Road Trip“Gerald,” gasped the matronly retired educator to her equally senior husband.“What now,” he hissed.“Watch your tone,” she slapped his arm.The wiry old dark-skinned man cleared his breath and said much more lovingly, “What’s the matter, dear?”“Over there,” she pointed another African American couple taking what she knew her grandk**s called a ‘selfie’.“Hush, Harriett. Let’s just go,” he attempted to defuse the situation.“How can you just say that,” she begged.“Because it’s none of our business,” he said finishing his ice cream and grabbing her hand to leave.Gerald envied the younger duo. They were obviously in love and happy to be together. It had been some time since he had felt that way. Now, he just tried to manage his wife and hoped he would die before her. The young man was dressed in black jeans, some sort of an oversized graphic T-shirt, white & read Adidas, and a pair of dark aviator shades. He also had a significant amount of gold jewelry encrusted with fake diamonds. The pretty lady, with a skin tone similar to his, sported a short multicolored weave, long neon orange nails, skimpy pink shorts and sheer yellow blouse. Gerald thought back to the last time he’d experienced a sensual lover like the one the young man had. He sent his dick on-hard, but he was sure the ever-whining Harriett would not notice.The couple of lovebirds exchanged a kiss before the lass said, “I think we pissed them off.”“I don’t give a fuck,” the well-toned man said, lip locking with her once more, knowing he was packing heat. “Better to get pissed off than pissed on. I ain’t worried bout no muthafuckas up here.” Earlier in the day, unbeknownst to Harriett and Gerald, the following conversation had taken place.“You ready,” the average height d**g dealer said into a pre-paid cell phone.“Yes, daddy,” replied the silky soft voice.“That’s what’s up, the chocolate brother with three gold teeth and seven tattoos announced. “I’m bout to get in tha whip. Be there in like two hours. You gon’ be home alone.”“Yeah, my folks’ll be gone when you get here.”“Aight. Bet,” he said ending the call.The five-foot-ten-inch brotha was named Charlie, but everyone called him ‘Tang’. It was most likely due to an affinity he had for the drink mix in his young. He threw his all black Olympia polyester sports duffel bag into the trunk of his metallic silver Chrysler 200. He had been ragged about not having a flashier car, but he preferred to keep a low profile. His live-in baby mama, much to her chagrin, was relegated to a Toyota Sienna minivan. He’d told her many times that he could “give a fuck”. He knew deep down she liked the money and would stay. He pulled bornova escort out of the driveway of his small ranch-style house had headed to the highway. Along the drive, Tang set the cruise control to two miles over the speed limit. In his mind, a nigga like him could never be too cautious.Tang saw the sign indicating that his exit was close by. He pulled into a gas station and topped off the tank. He placed a call knowing he was no more than fifteen minutes away.She answered gleefully, “Hello!”“What’s up? I’m close,” Tang informed her.“Okay, daddy. I’m ready.”“Yes I am.”“That’s what’s up. I’ma come in. I need some water.”“Okay baby,” she said.“Yeah,” he said hanging up.He drove methodically towards the neighborhood and turned down the final street. He hit her up once more indicating he was outside. She told him to come inside. He opened up door and locked it behind him. “Ooh wee,” he offered with his deep voice. He said admiring her new hair-style, full-length cheetah print unitard, and hot pink heels. “I’ma need that water right now.”“Yes sir,” the five-foot-nine slender cutie with the juicy bubble derriere.“Yo’ folks gone for a minute,” Tang inquired.“Hell yeah!”“Well get that shit off yo’ faggot ass. I’m ready to fuck.”Shay, as the thug called the sissy ever since the effeminate bottom had requested Tang to bestow a girly name him, shimmied out of her outfit. Amazingly to him, Shay had kept on the heels while removing the skin-tight one-piece. He pulled his bitch close and kissed the slut while gripping Shay’s ample booty. Tang walked backwards to Shay’s bedroom in the double-wide trailer. He undid his belt buckled and pulled off his shirt. Shay pushed him onto the bed. The sissy bottom went to work sucking his dick.As his tool grew, Tang commented, “Yeah, Shay, suck that dick.”The oral artist moaned.“You like daddy’s dick.”Shay purred as slobber ran down Tang’s mighty nine inch member.“You give the best goddamn head with them pretty ass dick sucking lips,” he praised his slave bottom.“I love sucking on your big fat dick, daddy,” Shay revealed as she pulled the shaft from her mouth and moved down to suck on Tang’s balls.“Oh shit, bitch! Make love to this dick.”Shay spat on the head and went back for more.As the faggot gave full deep throat, Tang said, “Aww, there you go. Fuck yeah.“Mmhmm,” Shay could be heard while still slurping.“I love how you suck this big dick,” he confessed.“You love it daddy,” Shay inquired slapping the meat stick against her face.“Aww fuck yeah!”Shay put her mouth on his dick again and began stroking it with both of those effeminate hands.“Hold up, boo. You finna make bornova escort bayan a nigga nut. I wanna fuck that ass.”Shay backed away immediately and crawled on the full-sized bed. The cunt bottom wiggled the chocolate ass in the air. Tang protested, “Hell nah! It been two months since I got this good ass boipussy. I’ma fuck yo’ bitch ass in the buck. Turn the fuck over!”Shay complied with the order and Tang knelt down to eat the femboi’s asshole. He munched away while Shay wiggled and wailed. He got up and asked, “You ready for Big Thug Nigga Dick Daddy to tear that faggot booty hole up?” Shay moaned in the affirmative. With that Tang pushed Shay’s legs all the way back and placed his dick at her asshole. He worked it in slowly first. He felt Shay’s body tense. He knew she was grimacing. “Relax, pussyboi,” he instructed. He nine inches began opening up the tight rectum.Shay cried out, “Ohhhh!”“You like that shit,” Tang checked.“I love it.”“You love it what?”“I love it, Big Thug Nigga Dick Daddy.”“Hell yeah,” Tang huffed as he pounded away.“Ooh beat it up,” Shay begged. “Beat it up Big Thug Nigga Dick Daddy!”Tang hammered away inside the faggy pussy for the next ten minutes. He screamed out that he was gonna nut and planted his seed deep in Shay’s booty hole.They washed up and then Tang carried Shay’s suitcase to the car. They still needed to make it to their destination. They arrived in another two hours with Shay intermittently sucking his dick along the way. He pulled into the Baymont Inn and told the faggot to hang tight while he went to check in. When they got into, he hefted his slut onto the bed. “Suck this dick and then I’ma fuck you from the back, bitch!”Shay sucked as she undressed.“Hell yeah,” Tang bellowed. “Bend that sissy ass over.”“Yes sir,” Shay answered at same time moving into a face-down-ass-up position.“Shit! I’ma fuck this ass all goddamn week, cunt boy.”“Yes, sir,” Shay yelled.“What’s my name?”“Big Thug Nigga Dick Daddy.”“That’s right, Shay! And you my bitch!”Tang plowed Shay from behind until he near completion. He pulled out and ordered, “Suck this nut out, bitch!” Shay began sucking once more. Within minutes there was creamy white baby batter all over the sissy’s face. “Goddamn, bitch. Get me a rag.” Shay ran hot water on a hotel washcloth and cleaned up the man. He told her to get in the shower and cause while it was still daylight they were going to go the park and he said she better be dressed sexy.After this episode is when the elderly couple had spotted the pair cuddling and showing affection. “You look better than any of these females out here. Shit, you escort bornova is the only real ass female out here,” Tang opined.“Oh, daddy,” Shay cooed.“Who?”“Oh, Big Thug Nigga Dick Daddy!”“That’s what I thought,” Tang said kissing his booty boy again. “Let’s get some food.”Tang searched in his GPS for nearby restaurants as he asked Shay what would be good for dinner. He shut down the thought of anything reminding his passenger that they were celebrating the girly boy’s birthday. Shay finally said Mexican. They headed off to a place called ‘El Mariachi’. Shay had a chicken quesadilla and Tang ordered the ‘pescado a la criolla’. They dined and talked about the mundane tidbits of their lives since their last meeting.“So what made you ask to sweep me away for my birthday,” inquired Shay as she sipped from her second glass of Chardonnay.“I mean…I dunno. I like how you is. You chilled out and don’t be houndin’ a nigga for money,” Tang answered.“Okay, that’s cool. You ready to go back to the room. I have something I wanna show you.”“Hell yeah,” he snapped his finger to indicate to the waitress he wanted the check.Tang settled up with the cashier and led his beautiful sissy to the car. He said he thought they should get some gin before going back. Shay agreed. Tang stopped at a nearby liquor store and purchased an inexpensive large bottle. Back in the room, Shay asked to be poured a drink and excused to the bathroom to freshen up. Tang sat in the chair and downed his first shot while he waited. He turned the TV to ESPN and fixed himself another cup. He gulped this one also. He heard the shower running and couldn’t wait to see Shay wanted to show him. Tang fixed his third round. He nursed this one a bit more feeling slightly buzzed already.When Shay walked out of bathroom wearing that orange fishnet minidress, Timberland stiletto heels, and big ass silver hoop earrings, Tang’s dick went on brick.“Can I get another drink,” she asked.“Hell yeah,” he replied. “Fix me another too.” Tang watched Shay walked over to the dresser with her legs glistening in baby oil. “I’m bout to fuck you so hard.”“That’s what’s up, Big Thug Nigga Dick Daddy,” she retorted bending over to fix their beverages and wiggling her ass at the same time.“You betta watch out!”“Watch out for what?”“This,” Tang responded bum rushing her ass.He lifted up the trashy lingerie and threw his dick back inside. Shaw jumped as he entered that somewhat loosened booty hole. “Don’t waste none,” he commanded.“Yes, Big Thug Nigga Dick Daddy,” the sissy replied doing its best to get all of in the cups.“Good girl,” he said as his slut handed it to him.They both gulped down their drinks. Tang hammered the faggot cunt with all his might. Shay screamed. He loved fucking this bitch. They eventually moved to bed where he finished off the wanted bitch as the slut rode his dick. They fell asleep in an embrace. Both Shay and Tang knew this weekend road trip was the best thing ever.

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