Mum and sonMe and my mum.This happened about 10 years ago.Abit about my mum, well she was 37 at the time, 5ft 6, long brunette hair down to her shoulders and big brown eyes, she’s slim and a 34c bust.I had just turned 17 and a good looker, I kept myself in good shape, went to the gym and played a lot of football, I had been with a few girls but never had sex, had a lot of oral and hand play but that was it,My dad left me and my mum when I was just a baby, he was having an affair with a women at his work, my mum used to always say she was too busy to find a man what with being a single parent and working as many hours as she could to provide for us,Anyway going back 10 years ago, it was my mums birthday and she had an old school friend and her husband come to stay with us for the weekend and only living in a small 2 bedroom house she had to give up her room for her mate so she came and stayed in my bed with me which at the time I hated the fact I had to share my bed with my mum.On the Friday night mums mate turns up and I remember thinking wow she’s hot, we helped her and serik escort her husband settled in and we sat around chatting for abit, mums friend suggested we all go out for a meal but my mum wasn’t up for it, we all stayed in and had a takeaway and they had a few glasses of wine and a catch up while me and James played the Xbox, it started getting really late and mums mate and her husband decided to call it a night and went to bed, I helped mum tidy up as she was a little drunk, once all that was done I went up to my room while my mum went for a shower and get herself ready for bed, after watching my mums friend all night in her low cut top and short skirt I was feeling quite horny so decided to watch some porn quickly before my mum was ready for bed, I heard the shower stop so I had to quickly shut the porn off and hope my hard cock went down before she came in, I hadn’t had time to finish off and was still pretty hard and had to roll over so my back would be towards my mum when she got in, I couldn’t let her see me like that, as she ardahan escort came in I pretended I was asleep, I felt her get in the bed and lay down with her back up against mine, I was wearing my boxers and a pair of shorts, I could feel her silky nighty against my back which didn’t help me get rid of my stiff cock, In fact it made it even harder, she eventually fell asleep but I couldn’t get to sleep because I was extremely horny, she and her mate must have drunk 2 bottles of wine between them and as my mum doesn’t drink a lot, it hit her pretty hard which gave me an idea, she was drunk and asleep I wonder how much of a deep sleep she was in, I kept moving around to see if that would wake her up but it never did, I turned around facing her with her back still pointing towards me, I pulled down my shorts and just in my boxers and moved closer to her until I was pressed up against her in the spoon position, she still hadn’t moved and inch so I started to softly dry hump her, it felt so good but at the same time I kept thinking I shouldn’t be artvin escort doing this but it felt too good to stop, I got so carried that I pulled my boxers down slightly, my bare cock was now rubbing against her silky panties, it wasn’t long until I felt i was ready to cum but didn’t know what to do, before I could do anything I shot my load over her panties and up her back, I remember thinking, oh shit what if she wakes up and realise what iv just done? Man I’m going to be in so much trouble, I rolled over and eventually fell asleep, in the morning I woke up before my mum did, she still hadn’t moved and still in the same position she was in when she first got into bed, I climbed over her and done my usual morning things, about and hour later she came downstairs and into the kitchen fully dressed, I thought to myself, that’s strange she never gets fully dressed when she first wakes up, maybe she got dressed because her friend was here, but what got me worried was the look she gave me, it was abit of disappointment but kind of happy, then her friend and her husband came into the kitchen and my mum carried on like normal. I breathed out in a sigh of relief thinking, yes iv got away with it………. Or so I thought.This being my first story and feedback would be much appreciated, and as for part 2 well u will have to let me know if u want to read it.Thank u

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