The LaundretteI went to the laundrette to do some big items that wouldn’t fit in our washer, when I got there, there were two other mature women doing their washing. The lady that runs the place came over to me and said “I’ll do that for you” “Thanks” I replied. I’m just popping out for half an hour she said she’d watch my laundry for me.Upon my return she’d dried it all and it was neatly folded, as I sat down she came and sat next to me, we were talking and I could tell she was flirting with me. She was short, shoulder length black hair, a little plump and on her own admission 49. She was wearing black trousers and a blue top, her name was Julie.As we were talking she said her husband had run off when their c***d was 2 he’s now 20, she had a one night stand resulting in another c***d seven years ago and had nothing since. She said she can’t trust men but she said she really fancied me, I told her I was married but I have an open relationship she said “It doesn’t matter”.I asked if she lived near she said “Yes but I don’t finish for another two hours” I said “That’s a shame” she replied “But I’m due a break and there’s a store room here” pointing izmir escort to a room by the door. I looked around and there was only one other person in reading a magazine. “Ok” I said, we stood up and walked towards the room, she opened the door and it was about 4’ square with a chair in the corner.She put the light on and turned around and locked the door. She looked at me and said “You lead I haven’t done anything for years”, with that I put my hands on her hips and leaned in towards her, I kissed her and she had her hand in my hair as we snogged. Minutes later I ran my hands up her back and round the front to feel her ample breasts, she sighed.As she put her head back I kissed her neck as I felt her tits, lifting up her top taking it off over her head, I quickly unclipped her bra, letting it drop to the floor and feeling her tits her nipples were instantly hard, bending down to lick and suck her nipples she was moaning, I was hard in my jeans. Running my hand up her leg I soon rubbed the front of her trousers, she sighed all the more.Unbuttoning her pants they fell down, “Oh my God” she said as my finger slipped over the front of her knickers, escort izmir licking her nips and running my finger over her pants she had her hand in my hair. I slipped my finger inside her panty line and straight onto her wet gash, as I rubbed her clit I ran my tongue down from her nipple onto the waistband of her knickers, she moaned saying “Oh God!!”Putting my fingers into the waistband I pulled her knickers down, and off her ankles, parting her thighs I slipped my tongue straight on her slit and then her clit, she had both hands on my head as I satisfied her cunt. After only moments and a few licks she moaned and said “Oh God I’m COMING” as I licked away her juices ran down her leg as her climax exploded in her body and she bit her hand.Standing up I kissed her again and she snogged my face off, unbuttoning my jeans and discarding my undies I turned her around and said “Put your hands on the chair” she did and I parted her thighs as I slipped in from behind, as soon as I entered her she groaned. Shagging her was easy as she was so wet and she was loving every second of it.Another five minutes or so and she announced “I’m coming again”, izmir escort bayan as I pounded her fat cunt, not letting up with power she groaned and gasped as I gave her another massive orgasm, she was shaking her head from side to side as my cock slid in and out. “Come in me don’t pull out” she said as I slowed down and then speeded up.“Please don’t pull out you’re so good” she said as I was fucking her brains out, then I knew I couldn’t last much longer myself unless I stopped. I pulled out and bent down and licked her clit as I fingered her again, she was coming again, fingering her wet snatch as I licked her took her over the edge and she squirted her love juice out, all down my face.As she stood up she apologised I said “No need to” as she took hold of my cock. I turned her around again and teased her arse with my cock she said “No not there”, too late I was already up her ass and fucking her again. She was grunting and moaning when I pulled out and shoved myself back deep inside her cunt.As I built up speed she was still moaning when I poured all my seed deep inside her, there seemed to be gallons. When I was all dry she stood up and my spunk was running down her leg, we laughed and she said “You’re the best I’ve ever had – Thankyou”, I said “You’re welcome”, kissed her then we got dressed and I picked up my laundry and left, she was smiling as I got in the car.

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