Soldier Send OffMy wife and I have been married and in the military for 11 years. I am 5’5″ and a power lifter and my wife is 5’4″ 115lbs and measures at 36E 18 22. And yes she is firm DD, when she walks in a room with a lot of guys, they all stop to look. Well I have deployed many times and every time there is always some soldier with no one to see him off. So after four years of talking about it with my wife, she wants to make sure all the soldier’s get a great send off. So my last deployment with the company we decided to place our plan in to action. We had a three day weekend before we deployed, so we invited all the soldier’s that didn’t have plans to come over for a barbeque. Little did they know how good the weekend would be?It all started on Friday afternoon 15 single soldiers and one married couple came over. My wife started out slow by wearing a bikini and a wrap around by the pool cooking. I could see all the eyes looking at her and she could feel them. Everyone started to have fun drinking swimming and eating. At around 9pm the married couple got up and said they had to leave. After they left my wife told everyone if anymore drinking was going to happen, she needed all the keys. Then I pick up our video camera and things started to pick up. My wife was the only female there but she didn’t mind the attention. I walked around with the camera and from the corner of my eye I seen my wife removed her wrap around and started to dance. Everyone gathered around her fast, taking turns dancing with her, then when she started bornova escort to grind on them. All their hands just started to rub all over her; I could tell she was wet. A few off soldiers passed out before this happen, so to be fair my wife picked a set of keys and asked for them to come up. If they didn’t answer after the third call they where skipped, they all looked at me for a nod of approval. After she had picked three she led them to the den, so everyone could watch. She went to her knees and pulled their cocks out and started to suck on all three. Then I noticed that one of the guys already had two fingers in her pussy and she loved it. So with one in her mouth, they pulled her bikini off and one got behind her and started to pump her slow to see what she will do. When they seen her pushing back everyone came in closer. Then the one in her month lay next to her so she mounted him and rode him hard. Next all I seen was 10 guys getting nude and rubbing them self were waiting for their turn. She was loving it, everything ran like a machine when the one in her pussy came, they would rotate. At any given time my wife had a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. This went on until each of them came in each of her holes twice.The next morning everyone was quite and didn’t know want to do. No one could leave because my wife hide the keys to their cars. Then it was like the air left the room when my wife walked in, because she turn it up a notch and wear a string bikini with a thong. As she walked bornova escort bayan around asking if everyone was having a good time. She picked out the ones that passed out the night before; all five heard what happen but didn’t know what was happening. Then everyone started to cheer, her tits and ass was barely covered. As she moved to the den everyone knew what was next she start to suck and fuck all five until they came in her holes twice. After the last one came she got up and said know everyone is caught up. Then she got cleaned up and started to cook for all of us, it was so hot, every one of them watched her with lust. During lunch she let everyone know to take turn getting cleaned up because we still had one day left.That night no one drank so they wouldn’t miss anything, just waiting to see what she came out in. Then she came out in a mini skirt and no underwear with two pieces of tape covering her nipples. All at once everyone got naked as she walked to the den. She grabbed my hand and told me to lie down as she started to grind her pussy on my cock. As she slowly pushed my cock in her pussy then told another to get in front of her so she could suck their cock. This went on for about 10 minutes, and then she moved close to my ear and said now it will start. She then looked around and picked one of the biggest cocks to move behind her and fuck her ass. Everyone cheered, with that big cock in her ass I came in about 5 minutes. After I came I got up and grabbed the camera again. I just escort bornova watched as my wife just taking one cock after another. It ran just like the night before with everyone coming in all three of her holes twice. After the last of the 15 guys she was so tired, the guys had to help her get cleaned up and put her to bed. Once they put her to bed they came out and thanked me for the best send off ever. All I said was it was all my wife’s idea, to make sure you all had a good time before we left.The next morning my wife woke up and said her pussy was sore, so I got an ice bag for her. When we came out of the bedroom we seen the guys had breakfast ready for her. All of them thanked her and wanted to know what she had in mind for the last day. She said let her rest a little bit and she will take a shower and see what she can do. She sat with the ice on her pussy and eats breakfast, and then she got up to take a shower. I looked at the guys and said her pussy was sore and I wasn’t sure if she could do anything. They all looked down disappointed but understood. After her shower she came out in a small sun dress. Everyone was getting ready to leave to finish packing to deploy. She seen them getting ready so she said sorry guys but you wore my pussy out. She felt the disappointment, so she said look guys I said my pussy was sore. Everybody waited to hear what was next, she said move our big ottoman over next to the door. She said as everyone gets ready to leave she will be on her stomach so everyone can pass by and fuck her ass before they leave. So all 15 guys ran around get everything together so they can get in line, every one of them went by and fucked her in the ass, each one of them came in her ass.The day of the deployment she went to say good bye and they all kissed her on the cheek. I cannot wait for the next time.

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