the web (isn’t this website a helpful resource don’t you think?!). For those that know lots about this stuff (and our knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate these days) the general theme that seems to cover what me and Matt now have definitely comes under the “Cuckold” banner. I’m not sure that truly reflects what we have, for instance I wouldn’t dream of wanting to deny Matt access to my pussy and the rest of my fit bod (He’s looking over my shoulder with relief as I’m typing this). But I do recognise elements of this genre. I do enjoy watching my hubby lick other guys’ cum from my body and I absolutely get wet at the thought of him watching me perform sluttishly with my (ever increasing) circle of black admirers. More on that last subject in another post I think. Kisses, xxx

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