Scent of a womanAngelica was a married woman with but she always wondered what other women’s masturbation habits were like. She worked with a lady about the same age as her who was not married but had a boyfriend. One day she came to work and as they were working, She smelled a musky odor coming from her direction. At first she thought she was imagining things then she smelled it again! it got stronger the closer she got to her and it smelled like a combination of urine and vagina As if she she went to the bathroom with out washing her hands and was pleasuring herself with both hands and then just got dressed and came to work afterwords . But what she didn’t know that was that although she though it was kind of gross, but at the same time it was a huge turn on for Angelica and she instantly started to get aroused. All Angelica could think about was if her co-worker pleasured her self like she does and what positions she like to be in while doing that,how many organs she had that bursa escort day? her curiosity was endless!When Angelica got home she lied on her bed and was still thinking about her co-workers scent on her hands She was imagining that she was watching her pleasuring herself with both of those hands in the same bed as her ; One hand fingering her clit and the other one inside of her. Angelica wished her coworker hands were in front of her in Angelica face. She badly wanted to smell them again She found her hands in her panties squirming while fantasizing all at the same time. The squishy sounds were unbelievable and she felt herself about to come; She then stopped and pulled her hands away and smelled that familiar smell as she did that day from her co-worker of course. She continued to think about her and came so hard that she could not move afterwards. She wanted to stay in that fantasy she created just for her, a fantasy she will use constantly. Angelica’s coworker became fascinated bursa escort bayan with her body ever since she reached puberty. She could not believe the changes that were taking place in her body such as her breasts starting to become sensitive to the touch. As they started to swell, they would get sore and she could not resist playing with them, She was thrilled when the first pubic hairs started growing. When her periodsstarted there was an increase in the aroma emitted from her vagina, she became so obsessed with the smell of her vagina that every morning when she wakes up and puts her head under the covers, open her legs and inhale the glorious aroma wafting up from her vagina her vagina was warm from being heated up all night between her thighs and from the natural vaginal juices. In the morning she would love the smell of her vagina. When she would shower in the morning she deliberately used the hand shower head to avoid getting my vagina wet LITERALLY with the water;That escort bursa way when she got dressed every morning she was able to stick her fingers in her vagina to cover her them with the juices from her vagina. That way she could smell her fingers all day whenever she felt horny. She has always referred to her pussy in a feminine term like ‘she’ or ‘her.’ She even thought about giving ”her” a name; the last time she went to the gynecologist and when the nurse left the room for whatever reason She quickly snuck and read the report which said she had a ”strong vaginal odor” ! although she did shower thoroughly that day in preparation for the exam. She smiled to herself because she was thinking’what would the nurse have thought if I had not washed it good at all. A nurse taught her as an youth to never interfere with nature and whenever you use a hygiene fluid you run the chance of an infection taking hold. She assured her that the monthly flow would flush out the vagina. As a result of her teaching she showered only the outside of her vagina most of the time. She never uses any type/kind of fragrances for her vagina because she obviously enjoyed the natural scent of it on her hands very erotic.

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