their first cruiseIt was there dream vacation, Jim and Becky had been married for 14 years, now both in there mid 30’s were finally taking that dream cruise , they had worked and saved for this and wanted to enjoy it, for the past 6 months they both dieted and got in bathing suit shape, Jim was still a pit chubby but Becky looked fantastic, 34 ,dark hair down just past her shoulder blades, 5-6 , 130 lbs, very shapely legs and a great ass, Jim was loving what he saw everyday, she had her flat tummy back again and you could even see a hint of a six pack, all this mar her 36 d breasts look even better, she was proud of how she looked and bought some sexy outfits to show off , after all no one would know them on the trip, she also bought some sexy bikinis , something she wasn’t used to wearing but why the day finally arrived, they flew to Florida and boarded the ship, they were like 2 c***dren all excited ,exploring all over the ship as they left port, of course they had all there excursions booked and couldn’t wait to begin, Becky noticed she was getting more looks than usual, but she was dressed sexier as well, looks from other passengers as well as the staff, the first day at the pool they just tried to relax, Jim loved how Becky looked, they started with a few drinks and before long they were feeling good, not drunk , just good, they were asked by some others to play volleyball in the pool, Becky said sure but Jim decided to just lay and have a nap, it was mostly young guys playing and a few women, they were jumping around , Becky wasn’t good but she was having fun, then one of the guys came face to face with her, and said “i better tell you something” she just smiled and asked “what?” he looked down at her tits, “well ,your top has shifted and your nipple is showing” she was so embarrassed as she dipped below the water and adjusted her top, She was blushing and felt a wave of heat run through her Its OK, it was hot” he said “did anyone else see” she asked, “just me I think” he said as he reached under the water and put a hand on her waist “your in great shape ” he said, she was so flustered she wasn’t even thinking, no other man had seen her breast since she was married, he kept his hand there, as she looked at him feeling so embarrassed, ” hey let me show you something , she didn’t know what to say and followed him out of the pool, she looked to Jim but he was laying face down, thank god he didn’t see that, he led her to a staircase and she followed him, it seemed to be the highest spot on the boat, “isn’t it a great view” its beautiful she replied” “and you know what else” “no” “you can sunbath topless up here it for that” he told her “no I could never do that” “cmon try it, there’s no one else up here” all of a sudden she felt exposed ,she crossed her arms over her tits, “try it no one will ever know” he urged she turned to walk away and he grabbed her shoulders, pulling her against him, as he wrapped his arms around her, “please don’t” she pleaded, she was standing practically naked, her small bikini bottoms and a small top, and him in only his swim trunks, “cmon, you know you want to, drop your arms to your side for me” she heard his words and for some reason did as he asked, he loosened his grip again and held her by her shoulders, his hands slid up and down her arms, giving her goosebumps, then he undid her top from behind, grabbed her shoulders again and turned her to face him, she looked up at him as he slid the straps off her shoulders and her top fell to the deck, he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her, she felt her nipples against his hot skin, his hand slid down and ran them over her ass, he gave her ass cheeks a squeeze, then he loosened his hug and stepped back, reached up and started feeling her tits , massaging them, rubbing his thumbs over her nipplesshe closed her eyes and let him, not a word was spoken, why was this happening buca escort she thought,is this normal , All of a sudden he stopped, waited a moment then pulled down his bottoms, she looked down and he was hard, about the same size as her husband, she lust looked at him, then he looked at her ,his expression had changed, “get on your knees Baby” she bent down and got on her hands and knees,, ” no baby ,just your knees” as she did it he moved close, his cock by her face, he started stroking himself in front of her, close to her face, she just watched, then he rubbed it in her cheeks, across her face, “open your mouth baby” she looked up at him ” you know what to do, suck my cock for me” she opened her mouth ,took him in , she wasn’t great at this but knew what to do, she grabbed his cock around the base and started sucking, she didn’t know why .just that she was supposed to, he put his hands on her head, grabbed her hair, she kept sucking him as best she could, he grabbed her hair tighter , she heard him start to moan as she felt a flood of hot fluid in her mouth, she kept sucking until he stopped, his cock slid out of her mouth, “thanks baby” was all he said as he slipped on his trunks and went down the stairs.Becky made her way sheepishly down to the pool and rejoined Jim, who was just waking, that evening they had an early dinner and decided to get to bed early as they had a full day of snorkeling planned for tomorrow, Jim cleaned up and crawled into bed, Becky came out of the bath and started to disrobe, until she was naked standing in front of him, Jim couldn’t take his eyes off of her, she was even sexier with the start of the tan lines on her body, his cock began to grow under the covers, ,she pulled on a nighty and crawled into bed ,laying on her tummy, Jim began rubbing her back, “not tonight Jim, Im so tired” he told her alright as he continued to rub her back, then down across her shapely ass, he loved the feel of her soft skin, warm and smooth, her ass felt so good in his hands as she let out a little moan, “Jim please don’t” his cock was now very hard, he ran his hands along her thighs, then then between her legs, ” Becky, can you just let me slide inside you quick, I wont be long ” all the time he was stroking her soft pussy, she spread her legs apart for him, “ok Jim ,but not for long OK ” he didn’t need to be told twice, as she spread her legs wider, still laying on her tummy. Jim moved on top of her, , she waited for him to push in, she new it was her duty to please him, let him have his orgasm, so with one push he was inside her, pushing himself deep, she moaned again, he sped up his rhythym, loving how tight she was, after so many years of marriage, still craving her body, ,he sat up to his knees, still inside her, her grabbed her slim waste and continued thrusting, she closed her eyes and thoughts from the afternoon came into her head, the young man, his hard body ,his hard cock, how she had let him touch her, she felt her hips start to move , she was getting very excited, ” that’s it Becky, I knew you would come around” she didn’t even hear what he said, thinking of feeling that young hard cock in her hands and mouth, ” im cumming” Jim called out and at that moment she was also sent into a strong orgasm, feeling her pussy tighten around Jims cock, and thinking of the cock coming in her mouth from earlier. Jim rolled of her, rubbed her back a few times and fell asleep, she was not long afterThe next morning they awoke and were docked in the Bahamas, they had decided to take a taxi around the island to a beach to snorkel, so after breakfast the went to the room to change, again Becky put on one of her sexy new bikinis, Jim Loved watching her change and put it on, she was looking so good she could have been a bikini model, they made there way to the dock ,she had a light wrap over her but everyone could see her buca escort bayan sexy legs and ass, they flagged a taxi and told them where they were going, a trick Becky learned from the travel guide was to have the taxi pick them up at the end of the day as well so they made that arrangement and off they went to enjoy the day. they had a great day, tanning and swimming ,in the water Jim even had the opportunity to play with her tits and ass, he couldn’t wait to get back and have sex again, As they left the beach the taxi pulled up right on cue, and they hopped in, about a mile into the trip the driver pulled over and another man jumped in the front, the driver said it was his friend, as his friend turned to say hello, his eyes went strait to Beckys tits, her wrap was around her waist and she just had on the bikini top, and a ton of cleavage, he looked up at her and smiled. Becky gave Jim a concerned look but he hadn’t noticed, he was to focused on his hand on her thigh and her bare leg rubbing against his, the men talked in there own language ,having a very intense conversation, when all of a sudden they turned off the road onto a dirt road, “we just stop and get gas quick , don’t worry” the driver told themthey took another town down a more overgrown road and then came to a clearing, and stopped the car, they both got out and each opened the passenger door on either side of the car” get out they yelled” ” we don’t have much money but we will give you all we have, we can go to a bank machine and give you more” pleaded JimOne of then reached in and grabbed Beckys arm, ” Just do what they say Ok, I don’t think they will hurt us ” Jim told her, they both got out and walked around to the back of the car, “what do you guys want” Jim asked, ” we think your wife is a lovely woman, ” “thank you, she is” Becky felt a knot grow in her stomach, ” well if you must ask what we want, we will tell you, we think she would be interesting to watch have sex, so unless you want to be left here, we will watch as you have sex with her” “you cant be serious” Becky cried, “oh but we are ” Becky and Jim looked at each other , what choice did they haveThey just looked at each other, not knowing what to do, “well take your clothes off, or do we need to do it for you” Becky just did as they said, she dropped her wrap to the ground and then untied her bikini top and layed it on the ground as well, but trying to cover her breasts with one arm, Jim just watched her, watching his wife strip for 2 strangers, , she slid down her bottoms with one hand and stepped out of them, then stood there with one hand over her pussy and the other covering her tits, , then the silence was broken ” well man ,you better catch up tp her,” Jim grabbed his trunks and slid them down, his cock was already hard, Becky was surprised to see he was already aroused, was he enjoying this, then he approached Becky and they started kissing, he ran his hand up and down her beck, over her ass, ,his other hand on her tummy, rubbing, up to her tits, trying to squeeze them while she still covered them, she took the hint and lowered her hand , down to his cock, and she wrapped her hand around him, Jim began playing with her nipples, making them grow and swell, instictively the hand covering her pussy began to move, sliding her fingers along her slit, over her clit, rubbing lightly “Ok get on with it, we don’t have all day ” Jim grabbed her hips and turned her away from him, she leaned over and put her hands on the back of the car, giving Jim full access to her pussy, and full view for the men to watch, Jim slid his cock along her pussy, she was wet, ready for him , as he pushed himself inside, she moaned as he pushed his cock all the way inside her, he started moving, fucking her, She closed her eyes trying to imagine they were alone, she felt Jims hands holding her hips, feeling his grip tighten, escort buca she knew he was getting close, then she was startled by a hand on her tit, fondling her, playing with her, she felt so vulnerable, her arms outstretched, bent over, her tits hanging for him, she looked up at the man and he just smiled back. she closed her eyes again, , then the man stopped groping her and grabbed her head, she looked at him again and his cock was by her face, he pulled her head closer, she knew what she had to do and opened her mouth, starting to suck him, when Jim saw this his grip tightened and he came deep inside her, watching this man and his cock in her mouth, he slid out and backed away, his eyes still watching his wife suck another mans cock, watching him hold her head and slide his cock back and forth, she was still bent over, Becky, was sucking him to try and make him cum quickly, like the guy from yesterday, again her eyes closed, then she felt a pair of hands on her hips again, a cock in one motion pushed inside her, it wasn’t Jim ,It was much deeper, Becky felt the feeling again, building fast as this new cock started fucking faster, she started to have an orgasm of her own, her pussy contracting, waves of pleasure shot through her, she had lost control, she arched her back more for him, grabbed the others balls as he continued to fuck her mouth, the man behind reached around and grabbed her tits, kneading them, fucking her hard,, the man in her mouth, let out a moan and started to cum, still fucking her mouth, she couldnt take it all as it started running down her chin, he her head on his cock until he was finished, pulled his cock out and moved away, then she had another intense orgasm, her knees almost gave out, she was being fucked very hard, , then he pulled out and moved to her face , pushing his cock in her mouth, cumming hard again, filling her mouth, gagging, choking, until he was also finished,, he slapped her ass and said “lets go or you will mis your boat” They picked up their things and put on the few clothes they had ,without a word they got back into the backseat of the taxi, The passenger looked at Jim, and told him to ride in the front, “no I’m can ride back here with my wife” Jim told him, ” No I think you ride on the front or you can both stay here” Jim looked over at Becky and she nodded, as she whispered “its Ok Jim, Just do what they ask” Jim moved to the front seat and the other man got in the back with Becky, sitting close to her and putting his arm around her, as they left the area ,the man pulled her closer, his other hand reached across and lightly rubbed his hand over the soft material of her bikini top, she knew she had no choice but to let him, she sat still as he continues to touch her, now gentle squeezing her tits, rubbing his fingers over her nipples and feeling them grow under his touch, he slid a finger under the material and pulled it away from her skin, looking down at her nipple, the 2 men in the front didn’t say a word, both just looking forward, Jim didn’t want to see what was happening, the silence did make him wonder though.the man in the back was getting more aggressive and rough, squeezing and massaging harder, then he lifted her bikini up over her tits, he leaned over and whispered in her ear, ” you know have sweet tits girl, and I can tell you like em played with don’t you” she just nodded , ” how many men have enjoyed these not including us” she moved her hand and showed 3 fingers, ” Dam girl your k**ding me” and she shook her head, all the time he was groping her ” you want more men playing with them don’t you” again she just nodded, he picked a piece of paper off the floor and handed it to her, along with a pen, “write down your email girl ,Ill tell you what to do and when to do it, you will be my toy and we will get your titties played with” then he wrapped both arms around her from behind, grabbing a tit in each hand as she wrote ,alexnpizza at hot and left the paper on the seat, within minutes they were at the dock, she pulled her top back down and they both jumped out of the taxi, without looking back they went to the ship, in silence they both showered and fell asleep.

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