We include another female in our newfound freedomAfter our first mmf with Harvey, she and I talked a lot, and the sex just got hotter and hotter. Instead of me getting fucked outside our marriage, I was completely satisfied at home. Our honesty with each other fueled our passion. She confessed she was really surprised at Harvey going down on my cock but extremely turned on by it. Not to mention when I went down on him. She said it was so sexy to watch me sucking his big black cock.Harvey’s cock was the first in many years, and I really enjoyed being reintroduced to that part of my history. The size of the cock and balls and the amount of come issued are really not proportionate. He was well hung, and his balls hung low, but he didn’t actually produce a lot of sperm. However, what he produced was really tasty and I loved it, not to mention sucking a hard cock after so many years. Not to mention it was my first black cock.In the weeks and months that ensued I would encourage her to go have her nights out at the club and enjoy whatever came her way. Since she was such a fox, she had no problems finding and fucking whomever she wanted for the evening. Faithfully, she would come home, her pussy full of fresh cum, and tell me the details as I feasted between her legs and fucked her when I had her cleaned all up.She had a close girl friend that had lived with us a few years before, but try as I might, I could never get Julie to bed. She would let me kiss and fondle her, and a few times, I even got a finger in her pussy.Julie was a redhead who was a few pounds over weight and had great tits, with tiny hard nipples like little rosebuds. Her shockingly white skin against those tiny nipples was so intoxicating, but I could never get her panties off. Sharon was her friend and she felt she had already gone too far with me and would not let me fuck her.During our pillowtalk, avcilar escort I told my wife of how often I had tried but she would not fuck me out of loyalty to their friendship. I explained how many times I had tried, and to my surprise, she said, “Let me talk to her next time we are out together.” I was careful to explain that I now didn’t care about other women and it was not my intention to fuck other women just because she was getting fucked anytime the mood struck her. I was happy with the status quo. Besides, Julie had gotten married and seemed quite happy to me.My wife and Julie often went to lunch together. I just kind of wrote that part off, until one Thursday afternoon at dinner, my wife told me she and Julie had gone to lunch that day at the club and they had an interesting discussion. Seems my wife confessed to Julie what was going on, and how our sex life had so greatly improved. Julie was shocked to say the least, but pressed her for details. My wife explained that she was now able, with my permission and encouragement, to go out and enjoy her newfound freedom with whomever she wanted, as long as she told me the entire story.Nothing more was said for a week and they went to lunch again the following Friday. When she came home, she told me Julie was coming for dinner because her husband was away for two weeks “on field ops” and she might spend the weekend with us. Nothing more was said but I could only keep my fingers crossed that there were other possibilities while she stayed with us.Julie showed up for dinner and I grilled some steaks and fresh corn on the cob and we ate and had some wine. As the evening progressed, Julie really seemed friendlier than usual and seemed to make a special effort to be close to me or touch me. I finally realized that she had no bra on and because her tits were so firm they never wobbled, şirinevler escort even without a bra. What made me notice was the nipples were so hard and I could see them poking out of her darker fabric dress. That could only happen if they had no other covering.I also noticed that she and my wife were becoming more touchy feely than usual, and caught them whispering a few times, and of course a couple of giggles exchanged. I decided I would up the ante a little and the next time my wife got close I grabbed her ass and could feel she had no panties on. She was wearing a mid thigh summer dress, so access to her pussy was really quite easy while her back was to me. Standing and cleaning the grill, wife facing Julie, I lifted her dress and caressed her ass and slid a finger along her ass crack. She responded with a kiss and half closed eyes as I groped her ass.Julie figured it out and walked over near us so I removed my hand to be discrete. However, I did have a stinky finger from her pussy juices. I moved my hand relatively close to Julies face, and she looked me in the eye.”You are going to H E LL (spelling hell)” and I said why? “”Because I smell P U S S Y (spelling) on your fingers.”I was somewhat shocked because I had never heard her talk like that, but laughed it off, and started back at my task. Julie suddenly grabbed my hand with the pussy smell on it and sucked my fingers into her mouth. My wife just stood there watching and grinning.GAME ON!Suddenly, I was escorted into the living room and pushed back on the couch. My wife undid my shorts and Julie was kissing me with lots of tongue. I assisted all I could while my shorts and underwear were removed while Julie straddled me and kissed me as hard as she could. I reached between her legs and immediately found a wet bare pussy because she too was commando. As my wife engulfed taksim escort my cock, Julie pushed me on my back and move her pussy up my chest until it was planted on my face.Who was I to argue? I started licking her cunt and her beautiful pink rosebud asshole. She was like a woman unleashed. As I sucked and licked my wife was busy getting her sundress off, then she started removing Julies dress too. I now had two hot women naked, one for the first time.Not sure how but the next thing I knew, Julie’s ass was in the air as I sucked her clit and I felt my wife’s chin near mine as she licked the hindmost part of Julie’s cunt and her asshole. I decided to watch my wife with her first pussy to lick. Lick she did. Like a staving woman. She licked, sucked, put her fingers in Julies cunt, put a finger in her asshole, but never lost tongue contact with her pussy or her ass. Julie went rigid and squirted. I had never seen a woman squirt before, and was fascinated, because this was a gusher. Our couch was soaked but neither of us cared. My wife’s face was literally dripping but her eyes didn’t seem to register anything but the cunt in front of her.Julie turned around and got into a 69 with my wife and they were possessed. I watched.Stroking my cock, I waited and watched. Finally, Julie squirted in my wife’s mouth and I never saw so much fluid come out of a cunt in my life.When they settled down after about 20 minutes, Julie said, “Please put you cock in me. I have waited too long and passed too many opportunities, now I want you to fuck me and her to watch.”Fuck her I did, I must have lasted five strokes and shot a big load of cum in that sweet red pussy that I had tried so many times to fuck. Guess what? My wife immediately started licking the cum out of her and made her squirt again.My wife looked at me and said, “Now I know why you like creampies. From now on, you get mine, but I get any others that occur.”Before Julie went home on Sunday evening we had her cunt shaved as bald as a cue ball. We wondered how she would explain it to her husband when he got home but that was her problem. She promised to keep it shaved from that day forward.

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