My Dirty imagination 😉 Chapter 1I arrived on the doorstep of a huge house, feeling a little intimidated and small in comparison. As I knocked on the brass door a few seconds later a woman appeared at the door, mid 40s, tall, brown ei black hair in a pencil skirt and a shirt. With heels on as well she looked rather intimidating but smiled and said “oh you’re his present” I half smiled and nodded not knowing what to say. She invited me in, fixed me a drink of cider saying “its what all the young boys love isn’t it” and led me down into the cellar. She then told me she was going to get me ready, she asked me to strip from my boy clothes and tied me up arms stretched. I was rather horny at the sight of her but she chose not to notice it even though it was begging for attention. She then brought out bees wax, breast enlargements and other devices and said this was necessary… with a ball gag now in my mouth I couldn’t say no. A few hours of pain and arousal she untied me and I bahis siteleri lay flat on the bed in the room.. I had some how formed breats.. 34 Cs! And was fully shaved along with large nipples and a blond wig fixed. I looked in the mirror and gasped! She then dressed me and did my makeup, put me in a pink corset, pink G string and stockings garter belt and everything. Finally a collar and a neckless saying “Sissy Bimbo” and she cried “Perfect! Now follow me my dear little whore” She told me to put on the 6 inch heels and follow her. I did up two flights of stairs where I could hardly walk! I followed into a room, lovely furnished with some sex toys s**ttered around. A black pedestal lay in the centre and she told me to go onto it, I stepped up and stood there. She strapped my heels in and pushed a vibrating butt plug up there, then tied my hands behind my back and walked out. I could feel orgasm after orgasm there and just as I was about to moan and feel another the canlı bahis door opened and he walked in. I couldn’t see him as she put the blind fold on and I herd his voice for the first time as he circled me. “You did a good job, a very good job” “thank you Mr D I’ll be off now” the door closed and I could feel his breath. He pressed a button and I started spinning on the spot as he got a good look at me and I started moaing again from the pleasure which was overcoming me! “good good, but a slut like you needs to ask before cumming!” And paddled my ass which made me moan though the ball gag mmmmm. “Are you going to be a good girl for your master?” Mmmmm Mmm as I nodded. “Good slut”. He then took off my blind fold and I saw him, 6’3 dressed in a suit with bug muscles and much much older then me… He then took off my bindings and ball gag, then sat down and said dance for me slut. I crawled over and gave him a lap dance, as I sat on his lap and bushed over his cock was huge! güvenilir bahis But it was still semi hard… not even fully erect my ass quivered at the thought! I carried on and he spanked me now and then. When suddenly in the heels I slipped and fell on his lap saying “sorry master sorry lost my..” “Slut!” Bending me over and spanking my ass harder and harder, then threw me on the floor and pulled my chain walking me out the door. I followed him into another room, this one was like the other many sex toys but with a bed in the center, he made me kneel and said, your going to get your first tast today little bimbo, your becoming a real girl today, a real faggot. As he did, he undid his trousers and they fell to the floor, it sprung out and hit me in the face, so hard and hot! Veny and throbbing, I yet my G string and he saw it! “good slut” then he clicked his fingures and I moved in. I licked the tip and it tasted amazing, I them moved faster slowly increasing as I took the head and moved round and round, then out of no where in my pleasure he forced my head right down the shaft! I gaged and gagged but loved every second, I felt a taste of pre cum and it shot down my neak before I could do anything!

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