Virgin QueenOne day about five years ago I was at my friends house. We were looking at some porn on the internet when his older brother walked in and busted us. “You guys are dicks!” He said. “Why don’t you go get some real pussy instead of looking at that shit.” “Go fuck yourself Ron, we would get real pussy if we knew how.” My buddy replied. Then Ron said “You two pansies would not know what to do with real pussy any way. You probably have not seen real pussy.” “Well Ron, we have not but we will some day.” my buddy yelled back. “Well if you want real pussy go see the Virgin Queen, if you two are above the age of consent the Virgin Queen will take your virginity for five dollars, and for another five she will teach you how to fuck. Everybody has done the Virgin Queen, even me.” Ron said as he left the room. We looked at each other. As sat there letting what Ron had said sink into our heads it soon dawned on us that we were both old enough and we both had five dollars and we were both ready to fuck. We got directions to her house from Ron and headed that way. I had heard of the Virgin Queen every now and then but was not sure if she was a real person. But the legend was that this woman for a little bit of money will let you fuck her, without a rubber and you can squirt inside her, just so you can lose your virginity. I say legend as it was real hard to get anybody to admit they fucked this woman or to tell who she was and we were suspicious about what Ron had told us but we were horny enough to give it a try. We got to the address, I was going first and my buddy şişli escort waited around the corner in case we got stood up. I knocked on the door and a woman answered. She was not at all what I expected. “Ron sent me, I am a virgin and need to fix that.” I said, it was what Ron said to say. The woman invited me in. She said her name was Renee and she was homey looking, about five foot three inches tall. I guessing “B” cup tits and maybe one hundred fifteen pounds. She had light brown hair about mid way down her back and very pretty eyes. I am not sure if it was her southern accent or her eyes or the way she conducted herself or maybe all three but something about this woman was very sexy and made me want to fuck her. She asked if I had five dollars and I handed it to her. “Thanks, so you are a virgin? I can fix that for you. Each time you come here, bring five dollars. I will let you fuck me four or five times, enough so that you can go fuck another woman. Don’t ever tell anybody me or this house or my husband will come beat you up.” Renee said. Then she dropped the robe she was wearing exposing her nice tits, wide hips, and nice light brown bush. “Tell me how you want me position wise, then mount me. Just relax, enjoy the feel of my pussy holding your cock. Hold back as long as you can and when you are ready just let your cum flow into me. Feel free to stay inside me as long as you want we are in no hurry and you do not need to worry about turning me on or pleasing me. I get off on getting your virginity, I love being your first fuck. And my mecidiyeköy escort husband knows what we are doing so don’t get any ideas as I am here to help you.” Renee said. “I want you with your back against the counter, standing up.” I said. Renee leaned against the kitchen counter and opened her legs just enough. I moved in and she guided my wang into her soft wet pussy. She smelled so good. Renee’s pussy engulfed my cock and felt so good. She was warm and oh so wet. I pushed into her as deep as I could and just stood there. I pulled her close to me, her tits and hard nipples felt great against my chest. When she wrapped her arms around me and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock, that was all I could take and could not hold back any longer. My cock started to pump a massive load of spunk deep into Renee’s pussy. Renee let out a soft moan as she said “I love the feeling of a hard cock filling my pussy with a fresh load of cum.” That just seemed to make my cock pump more sperm into her. When I finally finished we just stood there holding each other, my cock still planted deep inside her, cum dripping down our legs. Then, somehow, Renee got me to the floor on my back with my cock never leaving her pussy. She began to fuck me, her on top. Her small tits bouncing as she rode my cock. Her breathing, her eyes, and the feel of her pussy griping my cock as she tried to milk more cum from me was more than I could take and I unloaded another huge load inside her. She smiled as I pumped more and more cum into her. Then she collapsed on top esenyurt escort of me. “I came too! That felt so good.” Renee said. Renee stood up and helped me up. Then she wet a wash cloth with warm water and cleaned us both up. My wang was sore but happy. I told her thank you and that my buddy would be along in a few minutes for his first time. She set up an appointment for my next lesson. I skipped out of the house and told my buddy it was all legit. He went to the door and went inside. About an hour later he came out with a giant smile on his face. I could not wait for my next appointment, it was just a few days away. Renee showed me some other ways to fuck, and how to do foreplay and how to seduce a woman. She even sucked my dick and swallowed my load. She let me bust two nuts inside her cunt. The third appointment she surprised me with another woman for me to practice on. She watched as we fucked, then the woman left and Renee gave me several pointers then Renee fucked me. The fourth time was just me and her fucking and the fifth time was our final meeting. We fucked like pros! I unloaded inside her three times. That was the last time we ever talked as per our agreement. I can go meet her in a year as a follow up. Renee showed me and taught me a lot. I am not afraid of girls like I was and I even fucked many girls using the techniques Renee had taught me. I even banged one of my buddies older sisters and another buddies mom. I was getting a lot of notches in my belt, not as many as Renee, she had told me she had fucked nearly four thousand virgins since she was fifteen, both guys and girls, she is forty seven now. I doubt that I will ever fuck that many girls but I can always hope. I can not wait to bang Renee at my one year follow up! I am going to pump so much jizz into her fine pussy she will leak jizz for a month straight!

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