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Moms Secret Chapter TWOAuthor’s Note: Thanks for the patience. This chapter will contain some i****t elements, though it won’t directly involve the son and mother just yet. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of i****t, you could either skip some of the paragraphs in this chapter or just go on to read Ch. 03.For Ch.03, I plan to write the mother’s perspective which will briefly cover what happened in these two chapters, as well as other events that happened after – without the i****t.Ch. 04 will be either the son or the mother WITH i****t. I haven’t yet decided. It may depend on what the readers want or whatever flows better.*Ch.02 has i****t elements. *****Chapter 2: A Well-Fucked Mom is a Happy Son? I shook my head in disbelief. I thought to myself that it was arguably the most sickening pornographic movie I had ever watched and that was saying a lot, considering I was a regular porn watcher, with only a few genres of it that I absolutely hated. Still, this video captured my attention and I didn’t know why! Actually, fuck it – I was really turned on!I had secretly wanted my mom to have more sex, so that she wouldn’t be so bitchy and uptight sometimes. It wasn’t going to happen, or so I thought. I even had a daring fantasy that if nobody was going to do it, I was going to. I loved my mom, after all – but I also loved sex.After the train stopped and I packed everything up, making absolutely certain that I left nothing behind, I exited and walked through the corridors of the station, still fresh with all the images and video footage of mom in my head. As I mentioned earlier, this was a woman who was very conservative about her sexual life and how she has deviated from that in one single video.I checked into a room in a motel. It was an old one that had seen better days. I was not going to be staying for very long for obvious reasons, though it was cheap accommodation. But there was now some privacy to do some snooping around on her computer.The motel seemed to have an old smell, a funky one. The d****s were worn and the furniture looked old. Even the TV was old because it was one of those big-ass cathode ray televisions from the 90’s. The beds squeaked a lot, likely from the amount of sex that it must have endured from people! I thought to myself that this mattress has seen more action than I had.When I laid the laptop on the circular wooden table, I resumed her laptop from hibernation. Everything came back, exactly how I left it. The folder in which the video was encased was still open. I clicked on it again.I was intending to skip through most of the video, partly just to soak in what I had just watched. The other side to that was that I wanted to jerk off to it. I didn’t know what was wrong with me at the time, but I didn’t care. The first video had me so amped up and I didn’t even act on it. That was a brutal feeling.I watched as she started out shy and reluctant but eventually enjoying sucking and fucking those two men, even in different positions. Though it wasn’t her original choice, she had agreed to lose her anal virginity with them! After that, she took a facial from one man and swallowed another’s. She did what porn stars might typically do in their videos! I was sure that was the goal of the men.From that point on, my past memories of her smiling chastely were being permanently overwritten in favor of the smiles that she had made on that porn video. I wouldn’t have been able to imagine how she’d react with a few cocks in front of her face! I even thought about what would happen if she was blindfolded and she was sucking on my dick! Would she still swallow? Probably!I looked through the Downloads history and I think there were more videos of her. It made me shiver that there was possibly more to come. Who was I k**ding? I was excited. So, when I saw “Angie – Training Session II.avi” on the list, I clicked on it without too much of a delay.It started with my nude mom headed alone towards the middle of the couch. After she sat down with her feet karşıyaka escort on the ground, Jimmy talked from behind the camera.”Hi Angie! We’ll be starting in just a minute but we would like you to do a quick survey with you on these lessons. First question: What is one thing that you think you’ve improved on so far?””I guess I’m better at giving a blow-job now.””Great answer! I agree. Second question: Did the foreplay prepare you enough for sex?””Yes.””On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, how ready do you think you’d be if you were to have sex again?””5.””That’s all the questions that we have. One question that isn’t in the survey – are you ready to start today’s lessons?””I definitely am!””That’s a great attitude, Angie. Now I know you’re on your way. Can we watch you masturbate?””Okay.”She proceeded by putting her right hand on her clit. She patted it and rubbed it in a circular motion gently. She hummed softly. On her own time, she continued while bringing her legs up to her chest. The more that she touched it, the more obvious it was that her pussy was getting wetter and wetter.”How does touching yourself feel compared to using the toy?””I haven’t used it yet. It’s upstairs in my closet. Should I go get it?”I shouted to myself, “What the fuck? They’re at her place?”I re-confirmed from the video that it was my mom’s place because I had recognized the vinyl couch and wall paint behind it. It was placed in the family room. I had used to sit there to watch TV.The video went on, ignoring my question.”No, it’s not necessary right now. Maybe we can grab it later on though. You’re pretty warmed up now, aren’t ya?””Yes, well, I’ve… actually been wet…since this morning…”A man whistled in the background in surprise.Jimmy scoffed, “I guess we can’t keep you waiting then.”Soon, she was joined by a naked Jimmy and Cyrus who flanked her. They shuffled closer to her, binding their arms over her shoulders. Jimmy met lips with her while Cyrus went to kiss her neck as he played with her clit.Her hands reached out to stroke both of them. In mere seconds, I watched as they visibly came to full size. Meanwhile, I started to rub my cock. I was, God forbid, pretending that I was with her.Shortly after, Jimmy playfully nudged her head downward and she caved in. Though she was positioned awkwardly, it didn’t seem to faze her. In fact, just before she drew his cock in, she adjusted her hair away from her face. After a few repetitions, she sucked off Cyrus too. During this time, she never paid attention to the camera. She was, however, focussed on playing with herself at the same time!Jimmy said, “You’ve already met Simon already, haven’t you? I think he could use a little action too!”She pulled away softly and glanced in the direction of the camera.”Come on over, Simon!”He parked in front of her. She peered at him lustfully during the time when she licked his cock head. She didn’t even look ashamed. When she was about to suck him, Cyrus interrupted her, “Bend over first, so we can fuck ya too!”After she bent over, she hungrily slurped on Simon’s cock. She became wilder and faster in her movements, even sucking him in a swirl-like movement.Cyrus inevitably put himself into her, which caused her to hum and pant. In fact, he started to fuck her like a jackrabbit and I could hear that she loved it. Soon, Jimmy got his turn too and he put his own stamp on it. Instead of sheer thrusting, he teased her with longer strokes, along with clitoral stimulation. I could imagine how good either of their cocks must have felt, judging from the noises that she was making for both men!In fact, I was imagining that I was there. It was an idea that raced through me without permission. I was horny – very horny. I wanted to cum at any moment but I stopped myself. I wanted to do it at the end, just like the porn movies.The next person to try her cunt was Simon and the camera was passed off to someone else. He was lying on the karşıyaka escort bayan ground, with his thick cock towering vertically with the help of his hand. As she started lowering herself into it, she declared, “My first black cock!”Simon retorted, “And it probably won’t be your last, honey!”They grasped each other’s hands intimately when she started hopping.”Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!”As she moaned, the camera zoomed in as she used her hips to shuffle back and forth on him.Jimmy said, “How would you like a cock in your tight little ass too?”She exclaimed, “Oooh god… I’ve only seen it done on film though!””Don’t worry, I’ll come back with some lube.”The camera was zoomed back to normal and then it was handed over to Cyrus. It watched as Simon pulled her close to him, like he was hugging her. I could hear them making out. He fucked her very softly.Jimmy returned with the bottle in his hand shortly. He started to apply it on his cock. After he was done with that, she was next. At first, Jimmy put a finger-sized amount of lube. He then patiently stretched her out using two fingers, never forgetting to use lube. By now, her anus looked moist and ready. So, Jimmy carefully lodged himself inside. I saw the insertion go bit by bit till he was completely in!”Oh! God! I can feel both of you in me!”Jimmy said, “Well, let’s make you really feel us!”The scene bolted into action as they fucked her furiously. It was really loud from the combination of the skin smacking and her mumbles.”UNGH! UNGH! OH…OH…OH!”Simon grunted, “Oooh yeah, squeeze your fucking cunt like that!”She screamed in a voice that was near unrecognizable, “OH GOD… OH GOD!Finally, Cyrus remarked that there was room in her mouth and she let him through.She was triple penetrated for at least five minutes before they had a chance to rotate. Actually, they rotated one more time so that each man got to use a different orifice. She didn’t seem to care which hole was being fucked. In fact, whenever her mouth was free, she had always screamed for more. As tempting as it was to watch little detail, I was skipping through the action because I damn well wanted to cum. I wanted to get closer to the end but couldn’t help watching everything else.I thought the ending would come soon, but I was only half-right. There was one more scene where she was manhandled to the couch and more lube was used by Jimmy. This time, however, he used it to finger-fuck her. She looked so grateful about it.While Jimmy was doing this, the other two men, from time to time, would get her to suck them off just to keep them hard, which she had no problem with.He was very deliberate with his actions. He used both hands, one of which was to stimulate her clit. The other hand went in with two fingers. In addition, there wasn’t just a single focus in one area, nor did he use the same movements. However, while there were several close attempts for her to cum, it didn’t happen, which visibly disappointed her.She sadly said, “I’m so sorry! You’re touching me in all the right places, but I don’t know why I can’t cum yet!””Don’t worry. It’s all in your head. You’ll need to try and relax as much as possible. I’ll do what I can to make you cum today, but you’ll just need to let yourself go! Don’t hold back.”The men cheered her on and his patience paid off because she eventually was made to orgasm!”…OH MY GOD… OH MY GOD…YES! YES! You’re gonna make me cum! AH!”She squirted so much that the couch was stained with her juices. There was a trail leading downward, which the camera followed, showing that the laminate flooring had a minute puddle of liquid. When it went back to her face, she looked exhausted but very satisfied.The men converged on her expectantly. As a result, she sat up and blew each of them while jerking on the others. She knew what was coming up and I was really excited to see this.Cyrus was first. Initially he was jerking himself, but let her do it instead.”I want you to jerk me off.”, he ordered.She escort karşıyaka smiled as she gave him a quick hand-job. Occasionally, she’d use both hands too and the man grunted every so often. Meanwhile, I was jerking myself, wanting to cum, but stopping whenever I felt like I was going to shoot.He grunted, “Oh… I’m gonna cum soon. Keep it going!”Finally, the instant that he exploded like a new champagne bottle, she managed to close her eyes in time. She smirked and softly hummed as bursts and bursts of cum plastered her face, with some of it even going into her hair. Soon, cum rolled down on her down to the floor. Still, she kept jerking till he took control of it again. He had her clean his cock with her mouth for a brief bit before letting her go.As she wiped the cum away from her eyes, she chuckled, “Mmm… it’s so hot and sticky!”Jimmy ordered, “Drain me dry, sweetheart – you know what to do though, don’t swallow just yet.”She took it in and bobbed on it very quickly. In less than 10 seconds, she brought Jimmy to orgasm.”AW AW! AW! AW! AW!…AW! FUCK.”After he was done, she opened her mouth, showing the thick white cum that was resting on her tongue. Afterward, she quietly gulped it. Her tongue flung out to prove that it was all gone.Jimmy cheered, “Much improvement from last time, Angie! That’s going to be your standard from now on.” She smiled in pride and nodded.Simon was next. He asked, “Can I fuck your tits for a bit?””Of course you can!”Jimmy said, “Go ahead and use the lube if you want.”After the bottle was tossed over to him by someone from behind, the former poured the lube over her tits. She distributed it everywhere as the lube kept coming down on her, which eventually left her tits shiny with wetness. Simon then put his fat black cock into her cleavage. After she pushed her tits together, the tit-fucking started. It started out fast but it stayed that way. He shuttled effortlessly, proving that the lubrication was useful. She didn’t say much except hum.Next, he took himself away slowly. Then he lifted her legs, forcing her to lean back. He was going to fuck her missionary-style.He leaned in and said, “I want you to squeeze your pussy like you did earlier!””Okay.”He humped her at a moderate speed, yet his thrusts were powerful. Her legs and hands clung onto him, drawing him closer.”YES! YES! YES! YES!”, she panted.”Does my cock feel good in you? I want you to squeeze it like you mean it!”She moaned repetitively, “OH OH OH OH!”He exclaimed, “Oh make it tight, honey! Just like that!”There was a short moment of him fucking her hard and fast before he came deep inside her! He grunted very loudly.”OHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH!”He shuttered briefly before pulling away, allowing the camera a good look at her reddened, well-used pussy. At first, his cum dripped out very slowly. But more cum came out when he dug his fingers into it. The men also tilted her body so that her wide gaped anus could be shown. The movie ended there.I was relieved that it was over, on the other hand. I wanted to jerk off at the perfect moment and I decided that my favorite scene, if I could call it that, was when Jimmy came inside her mouth, although Simon’s creampie was pretty high up on the list too.I jerked off to the scene, savoring the sounds and sights. It was fucking incredible. I had built up a huge reserve from all the stop-and-go action that I was doing while watching the film. I had some cum on the motel carpet too, but I cleaned it up with some hot water right away.I knew that after I unloaded, I’d be thinking straight for a moment before needing to do it again – and again later.I know it wouldn’t seem at all healthy or normal to be so turned on at watching my mom’s videos. But I’ve always felt sorry that my mom wasn’t treated all that well by dad. For all the things that she did that benefitted us, it often went unnoticed by everyone. She deserved better.There was a time when I encouraged her to go out on a date and meet someone, but she said she didn’t want to try. I was sure that she would be looking for someone now – or some people, after what Jimmy and his people turned her into. I would’ve preferred that it was me instead. So, I decided that one way or another, I had to get her. I would make her cooperate if I really needed to.To be Continued…

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