Surprise visitor!It was a Friday night and I had gone out for a few drinks with my gf’s after work. U were supposed to be going across town with some buddies to see a band, but came down with a migraine in the afternoon so you stayed home to sleep it off. Usually 3-4 hours sleep gets rid of the worst of it. You woke up around 9pm, felt better, took a couple of headache tablets with a coffee and went back to bed. About half an hour later you heard me come home, chatting with someone. You couldn’t hear the conversation, just muffled noises. you got curious as to who it was, and also wanted to let me know you were home. You came out of our bedroom into the hallway, which leads to the lounge through a door. The door was half open, but you couldn’t see directly into the lounge. As you got to the door you paused to wait for the right moment to enter. You listened but the conversation had stopped, so you peeked through the gap between the door and the frame at the hinge side. You were excited to see me and a guy making out on the couch. Sneaky bitch you thought!You wanted slipped back to bed and leave me with some privacy but couldn’t help but watch. Your very upright gf, was tongue kissing someone else. I was on the couch, he was squeezing my tits through my blouse, and I started rubbing his cock. Then he broke off the kiss to unbutton my blouse. He reached in, pulling my tits out of my bra, kissing and sucking my nipples. I moaned softly, saying encouraging words to keep him going. I picked up my phone and text you n told you what was happenbing and then I called you to let you listen…it went to voicemail so you could listen later…and jack off to the sound of it!!The guy took off my blouse and bra completely, and I laid back on the arm of şişli escort the couch and he gave my juicy tits a good hard squeeze. Then we started kissing again, with me rubbing his cock through his pants. He leaned right back into the couch, and I unbuttoned his pants, pulling them down allowing his at least 8 inch erect cock to stand straight up. “Mmm, nice cock” I said. not surprising to you with my language. I wrapped my hand around it, pumping it gently before taking it in my mouth. I was facing you so you got a great view of my mouth sliding up and down the shaft. I took my time working up and down the shaft, the guy moaning softly, telling me how great it felt. I must admit I wished it was me getting this treatment from me, you thought, getting so turned on by all this. I stopped stroking to run my tongue all around the cockhead, up and down the shaft and his balls. I sucked his scrotum, stretching it out as I raised my head. The I returned to pumping my mouth up and down his shaft, a little harder and faster this time. The guy ran his hands though my hair, holding me firm as he thrust up hard a couple of times. I responded by pushing down hard with my mouth, taking his cock right to the back of my throat. I stopped sucking and we tongue kissed again, while I gave his balls a good squeeze. I stood up, stripping my clothes off completely, and the guy did the same. He reached out and stroked the inside of my thighs, I raised one leg up onto the couch so he could finger my pussy. “Oooh, so wet” he said as he probed my sweet hoy pussy. He started finger fucking me, and I said “Oh yea, yea, that’s it finger that pussy” several times as he did it. I squeezed my own tits and tweaked my nipples as he played with me. After mecidiyeköy escort a couple of minutes, I pushed him back on the couch and straddled him, going all the way down in one movement and grinding my pussy onto his cock, as he sucked my tits again. I put my hands on his shoulders, and lifted myself up and down on the guy’s rock hard fat cock. Moaning and talking dirty as she did, “u like this pussy don’t u, yea, omg, that feels so good, after a minute I felt the orgasm comeon and the fluid gushed all down his balls n inner thighs!” “Wow, he said, omg that’s fucking hot, feels so fucking good”After a few minutes, I got off and sat back on the couch. He knelt on the floor between my legs, holding them high in the air as I guided his glistening cock back into me. He fucked me at a good steady pace, occupationally thrusting in quite hard, resulting in a loud slapping noise. I moaned constantly throughout, little oh oh ohs with each thrust, and oh yeah fuck me on the big strokes. My tits bounced around, and every now and then I gave my clit a rub. Then I rubbed my clitreally hard and fast, letting out one long loud oooooh and I shuddered to an orgasm, gushing all over his cock again. “Fuck yea he said” The guy stopped fucking as I got my breath back, he was really enjoying it and wanted to make it last. He pulled out for a moment, fingering me again, probably to give his cock a rest so he could go longer. You almost couldn’t believe your ears when I heard me say “Put it in my ass!” The guy was as surprised as you, but didn’t need a second invitation. I pulled my knees right back up to my shoulders, exposing my asshole for better access. He put some lube on his fingers, and starting fingering my ass. “Work it esenyurt escort around” I said, which he did. Then he lubed up his cock with some, before trying to force his way in. I also rubbed some of the lube onto my pussy and his cock. “Slowly” I said, and the guy did as he was told. He forced it all the way in, and I told him, hold it there as my ass loosened around his shaft. “Oh yea, that’s it” I moaned “fuck that ass” He slowly stroked in and out, I let out soft oooos as he did. “That’s it, faster now, fuck my ass dammit” I said, and he built up a steady rhythm. I put her feet up on his shoulders, and he reach around the outside to squeeze my tits some more. I let out short sharp Omfg as he fucked my ass, getting faster and faster. Mom reached down a grabbed her pussy really hard as she yelled out “Oh yeah fuck my ass!”. By now he couldn’t have pounded any harder, and he let out a huge long grunt, and said I’m gonna cum in your ass baby, yea, yea cum in my ass. He continued to fuck hard as he filled my ass with cum. “Don’t stop” I moaned and he brought me off to another orgasm, with the help of my hand in my pussy. Yes, omg yes, moaning and panting with the orgasm…gushing once again all over him and splashing it in my face.When he finished, I dropped my legs down and he leaned back, slowly drawing his sticky cock out. “That was awesome” he said, I smiled and agreed. He sat back on the floor, and I leaned forward and gave him a long kiss and said thank you. I then got up, spurring you into action to duck back into our room so as not to get caught. It only took you a handful of strokes on your cock to cum, as you were so turned on. You stayed in our room, you heard us talking for about half an hour before you heard him leave. You had never seen me get ass fucked by a stranger…The thought of that turned you on so much!! I walked in our room and said “honey did u enjoy the show?” You replied, “hell yes baby I did!!” Good, that was all for you baby, now it’s time for mommy to get some of daddy!! hmmmmmmm

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