My Crazy Week…so last month I ended up having sex with 4 different women in a matter of 2 weeks and when I stopped to think about it I figured that’s quite an accomplishment for me so I thought why not try and out do myself this month and just so happens things were able to fall into place heres how it went…ill upload some pix to go along with this that i took during the encounters except for my mature bbw shes camera shyMonday:the night before I get a text from my latina bbw fwb that ive shown here before saying she wanted to come over Monday turns out that she lies to her husband that she has to work and just comes to my place ever since she got back with him ive only been able to see her this way I agree and go pick her up the following morning i like seeing her an the sneaking around makes it a little more exciting i must admit but i cant escape the feeling that one day im just going to get punched in the face by her husband out of nowhere but im not a punk so ill keep fucking his wife as long as she wants it lol tho is becoming bolder with this having me pick her up from her jobs parking lote minutes after her husband dropped her off then had me drive past where he works to make sure he actually went to work…like seriously wtf….so we get back to my place and its the usual i suck her tits an play with her clit till shes nice and went then i get on top an give her some nice strokes for a few mins till she tells me to lay down so she can ride me shes really good at that but after a bit i slipped out an she doesn’t care she keeps grinding her pussy on my dick till she comes it feels great but i needed to get back inside her or else i was gonna lose the erection so we switch again an give her slow strokes till im nice and fully hard again then i just proceed to pump away till i nut then we just hang out for a bit get some lunch an i drove her home before i had to go to workWednesday:this is my white BBW that i been seeing regularly for a while as bursa escort well i like her but i keep her at bay with my feelings cuz honestly….she isn’t pretty enough to be my girlfriend i don’t like being that shallow but hey if i know i can and have gotten better looking women why settle? anyway i go pick her up after her shift and we come back to my place she remembered to bring her suit this time so we go in the hot tub for about 40 mins or so while in there i got my hand in her crotch trying to get her to cum unsuccessful but shes definitely ready to go back in the house so i get undressed dry off a bit and lay on the bed an she walks in an says “stay just like that” an she gets naked hops on the bed in the position i like with her which is my dick in her mouth wit her ass in the air close to me so i can play with her pussy and smack that ass not sure wat it is about her technique but i don’t think she would be able to make me cum from head so i just let her do it so im nice an hard and wet so after im good and ready i have her lay on her back an i lick her pussy for a few mins just to get it extra wet cuz inspite of everything else she does have some good stuff so im just really into it now but im not interested in making it last so i just pound it grabbing anything and everything in the process her leg her ass her giant tits till i bust a huge load all over her pussy then we cleaned up an she bought dinner….slept like a baby took her home the next daySunday:this should’ve been Friday but this one has a crazy work schedule my mature BBW she was driving me nuts with sending dirty texts all day while i was at work i was too anxious i even clocked out a few mins early just to hurry up over there…she left the door open for me so i just walked in an shes already in bed so i jumped in the shower washed the vital areas 3 times over cuz one of her texts earlier read as such “make sure u wash ur dick good cuz im gonna eat it” don’t wanna disappoint bursa escort bayan the lady so i get out dry off best i can an just lay next to her towel barely covering me we kiss an she rubs my dick i can feel it grow in her hands then she inches her way down an fulfills her promise an swallows my cock but im not even thinkin about that her pussy gets the wettest of any chick ive ever been with shes 46 an she gets wetter than the 18 yr old i fucked earlier this year its crazy all i wanna do is eat it play with it an fuck it so i get her on her back an spread her legs and dive in like a pig at the troth im all over sucking clit lips thighs taint and asshole shes going crazy then i pull out my duel egg vibrator slide one in her pussy while i rotated the other from tickling her asshole to her clit all while continuing to suck her clit but now theres just a ridiculous puddle on the bed and i get up while leaving one of the vibrators rest on her clit and position myself perfectly to squeeze in cuz not only does she get crazy wet her pussy is always tight i love fucking her so i try to fuck her as long as i can but its too good….i last about 10 mins rotating between slow strokes an hard pumps to just pounding till i nut all inside her which i love doing no worries she cant get preggo ….so i just lay there an she goes to get the towel an cleans me off ….she gives me money to go buy dinner and after i come back an we eat i went home and passed out…Monday:so tired from the night earlier im woken up with a text from my latina BBW fwb asking if i want her to come over…i kinda don’t feel like getting up but i like spending time with her she really is the one i want to be with if i could so i never turn her down but i don’t feel like driving all the way to her house so i said if u meet me at my job we can chill cuz its like meeting half way and she replies “be there in 30 mins don’t be late” her husband thinks shes at work again but this time she has escort bursa the car…idk if he doesn’t care or if shes a good liar or if hes just really a dumb ass but its whatever been fucking ur wife for a year now why stop now? this one isn’t too eventful im kinda all sexed out so i just ate her out and later played with her clit while sucking her nipples she really likes that so we just chilled an ate pizza watching tv till i had to go to workTuesday:some random as hell chick hit me up on badoo couple days ago seeming really eager to talk an be my friend and wat not an she invited me to come over so im like ok whatever don’t have anything better to do before work its convenient since she lived about 5 mins from my job so this is the crazy BBW she seemed normal at first but the more an more she talked the more and more i regretted showing up but i was there so i figured id just endure i swear she was hyper as fuck and didn’t know how to shut up it felt like she was a dog and i was her owner who just got home from being away all weekend and she was super excited to see me theres like nothing i find attractive about this woman most of the time my eyes were closed and she kept sniffing me saying i smelled good which got weird after the third time she did it so she starts rubbing my dick over my shorts and since i don’t always have much control of the area i start to get hard so i pull my shorts down and let her blow me…figures the ugly annoying chick gives good head…so shes going in deep throating sucking my balls face fucking herself she stopped a couple times thinking i was going to get up and fuck her but no thank u i was not moving so back on my dick she goes slurping away and i feel im close so i grab her hair an force her to suck faster and deeper and i bust a glorious nut down her throat and she immediately swallows it all like the good whore she obviously is …..then it got weird{er} she stood up and pounded her chest like king kong and yelled all i could do was laugh never in my life have i ever seen that…after that i just couldn’t take being in her presence anymore so i got up to pee an clean up got dressed an said i was gonna go get food before work and bounced

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