sisters by loyalsockIt was the evening before Meg and Jennie were going to Malaga. Jennie came up and stayed overnight, as the flight was very early the next day and I was to drive them to the airport. I have been married to Meg for five years. Her sister, Jennie, is a fun person, married to my partner, Peter. The sisters get on really well together–love parties and provide lots of laughs. With just f******n months separating them, they have always been very close.We spent the evening watching TV, talking and, of course, drinking wine. I noticed that Jennie and Meg were giggling as they watched a TV scene and caught a glimpse of a flaccid penis when I looked to see what had them giggling.”Do you know,” Jennie said, “I have never seen a circumcised cock in real life.””Sam’s circumcised,” said Meg.”Can I have a look?” Jennie said turning to me.”What do you think this is, ten-year-olds at play: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours? No thanks!” I said.”Yes, I’ll show you mine and you have to show me yours. Come antalya escort on, I want to see a circumcised cock. Meg, you’ll join in,” said Jennie and she immediately stood up, dropped her slacks, slipped off her panties and stood with legs apart. To my amazement, Meg did the same. For a moment, I sat in total disbelief and then decided that I had better play my part so I stood reluctantly and matched them, then sat back on the sofa.Jennie knelt and examined my cock. “Hmmm,” she said, “Sort of streamlined. Rather neat. I like it!”She reached out and lifted the shaft to look underneath it. As she surely must have expected, it began to harden and extend. She slid her hand along the stiffening flesh and fondled the head for a moment, touching the tip, massaging the drop of fluid into the skin. I was beginning to enjoy this demonstration, my cock lengthening and thickening to Jennie’s exploration when suddenly, she stood up, paused for a moment, legs apart so that I could see the engorged akseki escort lips of her cunt, then very quickly knelt astride me, held my cock upright and in one swift movement, slid the full length inside her.For a moment Meg was stunned but then she grabbed Jennie’s arm. “Get off. You can look, even touch, but absolutely cannot try.”Jennie stayed pressed down on me briefly, making tiny movements while my cock responded. Then she began to rise, very slowly and obviously reluctantly, revealing the length of my cock until the head popped out of her, trailing a sticky strand of fluid. In a flash, Meg took Jennie’s place astride me and went to work until I unloaded into her. Meg is a screamer and she was in full song when she came with a series of jerks and shudders while Jennie watched with interest, her hand working between her legs.I was awakened at about 3:00 am by a gentle, rhythmic thumping, accompanied by quiet gasps coming from the guest bedroom. Meg was fast aksu escort asleep. I slid out of bed and into the guest room. Jennie was lying on the cover, legs apart, hand working between them.”Thank God. I only do this when all else fails,” she said. “I have been awake for hours. The short time I had you in me was very exciting and I couldn’t sleep, thinking how I could get to have you finish me off. I really want to try that circumcised cock of yours.” She slid back the covers and invited me into her bed. I lay on my back and she knelt astride me, examining my cock with her hand as I fondled her wet pussy. She held my cock and stroked the entrance to her pussy with the head until everything was well soaked, and then she slid me inside her and we went at it. She made deep grunts as she came, and I came in a series of short spurts, which she said she felt every one of them. I let my cock soften and slide out of her and then crept back to bed.As I unloaded their cases at the airport, Meg hugged me. “So, did you enjoy fucking Jennie?” I was taken aback. Meg laughed, “You don’t really think I was asleep, and that yours is the first circumcised cock that Jennie has seen and tried, do you?”As I drove home I thought, women, we will never understand them but aren’t they wonderful. My penis agreed.

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