Sex With Girls Of My Tuition ClassI was about 21 year old at that time. 85 kg weight and muscular body with 6 feet height. And i was a student. I used to go for tuitions. At my tuition there were many girls but one of them was extremely beautiful and i was attracted to her. Many boys used to follow her after tuition and used to pass comments on her.Her name was Anchal 20 year old. She was dam hot with about height of 5.6 and fair looking. Her figure was about 32 28 30. With a beautiful face like angle. Looked cute and was simple.She always had her friend with her. Her name was Anisha 18 year old. She was also hot and about height of 5.5. She had model like figure. 34 28 32. And milky skin with brown hair. And used to wear spex.One day i simply bunked my tuition and after class i followed Anchal and asked copy frm her telling that i was absent so i need to copy the notes. She gave it to me saying that i will have to return on next day. Next day i returned her the copy and gifted her two Bornville chocolates. She first refused but i said it’s just a thank u gift. She took it with a smile. Frm that day on wards we used to meet frequently. She did not have any personal mobile so we just used to spend time together after tuition. We enjoyed each other’s company. Anisha was best friend of Anchal. We three used to go for film on every Friday. Sometimes to the temple or park. I did not believe in god. So she used to pray for me. Slowly the day passed. One day she was sick and was absent at tuition. So only i and Anisha was left after tuition. I came to knw many things about Anchal. I also said to Anisha that i liked Anchal.Same day at night Anchal call me frm her father’s mob and we had a long chat. Very next day Anisha’s parents was out of house and she was alone in house. So we planned to have party at her home. Anchal also told at her home that she will be staying at her friend’s home. We bunked our tuition and stayed Anisha’s house. We all decided for the menu of the party. We all had 3000 rs. In total.So the menu was Paneer chili, cold drinks, sweets and all. To my surprise Anchal said she wanted to have beer, on this Anisha also agreed. So finally i had to go out for marketing.I took my bike and went for market. After about 1hr i was back. As soon as i came Anchal took bag frm my hand and took out the beer bottle. And was exited to test it. It was too hot outside so i was full of sweat. So Anchal told me to remove my t-shirt and have relief. I was bit shame to remove t shirt in front of girls. But on this Anisha said we are friends na then why to feel shame. So i removed my t-shirt.Now my body was exposed. I’m about 6 in height and recently started gym so i got athlete body.Anchal was exited to test beer so she then handed of one can to me and one to Anisha. She pulled out the can and started to drink. As she took the first sip she felt like vomiting. Same was with Anisha. So mixed it with cold drink bornova escort and they easily drank it. One can for each was over. It was their first time and i also took beer occasionally so we all felt little hang up. Then we finished 2nd can also. And our brain was in joy and fun. It was too hot so she suddenly removed her pink top and her bra was exposed. Her 34 sized boobs omg ! She said Anchal also to do the same. Anchal refused but Anisha forcefully took out her tool. Wow! Anchal was wearing a black bra. Her skin was milky white and black bra really looked hot. I was feeling hot and my body was wet with sweat. A.C of the rooms was not working so it was hotter after we drank.Seeing my body fully wet Anchal said ” u must remove ur pant also u will fell relax”. I said no way i will not. On this Anisha cracked joke on me saying “why? Don’t u have underwear inside, are u still not wearing underwear like baby”. Then Anchal said ” u r ashamed in front of us na. Ok then will also remove our jeans” and she stood up in front of me and removed her jeans. Wow her black panty was seen. And she was only in black bra and panty. She had a tattoo on her back just above her panty. Wow! I was like in heaven.Just then Anisha stood up and said Shummy why don’t u only remove my jeans. I slowly unbutton her jean and pulled it down. Her pink panty and bra was adding to her beauty. Then Anchal pulled my hand and Anisha stated opening my jeans. She pulled down my jeans and along with it intentionally pulled down my blue underwear along with it. And then pretended as if she did it my mistake. And started saying sorry. But i was now fully naked in front of two gorgeous girls. My 7 inch long and thick and deep brown penis was erect and naked in front of them.Saying sorry Anisha said “I pulled ur under by mistake so u can also remove my panty and bra and make me naked. Then it will b equal.” on this she came closer to me and pulled my hand on her bra and said “come Shummy take ur revenge and make me naked “. I was excited and slowly took my hand around her to unhook her bra. Her boobs touched my chest. And pulled out her bra. Her 34 size boobs with chocolaty brown erect nipples was in front of me. Then i pulled out her panty and her clean shaved and pink pussy was exposed. It was wet.Now Anisha said to Anchal “we are fully naked and only ur nt. U must also take out ur bra and panty. Come on we are friends and what to be ashamed.” and then she caught her hand and turned her back and said me to open her bra. Anchal tried to defend a little but i pulled out her bra. Wow milky white 32 sized boobs with brown and exited nipples was now in front of us. Then Shivani herself pulled down her black panty to show her waxed and pink pussy. And said “now happy na u both made me also naked”.Anchal then took out her mobile said to take her pic. I took her pic and also pic of Anisha. They then took my pic too. bornova escort bayan Two gorgeous girl was first time fully naked in front of me. My dick got harder. By that time Anchal said “I love u Shummy and i wanted to say but could not”. Before i could say i love u too she groped my lips in her lip. We gave French kiss for about 2-3 min. She tested as best ice cream in world. Seeing this Anisha also kissed me. She also tasted as if best dish in world. I pressed their soft milky boobs one by one. And drank their sweet milk.Anisha then said ” Shummy can i plz take a look to ur dick. M a bio student so i could learn about penis”. I said ok. She then took my penis in her hand and started observing it. It wad first time to see a naked boy in front of them. She then suddenly kissed my 7 inch dick. I was like flying in sky. Slowly she took it in her mouth and started licking it and then sucked it like lollypop. Shivani then grabbed me from back and started rubbing her boobs on my back. I pulled her down and put my dick on her mouth. She too started to give blow job. After 5 min i cum in her mouth. She then took it out on her hand and drank up half and half to Anisha.Anisha then took my dick on her hand and pulled me to her bed room. Then both lied down and then requested me go lick their pussy. I came down on my keen and started with Anchal. Her pussy was really sweet and i put my tongue deep into her to lick her. She started to moor. Uuuuuuiiiiiiii!! Aaaahhhhh, ssssshhhhiiiiii. Fuckkkk. Eat my pussy. Come on Shummy go dipper. Soon she cum. And i drank all her juice. Her juice tested like mango juice. So sweet. Then i moved to Anisha she was already wet. I licked and she started shouting like a dog crying. Oooooohhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhh. Fuck Shummy fuck. Go deeper else i will cut ur dick. Come on eat up my pussy. I started bitting her pussy and licked as deep my tongue can go. Her milky skin near pussy turned pink. By that time Anchal came from my back and started biting me on my back. Soon Anisha cummed and i drank het juice. It was yummyy! Very testy. She also grabbed me and started biting me on my chest. She bit so hard that blood came out from my right chest. She said sorry and sucked all blood coming out. Anchal also sucked my blood until blood stop to come. They said it tested like jam.I than pulled Anisha down and started fingering her pussy and put my dick on her pussy. And gave a strong jerk so that my dick go into her pussy. I knew it will pain her but i did nt show mercy because to take revenge of her bit. She cried like someone had put knife in her stomach. Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!! Mmmmaaaaa!!!! Bustard u will kill me. She said me to stop but i go on with my full speed. blood came out of her pussy. She shouted to stop but i wanted to take my revenge. Then Anchal hold me from back and forced me to slow down. She said “will u kill her. U bastardy take ur penis out. escort bornova “And slapped me. I go slowly and after some time Anisha also started enjoying and now she only sailed to fast and faster. I continued to go as fast as i could. I got tired and took my penis and lie on bed Shivani then lie on me and adjusted my penis under her pussy and slowly took it into her. She also shouted bloodyyyyy fuckkkkkk. Ahhhhh. Uuuffffffg! Anisha pushed Anchal frm her shoulder so that my whole dick could go inside her. She was my friend so i could not see her crying. So i wanted to stop but Anisha didn’t allow. Anchal also groped around me aa strong as she can. Her nails was hearting my back. blood came out and she lied on me as if she got senseless. After about 1 min she started moving her pussy up and down on my pussy. Her lips was strongly pressed under her teeth. I could feel she is feeling pain but this pain was enjoying her. Now i took her in my hand and stood up and started fucking her in standing position. Then i got tired and lather lie on beg. Then i brought Anisha in doggy style and started to put my dick in her arse. Her back hole was very tight. It pained me a lot but i did not stop. Anisha also tried to stop me but by that time i had put half my dick in her back. Anchal then brought a banana frm kitchen, peel it off and started to put into Anisha’s pussy. It was like double loaded. I continued for 5 min. Then it was Anchal’s turn. She eat half of banana and made me half to eat. She then put another banana into her pussy and lie down with open legs so that her ass (back hole) is fully stretched. I slowly put my dick in her ass. It was double loaded one hole with banana and another with my dick. To stop her from crying Anisha started kissing Anchal on her lips. I then took out my dick and also that banana and eat half and half for Anisha. Got energy frm banana. Then put my dick in Anchal’s pussy and cum into her.She then asked if i had cum inside her. I said yes she slapped me again and said if i get pregnant. I said take i-pill within 3 days nothing will happen to u. Anisha also supported me.We all three then went in bath room. Anisha then told me to lie down and she passed urine on my face. And started laughing. I got angry but still allowed her to do toilet on me. But Anchal loved me so she didn’t wanted. But Anisha forced her to do toilet on my mouth and forced me to drink. I too stood up and made them to sit and passed urine in their mouth and they too drink it and said it tested like beer. We then took bath. Each other putting soap on other.After bath we remain naked and eat paneer chilly, paratha and cold drink which i had brought frm market. Our stomach was full.We then laid down on bed naked. In evening wd again had one more fucking session. We again enjoyed a lot. It was best party for all of us. We then dressed ourselves nicely as if nothing was happened. Kissed each other. And then clean Anisha’s house together. Washed bed sheet full of blood. Disposed beer bottle. Everything back to normal. I and Anchal said bye and left her house.I then dropped Anchal at her house and back to my house. We had many more sex when any of our parents were out of house. Twice we went to hotel also.

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