the real methe real meI live in Perth, Western Australia and go to a place called Perth SteamWorks. It’s a small building down a side street and not much to look at.It’s a place where Gay men can go, it’s clean, discreet and unobtrusive.I don’t consider myself gay as I have no interest in men that is until Iam dressed. Is this the same for all like us?I have been there a few times with the sole purpose of getting it offwith men. Normally I take all my gear with me in a bag and change therebut it’s difficult because there are no changing rooms, or none that Ihave seen, and change in one of the rooms. This is fine but the only onelockable is the mirror room and as you know it takes a while for us tochange and sometimes others want to use the room. So I now put undies onat home, I also paint my toe nails and glue on my long finger nails, andwear gloves. I also tuck and tape and butt plug myself. When I get thereI still use the mirror room but only for my top clothes and make up.I have slowly been replacing some of my gear and was dressed in thefollowing: thong, leather under bust lace up corset with six suspenders,stockings, 13 inch long lycra mini skirt, sleeveless top – four sizes toosmall, this enables me to wear E cup stick on silicone breasts without abra, 4 inch heel shoes with ankle straps, long black wig, long earringsand full make up, tongue stud and some nice perfume. I put my male clothes in the bag and went out to the harness room; beingvery dimly lit makes it easier. I put my bag under a bench and sit andwait. This day I was there for only about five minutes when a guy came tothe door. He had a towel around his waist so I knew he had been in theshower which was good as I hate smelly cocks. He didn’t know what to doso I stood up and walked over to him; taking his hand I led him into theroom. Stepping back, I did a twirl, bending over in front of him showinghim my ass which I pushed against the bulge in his towel. He reached outputting his hands on my waist pulling me to him; I turned and put my armsaround his neck and pulled his face to my neck. He started to kiss myneck and ears, making me shiver. I pulled my head back and gave him apeck on the cheek, he pulled me to him and planted his lips on mine andgave me an open mouth kiss. OMG! It made me tremble, his hands were allover my body, grabbing my ass and rubbing his cock against me. I brokethe kiss, leant forward and whispered in his ear that I wanted his cock.I stepped back and holding on to him, slowly went down on my knees so myface was level with his bulge. I reached out and undid the towel, lettinghis lovely 8 inch cock free. I put my hand around it and slid it up anddown the length, rubbing my thumb on the underside of the head. It washis turn to shiver now as I ran my tongue up and down the underside andjust putting my red lips over the end. Slowly I lowered my head, takinghis whole length into my mouth and down my throat, gagging slightly. Ireached behind me into my bag, taking out the bottle of throat numbingspray and gave three squirts into the back of my throat. After a fewseconds I could feel it taking effect and engulfed his cock right down mythroat. I bobbed my head up and down very slowly, twirling my tongue onthe underside using the stud. His hands went to the back of my head,pulling me down onto his cock again. I gave his cock a good sucking,tasting the pre cum as it leaked out. I stopped, turned around on myhands and knees, presenting my ass for him, opening my legs wide. Heknelt down between my knees, pulled my thong to one side. Feeling thebutt plug he slowly pulled it out, rolling a condom over his cock heshuffled forward til his cock was touching my entrance. I wriggled my assagainst him, pushing back. He got the hint and putting his hands on myhips he slowly pushed the whole length of his cock into me, feeling hisstomach against my ass cheeks. It felt so wonderful, I was in heaven. Iwriggled my ass again and he started pumping in and out, slowly fuckingme. I had my head down at this point and my hair was in my eyes so Itossed my head up to see a cock in front of my face. Someone had likedwhat they saw and wanted to join in, so I opened my mouth for him and heslid his cock in. The guy in my ass started to stroke in and out, rockingme back and forth, this was good for me as the cock in my mouth was goingdown my throat at the same time. My tits were swinging back and forwardto the strokes and I only wish I had real ones he could hold on to andplay with my nipples. This went on for a good ten minutes; I wasdribbling everywhere even though I had swallowed. They both started tospeed up, really fucking me hard filling me with their whole lengths oneach stroke. canlı bahis Suddenly they stopped and pulled out, I wondered what washappening when they swapped ends. The first cock went in my waiting andwilling mouth closely followed by the 9 incher up my willing ass. Theystarted their strokes again, rocking me back and forth, filling mecompletely at the same time. Faster and faster they rammed into me, Iwanted to feel some balls but I think I would have fallen over if I hadlifted my arm. The guy in my mouth grabbed the back of my head andstarted to really ram his cock down my throat, the gag reflex gonecompletely as it slid past my tonsils. The guy up my ass grabbed my hipsand did the same, ramming me as hard as he could; I was in heaven,sensory overload. They both gave a hard push and held deep in me as theycame at the same time, I could feel both cocks throbbing and the cumbeing pumped into my tummy. It was too much for me as I came in my thong,the biggest I had ever had and without touching my tightly hidden cock.The two guys sat on the floor exhausted; I just collapsed on the flooralso exhausted. When we had got our breath back, they helped me up and wesat down. They started asking me questions about being a tranny and whyhadn’t I gone on hormones and had breast implants. I said I had alwayswanted to but had never had the guts to do it. They said they could helpme if I wanted as they knew a Doctor in town who was an expert intransgender. They gave me their email address and told me to think aboutit and email them if I was interested. As they got up to go I asked themif they knew anyone else in steam works that wanted a good time, theysaid they would ask around.About ten minutes later seven guys came into the room, all with towelsaround their waists and all sporting hard ons. I spent the next fourhours in there being fucked in both holes in all sorts of positions, butI have to admit spit roast was my favourite. My ass was sore and my jawached, I wanted more but just couldn’t do it, so sadly I tottered back tothe mirror room to change and go home.Over the next couple of days I thought about their offer, this wasprobably the only chance I would get so sat at my computer and emailedthem to say I would love to take them up on their offer. I had a replywithin ten minutes telling me to meet them the next day outside a park at11 am. The following morning I got up early and showered, dried off,tucked, taped and plugged myself and put on my underwear. I wore normalguy clothes over the top and went out to meet them at the park. They werealready there when I arrived and I got into the car. We went to a nearbysuburb to a clinic, all of us going in; one of them told the receptionistthat Debbie-Louise Goodhead was here. We waited for a few minutes and Iwas called in to the surgery, the guys waited outside. She asked lots ofquestions, mainly my past, how long had I been cross dressing, the sexside of it etc. I had to remove my outer clothes for an examination andshe didn’t bat an eye when she saw my underwear. She took my bloodpressure, pulse, heart rate and checked my lungs. She had to take bloodfor tests which would take a couple of days for the results and to makeanother appointment for two days’ time.I rang the clinic the next day and made an appointment for 10 am. Theguys said they would take me again. On the morning I dressed in similarunderwear, but this time I wore my corset. I went straight into thesurgery this time; she had good news that my blood tests were normal. Shewould give me an estrogen injection and testosterone blocker injection,one in each buttock, and two different pills to take daily. Theinjections were a new very powerful and fast acting hormone and wouldlast a month, so I was to come back then for a booster. She said I wouldnotice the effects after only eight weeks and she would talk to me aboutmy options then. All the while I was going to steam works and also seeingthe two guys, they had themselves and I checked for HIV and we were allclear so I was happy for them to fuck me bare back. That was a lovelyexperience feeling the cum spurt into my ass, afterwards I would put theplug back to hold it in.After the eight weeks were up I went back to the clinic, the guys waitedoutside again. The Doctor gave me a check over and noticed my chest waspuffy and my nipples were swollen, I had noticed this too and my nippleswere more sensitive, she also said my skin was softening. She asked me ifI had thought about breast implants, I said I had always thought aboutthem and would love to have breasts. She said the time was about right ifI wanted as then my own would grow around them and would look morenatural. I told her I wanted E cup if bahis siteleri possible and could I have my lipsplumped up. She said neither was a problem and my two friends said theywould pay for anything I wanted. She made arrangements for the next dayat 10 am and was an overnight stay. The guys took me to the clinic, made sure I was settled in and went homesaying they couldn’t wait for tomorrow. A nurse came in to prep me,giving me some pills which made me drowsy. The Doctor came in to makesure I was ready and did I have a preference for the insertion of theimplants. I told her whichever would give the best result, which was atthe base of where the breasts would be and would leave only a tiny scar.By this time I was really drowsy and nearly asleep so they wheeled me offto the operating theatre. An IV was put into my arm, the anaesthetic waspushed in and I went off to sleep. It took about four hours to do bothprocedures and when I woke up my chest hurt and my lips were sore. TheDoctor came in to check on me and said the bandages would come offtomorrow.Next morning she came in at 9, she cut the bandages off and I couldn’tbelieve what I saw, the most beautiful pair of tits I had ever seen. Shesaid they would be a bit sore and hard for a week or two and put asupport bra on me so they wouldn’t go out of shape. She put a mirror infront of me so I could see my lips and what a set of cock sucker lipsthey were and I couldn’t wait to try them out. Late afternoon the guyscame to collect me and I could tell by their expressions they liked whatthey saw. They suggested I went back to their home so they could lookafter me, I readily agreed. They were great fussing over me for the nexttwo weeks, showering me, cooking for me, dressing me. Came the day Icould remove the bra and I did it in front of them. They couldn’t believehow they looked either and with my lips looking so inviting they took meoff to the bedroom. When I sucked the first cock with my new lips, itfelt so different and when they played with my tits it was heaven. Wespent most of the evening fucking each other’s brains out, with themmaking me cum too. One of them went to a drawer and came back with a giftwrapped box; I opened it and inside was two lovely half cup bras, twopairs of thongs, a large black butt plug and a cock cage. This last itemhad a ring which went behind my balls and was locked in place with asmall padlock; it was obviously to stop me playing with myself. Theyfitted this on me and when the lock snapped shut I started getting hardwhich hurt in the confines of the cage. I bent over at the waist and heslid the butt plug into me. I put on a bra and one of the thongs, walkingaround the bedroom showing off. My balance had moved because of theweight of my tits and I had to pull my shoulders back which made themstick out even more. The other guy went to another drawer and gave meanother box. Inside was a cute baby doll nightie with a thong, I put iton and it looked gorgeous. I thanked them by dropping to my knees andgiving them each a blow job.Over the next six months the changes to my body were very rapid. My titsfilled out, my body hair diminished, my body changed shape and my skinsoftened but most of all my cock and balls shrank, making it very hardfor me to get an erection and keep it. My libido was stronger than everbut it was more of a desire than the feeling I got before. It was timefor another check up at the clinic but this time I went dressedcompletely, the Doctor was very pleased with the way I was turning out.She said I now had some choices to make and the guys had told herwhatever choices I made they would go along with. She explained that if Ikept up with the same hormone regimen I would become sterile and not beable to get erections at all, if I still wanted to I could reduce thedosage. Or I could keep going and she would give me testosterone pills totake whenever I needed an erection. The last was I could be castratedwhich would mean one pill less to take and still use the testosteronepills when needed. I could if I wanted take the ultimate step. I didn’tknow what to do so I said I would think about it. I spoke to the guysabout it and they said whatever I decided to do they would be good withit. I knew what I wanted, and had always wanted so I rang the clinic toask the Doctor if I could come in tomorrow for the surgery. I didn’t tellthe guys what I was going to do, they would have to wait and see.They took me down to the clinic and waited for me. I walked into theprocedure room with the Doctor and she asked me if I was sure as therewas no going back, I said I was. I removed my thong and lay down on atable, putting my ankles in stirrups. She covered my tummy and güvenilir bahis scrubbedmy groin, painting on antiseptic. I watched her fill a syringe withliquid then the needle going into first one testicle then the other. Sheasked me one more time if I was sure, I nodded yes. She prodded me downthere and I couldn’t feel anything. She was about ten minutes working,and then she stepped back with a dish in her hand. In the dish were myballs, now I was a castrated Shemale, never to be male again. I had tocome back in a week to remove the stitches and had to keep the area cleanand dry. The two guys came in to help me up, I pointed to the dish andthey both had big grins. A week later I went back and she removed thestitches, at last I could put on my thong. It fitted wonderfully,obviously the cock cage was no good now and I wouldn’t be needing itanyway.I asked the guys if they thought my face was passable, they said maybe itneeded a little work to make it more feminine, so it was off to theclinic again for some facial feminization surgery. After the bandagescame off I felt complete, new body, no testosterone, beautiful body andtits. All I needed now was some piercings that was easy and went off tothe local studio where I had two more ear piercings, my belly button andmy nipples. I kept myself permanently plugged with the large black buttplug, this also made me sway my hips more when I walked. The guys and Italked about me working and said I could make a fortune in the sexindustry, I knew this and felt a thrill run through me at the thought offucking in front of a camera. There are plenty of back street studios inPerth that do this and after asking around we found one with a goodreputation and paid them a visit. I had to undress to show them my body,as I had a gorgeous figure now I didn’t wear a corset very often, just awaist cincher. I never wore tights – hated them – always stockings, thesmallest thong I could find and half cup bras. When I got down to myundies, the guy nearly fell off his chair saying he didn’t believe I wasa Shemale, I had to take off my thong to prove I still had a cock eventhough it was now useless. He asked me if I was into anything, I said I was, especially BDSM, theonly exceptions were golden showers and anything to do with shit, as faras I was concerned that was disgusting. He wanted me to do a test and ifI was agreeable now. He took me to a set where there was a large area setup as a dungeon. I walked over to a frame that had steel hooks on the topand bottom bars about four feet apart, he could see I was in awe andasked if I wanted the test film on this; I said I did. He slid the blackbutt plug into me and then put a cock gag in my mouth, buckling it behindmy head. He strapped leather cuffs to my ankles and wrists and helped meup onto the step, reaching up he clipped the wrist cuffs onto the hooks,bending down he put my feet on the bottom bar and clipped the ankle cuffsto the hooks, leaving me spread eagled. He walked over to a handle andstarted winding it, immediately I could feel myself being lifted up untilI was hanging stretched out. He picked up a bull whip and walked back,standing behind me. I heard this swishing noise then felt the whipconnect with my back, the end snaking around my waist and snapping acrossmy tummy. I jolted in the frame and tried to scream, the pain was bad; hewent over to the handle and stretched me out some more, making me reallytight, then continued to whip me. After 20 lashes, three other guys cameover and took me down, carrying me to another contraption, pushing meagainst it, they tied my ankles and knees to the uprights, bent meforwards over the cross bar and tied my waist to a bar that went betweenmy tits. My arms were pulled away from me and tied at the wrists, elbowsand shoulders, my hair was gathered into a pony tail and tied to thewaist strap, making my mouth drop open. I was held like that for an hourwhile my ass and mouth were given a relentless fucking by some very bigcocks. The team were very impressed with how I handled everything andoffered me a weekly spot to make a movie, I readily agreed to thisespecially after the money they offered.I still live with my two friends, I have never been happier than I amnow, I love my life being a Shemale and wished I had become one when Iwas in my teens. I still service my friends and we have friends overquite often and we have some really good times. Looking at me now, no onewould ever think I was once a man, I still have my teeny little cockwhich only good for peeing with, and have been thinking about taking theultimate step. The biggest seller and turn on in the movies I am in isthe sight of a little cock on this gorgeous female body.What I say to all you readers who think like I did is see your Doctor andtake the steps, because believe me you will regret it if you don’t. Ihave tried to stop dressing but I cant, its something that will neverleave you.

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