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Toilet trainingIt started with a large catholic family. There werenine c***dren in the family. Joann was the second c***d inthe family. Her parents were, loving, nurturing people thatsaw to it that their c***dren never wanted for love or food.Her mother came from another large family withseven girls. Joann had six Aunts to look after her too.Between all of the aunts and Grandmothers when everthere were family get-togethers there were always plentyof surrogate mothers for Joann to cling to. She loved toclimb onto to their laps and feel their body worth and theirheart beat. For all intent and purpose she had ninemothers seeing to it that she never went hungry.All of the women had bosoms that spilled over thetops of their bras. They had wide spacious hips, full roundbottoms and thighs that were bigger around than mostwomen’s picnics and holidays were a time for everyoneto get together as one big extended family. They all livedin St. Paul, Minnesota Grandma lived close enough thatJoann could ride her bicycle to her Granny’s house.There were so many c***dren that there was a lot ofcompetition for attention. The boys relished roughhousegames and the girls had things to do and lots of gossipingto do. Joann may have been one of the oldest in herfamily but she had lots of older cousins that were far moregregarious than her. She retreated from competition withher cousins. She could only be called a shy girl. The traitwas recognized by everyone in the family and theyprotected her more than the rest of the c***dren. All of thewomen in the family went out of their way to allow her tosit on their laps while they read to her.Everyone in her family were portly. The c***drennever thought anything about the size of the familybecause they were all built the same. It was not until theyentered school that they were confronted with the crueltyof bigotry by other c***dren. Her reaction was to withdrawfrom society and cling to her family even more.When she was staying with any member of thewomen in her family she followed they around like agosling follows a goose hen. She didn’t want them out ofher sight. To her their overflowing figures were what madethem special. Even the women she knew had largefigures.The woman that lived next door to her grandmotherduplex was full figured. Her name was Delores. Both ofJoann’s parents had to work to support the family. Sogranny’s neighbor was called upon to baby-sit for Joannand some of the younger c***dren. During summervacations she babysat for Joann most of the day.Delores was just as loving as her Aunts and Granny.She was very kind but she could be stern too. Joann wasonly 5 or 6 when she first started taking care of her. Mostof the time, the other brothers and sisters were lookedafter by other family members.For a 6-year old Joann was very heavy. She had tobuy clothes large enough to fit teenagers. The baby fathad already formed love handles on her hips and waist.Her little breasts already rested on her tummy. Her darkhair was pulled straight back and tied into a ponytail.When she stayed with Delores she was comforted bybeing allowed to sit on her lap. She had to sit in a deepchair because her tummy was so large that there was nota lot of thigh to sit on. That was normal for her family too.She just had to cling to her body to keep from falling off oftheir laps.Delores also bathed her while she was staying withher and when they took naps she was allowed to sleep onDelores’ bed with her. Joann never thought ofquestioningwhy Delores continued to insist on bathing her when shestayed with her. She did enjoy the physical contact.When they were sleeping or taking naps Joann wasenamored with the softness of her skin and the smell ofher body. She would cuddle up against her body and clingto her. The aroma was not because of soap or any specificperfume she used. It was just the natural fragrance of herbody. It was just a clean odor. Joann even liked the smellof her breath.The other thing about Delores was that she did nothave air-conditioning. On hot summer days she wouldclose the d****s to keep the sun from heating up thehouse and to keep prying eyes from seeing in. Shepreferred to strip off most of her clothes while in herhouse. On those hot days she would strip down to nothingmore than her large panties and a big baggy T-shirt. Shedidn’t want a hot sweaty bra between her heavy breastsand her tummy. Like most overweight women heat andfriction had discolored her inner thighs and under herbreasts. When she sweated she was always rubbing thematerial of her T-shirt under her breasts to absorb themoisture.Joann was used to seeing the dark valley of thecrack of her ass through the panties, the tangle of darkpubic hair in the front and the large dark areolas throughthe T-shirt and the material stretched out thinner wherethe nipples protruded. He sight always seemed tostimulate Joann.Many an afternoon while they were lying together onher bed taking naps Joann would wake up with theirbodies pressed against each other’s. She would rest herhand on Delores’ body and wonder if her touch wouldwake her up. She wanted to touch her breasts and feelthe nipples but feared rejection if she woke the woman up.Just the same she would go to sleep with her pudgyhand resting on her thighs, around her waist and at timeson her breasts. She was never bold enough to do anythingovertly sexual. The tactile sensations still made her feelgood inside. Joann was too young to understand theattraction she had for women or even know there was aname for the sexual feeling controlling her actions anddesires. She just wanted to remain as close to her aspossible.Many a time she wanted to take the nipple into hermouth and suck on it. She knew that she could not getany milk form her breast but she had fantasies aboutgetting milk from her tits. She had seen her motherbreasts feed her siblings enough to know that womendried up after weaning babies. There was just somethingabout her nurturing her and feeding her. She wanted herto fill her tummy with the fruits of her body. She was notbold enough to follow through with her desires. She feltlike Delores would be angry with her. She might even tellher parents what she wanted to do.One day when they were taking a nap togetherDelores was only wearing panties and a nylon top that didlittle to hide her breasts. She could see the areolas andnipples clearly through to top. They were on their sidesfacing each other. Joann wanted to take the nipple intoher mouth and suck on it so badly but feared that shewould wake Delores up. She just brushed her lips againstthe nipple tip gently.Joann knew if her nipple was that large but it felthard under her lips. She closed her eyes and opened hermouth and fitted her lips over the nearest nipple as gentlyas she could. Her heart was pounding because she fearedDelores would wake up and rebuff karşıyaka escort her. She was ascontent as a baby just feeling the nipple under her tongue.Then a problem developed.Joann felt the pressure of her bladder and boweltelling her that she needed to go to the bathroom. Sheneeded to potty soooo badly. She didn’t want to movebecause she knew it would wake Delores up.Joann had to be at least 7-years old by that time.She had not soiled in her panties in years. The last timeshe had soiled her panties was when she had been veryyoung. She tried to hold it as long as possible. Asexpected she failed.She felt a sudden release then she felt pee floodingout of her panties and the warm pee pooled under herbody. She smelled the pee. While she was peeing shestarted shitting in her panties too. She was terrified of therepercussions. She figured that she was going to bespanked.The smell and the warm piss and shit must havewoken Delores. She propped herself up on one elbow.She looked down at the mess on the bed and smiled atJoann. She reached over Joann’s body and felt the bulgein the bottom of her panties. “It looks like my sweetie hada bad accident.”Joann was confused and ashamed. She startedcrying uncontrollably.Delores leaned over and kissed her. She told her,”its all right baby. There in no harm done. All I have to dois clean it up.”She got up off of the bed but told Joann to stay put.When she returned she had a pan of water, washcloths,towels and even a rubber sheet. She lifted Joann up by thelegs and placed the sheet under her. Then she mopped upsome of the pee with a towel. When she was ready shecarefully removed Joann’s messy panties. She sat themaside and proceeded to clean her up like she was ahelpless baby. She wiped her bottom clean with a warmwet washcloth. She made sure that there was nothing leftbetween the crack of her body. Joann cold not believe theway she felt while having her ass and pussy wiped with awarm cloth. Joann could not believe Delores was not madat her for messing up her bed either. She acted as if it wasperfectly natural and to be expected. Her demeanor, hermood, was no different than if she was just cleaning herup like when she bather her in the tub. She was so kindand gentle, understanding and loving.Delores took something from her dresser thatlooked like a pink silk slip and she folded it like a dipperand lifted Joann’s butt like a baby and pinned it onto herlike a dipper. The silken feeling was very stimulating too.Delores rolled Joann back and forth as she pulledthe bedding off of the bed. She told her to stay there whileI put the messy clothes and bedding into the washingmachine. When she returned she actually picked Joann uplike a baby ad carried out to the living room. She sat herdown on a sofa. She comforted her for a moment beforeshe returned to the bedroom to put fresh sheets andbedding on her bed. The bed had been saved from the peebecause Delores had a felt covered rubber sheet under herfitted sheet.Delores never mentioned that she had been suckingon her nipple. She had to been aware that her top waswet where Joann’s mouth had been. She simply returnedto the living room and gathered her into her arms andcuddled her lovingly. Joann felt a closeness that she couldnot describe. The moaning Joann was producing mayhave been mistaken as discomfort but in reality it waspure joy. Delores hugged even tighter.After that incident Joann had even stronger feelingsfor Delores. She wanted to see even more of her and shegrew bolder when she touched her. Delores was verysubtle with her seduction technique. She took her time. Itwas a slow seduction that took years. Often Joann had toask Delores to come lay with her for naps. While theywere lying on the bed Joann would reach around her waistto rub her silken panty covered bottom or thighs. It gaveJoann chills to touch her silken panties. The smooth skinunderneath was warm. Delores never stopped her or evencommented on what she was doing.By the time she was approaching her tenth birthdayher parents wanted her and her sisters, Linda andChristine to stay with their cousin’s parents but Joann putup a fuss because she wanted to continue staying withDelores. When her parents consulted with Delores sheassured them that she didn’t mind looking after Joann andshe was no problem. She stated that she actually enjoyedthe company. Her parents relented and allowed Joann tocontinue staying with Delores.Joann was old enough not to require naps anymore.She still insisted that she wanted one and sought Delores’company when she could convince her to join her.One day Joann was taking a bath when Delorescame in to brush her teeth. When she was finishedbrushing her teeth she began to undress right in front ofJoann. It was not that uncommon for her to undress infront of Joann. While Delores casually carried on aconversation with Joann she pulled down her panties andsat on the toilet. It was unexpected and thrilling for Joannto see the woman’s pussy as she sat down facing her. Itwas not often that she got to see her crotch uncovered likethat. Delores continued to talk about something forgottenby now Joann was mesmerized by the sounds of thewoman peeing into the porcelain bowl. There was only ashort distance between them and she could smell theurine and poop (as she called it back then).Joann was confused because she didn’t know if sheshould be embarrassed or excited. She was feeling bothemotions. It felt like she was being allowed to witness avery private moment in Delores’ life.When Delores was finished her reached between herlegs to wipe herself. That allowed Joann to see her pussyagain before she stood up and pulled her underpants upand left the room with the rest of her clothes still in theroom. It was like she had been allowed to witnesssomething very private. The casual way Delores had doneher business was also very exciting to the girl.Later that day when Joann was sitting on the toiletwhile Delores was in another room and on the phone shenoticed the same panties she had on the day she hadwitnessed her use the toilet in the dirty clothes hamper.She listed to the conversation on the phone before shequickly retrieved he panties from the hamper and sat onthe toilet holding the crotch under her nose so that shecould inhale the fragrance on the panties. She rubbed thepanties against her nose. The gusset of her panties wasstill damp. Joann actually sucked the creamy juicesimbedded in the material. There were brown stains in theseat that she smelled and tasted them too. She evensucked on them so she could taste the delicious threads.Joann could not imagine that anything could have excitedher more. The smell and taste of the woman was kind ofnasty and forbidden. She could not resist rubbing herselftoo. Her desire for the woman was even stronger.When she heard Delores hang karşıyaka escort bayan up the phone shequickly tossed the panties at the hamper. She halfsuspected Delores had wanted her to find them but shedidn’t want her t know what she had done.What she didn’t relies in her hast to leave thebathroom was that the panties had fallen behind thehamper. That was a detail Delores pointed out to herlater.Joann returned to the living room to watchtelevision. She felt comfortable that she had gotten awaywith something forbidden.Delores returned to performing her householdduties. It was about an hour later that Delores came intothe living room and took Joann by the hand and led her tothe bedroom. She wanted to lie down for a bit, as she toldit. This time she sat on the side of the bed and beganundressing Joann. When she had her down to only pantiesshe placed Joann on the bed.Then Delores stood up and removed all of her ownclothing except for her bra and panties before lying downbeside Joann. She pulled Joann close to her and openedthe cup of her bra. To Joann’s surprised she had a nursingbra on. When she exposed her areola she said, “I’m goingto feed my baby.”She placed her nipple into Joann’s mouth andinstructed, “Suck mommy’s tit.”Joann was so excited that she thought she wasgoing to have another uncontrolled pee. She had such adelicious feeling between her legs she wanted to rubherself. She felt Delores’ hand brushing her hair from herface. Her touch was so gentle it felt like the touch of abreeze. Joann’s hands were roaming her body, touchingDelores’ body, touching her tummy, her thigh and evenreaching around her body to feel her bottom. The nippleseemed to be much larger and even seemed to enlarge asshe sucked on it. It was firm and rubbery under hertongue.Delores took hold of her hand and placed it betweenher legs. She placed it right on her pubic bulge of herpanties. The material was already moist. Delores gentlyclosed her legs around Joann’s hand trapping her fingersagainst the silky fabric.Delores whispered to her softly to rub her downthere. Her hips moved in response to the probing touch ofthe girl’s fingers. Joann felt Delores move as she reachedbehind herself. She produced the very same soiledpanties that Joann had sucked on earlier in the day in thebathroom and held them under her nose.A moment of panic, she knew! She was disoriented.Everything was overwhelming. Joann not only smelled thepanties but the warm body of the woman. She was awareof the heat coming from her own pussy. As she felt theslippery moist silken panties between her fingers she feltlike a little girl she wanted to taste the honey in Deores’vagina because she was in love with her. At some pointduring the next couple of hours she felt Delores tense up,her hips arched off of the bed. Joann knew that she hadinduced an intense pleasure in the object of her affections.Later Delores explained to Joann that she had anorgasm. She told Joann that if she was a good girl shewould teach her to have them too. She also cautioned hernot to discuss anything that took place in her home. Thatwas to remain a secret between the two of them.Joann knew that what they were doing was naughtybut she didn’t want to stop being so close to Delores. Shedidn’t want to lose her. For the time being they took anap. When they woke up after awhile, Delores suggestedthat they take a bath together before she had to go home.Joann asked if she could have the panties she waswearing. Delores didn’t have to be told what she wantedthem for. She just slipped them down her thick legs andstepped out of them. As she pulled Joann close to herwarm body she held the smelly crotch under her nose.She stuffed the crotch into Joann’s mouth. Deloreswatched Joann’s face as she sucked on the slippery crotchof the dirty panties.Joann knew that she wanted to suck on the crotchand asshole of the woman that had soiled the panties.She wanted to feel the flesh of Delores in her mouth. Shedidn’t ask permission. She simply knelt in front of thewoman and held onto her wide hips as she placed hermouth over the garden of dark hair. She felt Deloresspread her legs to allow her better access to her pussy.The little clitoris was hidden by the fold of the labia. Sheused her tongue to stimulate the clit for a long time shewas shaking her head back and forth to add to thestimulation of the woman’s crotch. Her reward was thatwhen Delores climaxed she clamped her legs closedtrapping her head between the thick thighs. When Deloresstepped back from the girl she was ready to head for thebathroom but Joann was not finished.When Delores entered the bathroom she preparedto fill the tub by bending over to adjust the temperature ofthe water she exposed her big butt to the sex starved girl.Joann knelt behind the woman again. She clung to the bigbutt as she stuck her nose into the big sweet smellingasshole. She was able to lick the cunt and asshole frombehind but she was zoned in on the asshole most of all.Delores slowed down the flow of water while sheenjoyed the tongue fucking of her ass. When the tub wasfull of warm water she simply stepped over the rim andlowered her body into the steaming water. Joann climbedin too. They were too large to face each other and Joannwas forced to sit between the legs of Delores.Delores used a soapy washcloth to bath Joann muchas she had done for years but this time she spent a lot oftime washing the girl’s baby fat tits. Joann could notbelieve how much having the woman play with her breaststurned her on. When the woman placed a hand betweenher legs and played with her pussy she had her firstclimax. She could not believe what had just happened toher. The rush of blood through her body made her feel likeher head was spinning. She rested her head on theshoulder of her beloved Delores and turned her head andkissed the woman on the lips. No mater how much shemay have wanted this moment to last forever theyeventually had to get out and Joann had to go home.The next day Delores insisted that when she had touse the bathroom that Joann had to accompany her.When she was finished peeing she moved her bodyforeword on the toilet seat and insisted that Joann kneel infront of her and lick her pussy clean. The pubic hairs werestill damp form the pee that had passed through them.Joann relished being allowed to clean the pussy of thewoman she loved with her mouth. They repeated thetongue wiping every day for a week.The next week when Delores announced she neededto use the bathroom Joann accompanied her as usual.This time Delores sat down as usual only this time as shestared peeing Joann smelled and heard shit splashing inthe toilet. The stink was enough to let Joann know thatthe woman was shitting this time. When she was finishedshe stood up and turned her back to Joann as she flushedthe toilet. She spread escort karşıyaka her ass cheeks wide and asked,”What are you waiting for clean my ass with your tonguebaby.”Joann could not believe that Delores actually wantedher to clean her ass with her mouth. There was no doubtwhen Delores grabbed her by the back of her head andpulled her face right against her butt. She tried not tobreathe at first. She just licked her asshole but eventuallyshe had to breathe. She found that she got use to thesmell. She was called upon daily after that to cleanDelores’ ass and pussy after she relieved herself.One day when she normally didn’t visit Delores shewent to her apartment to vist with Delores she found thedoor locked. She knew where Delores his an extra keybehind a loose brick in case she locked herself out of herapartment. She let herself in thinking Delores had goneshopping or something. She settled down to wait for herreturn. She was reading a magazine when she heard anoise coming from her bedroom. She quietly got up toexplore the house. She thought that someone might havebroken in and was looting the place.When she approached the bedroom the noise wasloader. It sounded like someone was hurt. She openedthe bedroom door and saw Delores’s naked body betweenthe thigh legs of another person.Joann cried out in her feeling of betrayal. (Howcould she be cheating on her like this? was her firstthough. The noise startled the two women. They both satup and looked toward the door. They both tried to his theirnaked breasts.Joann could not believe her eyes the woman Deloreswas making love to was her own granny. Both womenwere trying to assure Joann that she was not meant to seethis.Joann screamed, “How could you, ownGrandmother? Granny how could you do this to me?”She was about to bolt from the room but Delores felloff of the bed and as she plopped onto the floor shereached out and grabbed Joann by the ankle. The girlcould not get away. She was pulled to the warm body ofher lover. She was cuddled in the gig arm as she assuredher with her soothing voice that she loved her very much.Joann struggled to get away but was not strongenough to break free. Her grandmother rolled off of thebed next to her and smothered her head between her bigbreasts.Her grandmother said, “Don’t be mad at me. Weboth still love you. We didn’t want you to find out about uslike this.”Joann stopped struggling. She looked at hergrandmother. Joann’s cheeks were covered with tearsbecause her beloved granny and her lover had cheated onher and probably had been doing it long before she hadfallen in love with Delores. She also checked out what hergranny looked like naked through her tear stained eyes.Her grandmother was just as plump as all of thewomen in her family. She had brown hair that wasstarting to get gray in it. Her eyes were very blue. Hernose was wide and her lips were full. Her breasts had tobe at least FF size. They sagged quit a bit. They were softpillows with areolas that were as large as tea cup saucers.The nipples were not long but they were fat. As she sat onthe carpeted floor with her legs spread out Joann couldsee her vulva. Her granny’s pussy was not trimmed butthe hairs were rather sparsely s**ttered over her pubis.The white skin was visible. At the moment her vagina wasstill rather red from the attention Delores had been givingit. That reminded her that Delores had been performingoral sex not only with another woman but HER OWNGRANDMOTHER renewed her anger with her.She tried to free herself from the hands thatrestrained her. She was held fast in place. Hergrandmother placed her hands on her draught and startedstroking her. She held Joann’s head between her handsand covered her face with wet kisses. When Joannstopped struggling, her granny started removing theclothes. The clothes came off in layers. She had on asimple dress that had to be unbuttoned down the back.Delores had to move her hands to allow the grandmotherto pulled the dress off of the shoulders and then down pasther waist. Then granny slipped Joann’s slip straps off ofher shoulders and it slid down her body. All that was leftbetween Joann being dressed and naked was herinexpensive panties and her shoes and socks. Before shecould protest about having her panties removed hergranny pulled them down. Both women started feeling herchubby rump. Granny was inserting a finger into thehairless honey pot while Delores was wiping the crack ofher ass with her finger. As the finger was moistened bythe sweat between the crack Delores tickled the girl’sasshole. Just about the time granny was inserting a fingerinto her pussy Delores was inserting her finger into herasshole. Joann could not fight anymore. She just stoodthere feeling the women masturbating her. The twowomen were kissing her neck and face while theymasturbating her. If it were not for the fact that twowomen had their strong hands pressed against the girl’scrotch she would have slumped to the floor.Eventually granny withdrew her finger and liftedJoann up and placed her on the bed. She placed the girl insuch a way that the legs were dangling over the side of thebed. Delores went around the bed so that she could lie onthe bed and kiss the girl upside down. Delores reachedover Joann’s body and playing with her little baby fatbreasts. Granny struggled for a few moments so that shecould reposition her body to be able to kneel between hergranddaughters legs. She spread her legs as wide as shecould and looked at her little vagina. Joann had the skinof a baby.She felt her grandmother’s lips and breath on hercrotch and was carried away by the thrill of having twowomen making love to her body. The strain of having herlegs spread so wide was uncomfortable. She lifted herlegs up and rested them on her granny’s back. Her grannywas very good at sucking pussy she was squirming aroundlike she was sitting on a bed of ants until she reached herclimax. Just when she was about to climax her granny feltit coming and sent her over the edge by sticking a fingerup her butt. Joann lay there with her eyes closed for thelongest time waiting for the emotion to pass.While she was lying there Delores moved out of theway so that Joann’s grandmother could jet on top of hergranddaughter. Granny positioned herself so that she wassitting on her granddaughter’s face. She reached downand pulled up on her clitoris so that she could fit her pussyright over the youngster’s face like a gas mask. WhenJoann started sticking her tongue into the vagina Grannystarted peeing. Joann struggled to keep up with thevolume of liquid filling her mouth. She swallowed as fastas she could but some still leaked out. It trickled down thesides of her face and made her hair wet. The pee pooledunder her head making sure that most of her hair wassoaked in pee. When it was over she was not allowed torinse her hair. It dried in ringlets that smelled of piss. Shealso had to lick her granny’s asshole.Having trained her to be a toilet servant she was toldthat all of her aunts and even her mother would expect herto clean them when she visited them.(I hope you enjoyed this story. I’m always happy to hear from fans of my Lesbian Erotic Fiction.)

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