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Watching Wife Get Screwed Via InternetI’m traveling on business for several weeks. I’m meeting with some of our branch facilities and with several prospective clients. It’s a very intense trip and so far I’ve managed to resolve several problems at two of our facilities and close a multi-million deal with another company. I’m in my fourth city in 9 days and feel like I’ve away from home and Babs for a month. Last night I got back to my hotel room and just wanted to relax after meeting with another client at dinner. The dinner went well but the negotiations were draining. Back in my room, I stripped and jumped in the shower, dried off and had just laid back on the bed to relax when I heard a knock on my door. The last thing I wanted was company. I quickly jumped up and slipped on a pair of jogging shorts and t-shirt and went to the door. I looked through the peep hole and all I could see was a bare tit pointing back at me. Of course that got my curiosity so I went ahead and opened the door. There stood the woman that I had met at dinner who drove me crazy with her negotiations on the big deal. Ingrid was very attractive but at dinner all I saw was a very shrewd lady. She was standing outside my door on a small bench with one tit exposed at the level of the peep hole. My bewildered look caused her to laugh and before I said anything she told me that she figured that was the best way to get me to open my door and it worked. Even though I was physically and mentally tired, I invited her in and politely asked her what she wanted and if it had anything to do with our contract negotiations. She smiled and said this was strictly pleasure and she wanted me. I told her I was married and she said that didn’t matter. Then I told her that I never fool around with my wife’s permission and she told me to get it. It was obvious from earlier at dinner and now that Ingrid was a very determined woman who was used to getting what she wanted. For the first time I looked her up and down. She had shoulder length raven black hair with deeply dark eyes. I guess she stood about 5’ 8”, had a very nice figure and not overly large breasts. I personally don’t like tits that are so big that they look like water balloons. Instead I prefer small tits that still have some firmness and perkiness to them and from her outfit it looked like Ingrid’s breasts were just my type. I told her that before we go any farther that I needed to contact my wife and I opened Skype and called Babs. When she answered, she was naked and I saw that canlı bahis she was with Becca our housekeeper/babysitter and Anatoli, the Greek stonecutter I found for her to use while I was away.She told me they were a little occupied and hoped I understood. Her body was moving so I could tell that Anatoli was pumping her as we spoke. I told her about Ingrid and she said she wanted to meet her so Ingrid sat down and her eyes opened wide when she saw Babs being fucked on screen. Babs asked her why she wanted to have sex with me and she told that she was wet all day during our negotiations just looking at me across the table. Babs laughed and then told Ingrid that she wanted to see her tits, so Ingrid unbuttoned more of her blouse and peeled it off, followed by her bra. I was right, they were just my type. I guess they were a medium c cup, still fairly firm with very puffy aureoles. Babs noticed also and said she could tell Ingrid has never had any c***dren and she wondered how Babs knew. She told her it was her puffy nipples that usually women loose that after having a baby and nursing. Then Babs told her that she wanted to watch us have sex just as we were watching her, so I set my laptop facing the bed. Ingrid slid my t-shirt over my head and started kissing and sucking on my nipples. My hands were all over her breasts and playing with her nipples that had now grown large and erect. I reached down and took Ingrid’s skirt off of her only to discover she wasn’t wearing any panties. She returned the favor and slid my shorts down and lunged onto my cock with her mouth like hungry piranha. I looked over at the computer and saw that Babs was sucking Anatoli’s cock and Becca was playing with his balls. Then I heard the baby monitor and our son Liam crying, so Becca grabbed a robe and disappeared to take care of him. After a few minutes of Ingrid sucking my cock, she threw herself back on the bed and begged me to eat her. I eagerly moved between her legs and started kissing her pussy and then licking her lips and finally plunged my tongue into her. She was extremely wet and tasted like sweet musk if that’s possible, but that the best way to describe it. I kept dipping my tongue in and out of her honey pot for a bit and then moved my oral attention to her clit. As I sucked on her clit, I put two fingers in her pussy and started stroking her g-spot. Ingrid was groaning and moaning and told me that my wife was having her clit sucked and the big stud was fingering her as well. I took a quick moment to bahis siteleri look at the screen and saw that Anatoli was doing to her what I was doing to Ingrid. I wanted to watch my wife a little longer but Ingrid grabbed my head and shoved me back down to her pussy, where I resumed sucking and nibbling her clit and fingering her g-spot. Not long after, Ingrid’s body began to tense and arch. Her legs clamped around my head and her pussy tightened up so much that it almost felt like my fingers were caught in a trap. In the background I could hear the familiar sounds of Babs having her own orgasm. When Ingrid’s legs finally let go of my head, I told her I wanted to sit on the bed and have her sit on my cock facing the computer. As she sat down and her pussy consumed my raging cock, I watched Babs sit on Anatoli’s cock. It didn’t take long before Anatoli and I had matched each other’s rhythm as if this was synchronized sex. I could see Babs rising and lowering on the Greek’s cock and her breasts bouncing up and down. I could tell that she was watching Ingrid doing the same thing. It wasn’t long before Babs had another orgasm and this must have been enough to set off Ingrid’s second big o as well. As Ingrid’s pussy tightened around my cock, I reached around and grabbed her breasts, one in each hand. When I rubbed her nipples between my fingers, I could tell that it intensified her orgasm even more as her pussy clamped down tighter on my cock. Watching Babs and Anatoli and feeling Ingrid’s orgasm was enough for me and I shot my load up inside Ingrid’s pussy which seemed to send her into another orgasm instantly. I did my best to stay as hard as I could up inside this shrewd business executive while I watched my wife bounce up and down on another man’s cock. I was amazed at Anatoli’s staying power as continued to pump Babs for 10 more minutes before he finally emptied himself into her. By that time I had softened and fallen out of Ingrid and I could feel our combined cum dripping onto my balls and thighs. Ingrid told me that was the first time she had ever been watched having sex and it was the most erotic experience she ever had. Babs told her that I had a lot to do with that and laughed. Then Babs asked Ingrid if she was married and Ingrid said no and no boyfriend at the moment either. Then Babs asked her if she would like to sleep me overnight and Ingrid asked if she was serious. Babs told her that I had provided this, and showed Anatoli’s cock, for her to sleep with while I was away so it güvenilir bahis was the least she could do for me while I was traveling. Ingrid looked at me and I told her it was fine with me and gave me a big hug and kiss. We said our goodnights and signed off. Ingrid and I laid there for a while in each other’s arms, hugging and kissing. She reached down and started playing with my cock until it was hard. I rolled her over so that her back was too me and I slid my cock back into her pussy and held onto one of her breasts with my hand and started to slowly pump in and out of her. She moved her butt in rhythm with my pumping and Ingrid had another orgasm before I filled her once again. We tried to lay together as long as possible but as we all know what gets up also cums down and I fell out of her. Then we jumped into the shower together and soaped each other’s body and then we dried each other as well. I guess she could tell that I was tired so she suggested we crawl into bed for the night and we could pick this up in the morning. She cuddled up to me in a spooning position with my cock resting against her ass and told me that if woke and got the urge to go for it, that it would be worth waking up for and I soon fell asleep. It was already light out when I awoke to a pair of lips sliding up and down my cock. Ingrid saw that I was awake and greeted me with a kiss and hug. She told me that she had just enough time to screw my brains out one last time before she had to go back to her apartment, change and get to her office. I told her I had to catch a flight later in the morning as well. I gave her the choice of positions and she knelt on all fours on the bed and stuck her butt out at me. Doggie is also one of my favorites so I moved in behind her and licked her pussy a few times get her good and wet and slid my cock inside. She felt great as I moved her on and off of me. Looking down at her I noticed that her waist and butt had the same shape as Babs and I held on tight to her hips and started pumping her a little faster. Ingrid went down on her elbows with her butt still up and reached down and started rubbing her clit as I was pumping her. I could feel her fingers touching my shaft as I slid in and out. Not only did that help bring her to a climax but helped me as well and once again I emptied my balls deep inside this wildcat of a businesswoman. We embraced for a bit afterwards, showered again, got dressed and left. She told me that she expected me to make regular visits to make sure everything was working like our contract stated and I told her I would definitely be back. then she told me if possible to bring Babs with me and we could do a threesome. We kissed and she headed home and I headed to the airport.

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