me and my aunt, years of desires…Hi all… I’m Ajay from Hyderabad. I am working as a senior engineer in a company in Delhi now. This is my first ever story on ISS… I have been following ISS for so long now… but never had time to share my experiences. Finally jotting down one now… this is my first ever sex experience. This is about how I lost my virginity to my aunt 😉 🙂 She is elder to me by just 4 years.We used to meet during every summer holidays at my grandma’s place. I am eldest of all the k**s (7th or 8th std by then) and our less age difference was the factor that we bonded great. She used to spend time only with me since her puberty (well, that was the instance I remember meeting her for the first time). Grandma’s house had a big terrace on which we slept at night due to high temperatures of the summer… She always slept beside me, wearing a nighty.She would pull up her nighty till her neck under the blanket and she would keep my hands on her tummy, boobs, ass, between her thighs and sometimes in her panty. Also she used to play with my small cock. I felt strange and excited at the same time. I was very young to understand those. Well, that was all when I didn’t know anything about sex and all… but years later, when I was about to complete my 11th std., she visited my home. Then, our relation went to an all new level. I’ll tell u how…She was one hot girl, fit and all curvy. A bit darker in avcilar escort complexion, but dark has its own beauty. She had great boobs (I don’t go around with a measuring tape), a little bigger for her age, I felt. But that just made her all sexy and desirable. Her firm ass which she always made me to touch or feel them by my cock and thighs when she occasionally sits on my lap in solitude.. drove me all the more crazy about her. I was now aware of what she used to do during the summers back in c***dhood… thanks to lot of porn and killer friends.. All the day I was looking at her expectantly and horny. I was pretty excited for the night to fall and to have some fun with her.Ours was a nice house but summer creeps in early and boils the rooms at times. Such was the time when she came. So it was decided that everyone will sleep on the terrace but at the last moment, my parents decided against it. Only me, my younger brother and her reached the terrace, made our beddings and lied down with my brother between us. But I was not even able to close my eyes. I waited till my brother fell asleep, rolled him to my place and I took his. She had her eyes closed. But I was pretty sure that she might do something naughty. She also had an idea that I was no longer a k**…And now the game started… she was lying on her back.. I turned towards her and kept my hand on her tummy… rubbed her slender şirinevler escort waist, played with her navel… she turned away from me, but held my hand on her stomach. Then I freed my hand and started to grope her boobs… she was slowly coming alive… I turned her to my side. I pulled her close by grabbing her ass. She put her hand around me and was rubbing my back and ass. I brought my hand to front and massaged her boobs over her top. She was wearing bra inside, which I unstrapped by sliding my hand on her back, under her top.She has now found her way to my cock and held it in her palm and started to stroke me. I pulled her top over her breast and pushed her loosened bra aside and started to suck her boobs and bite her nipples. She was all hissing and pressing me more onto her boobs. While my mouth was busy tasting her firm boobs, my hand slid between her thighs inside her middy. Slowly I made my way to her panty covered pussy… It was warm and wet there. She parted her legs and I put my hand inside her panty and pulled it down to her knees. Then I was rubbing her fairly hairy pussy fast… she pulled my face from her breast and took my lips into her mouth. That was a wet, hot and lengthy kiss. With my lips being suckled, occasionally bit, and sloppily kissed, my hand continued its quest of satisfying my aunt’s pussy.I then rolled on to her, with my cock in her hand and taksim escort rubbed it on her pussy. I was very hot and eager to enter her. She was massaging her clit with my cock and sucked my lips and tongue. I was on the verge of cumming since it was my first time. She was massaging so hard that I came on her pussy. She smiled at me and cleaned her pussy and my cock and started to stroke it again… it was hurting a bit but I never wanted to miss that chance with her. I was soon hard again and she asked me whether I knew what to do.I gave her a kinky smile and tried to enter her pussy. But it was very tight. I made use of the wetness of her pussy and just put my dick in her pussy. Her face showed pain but she held me close by holding my hips. I could only enter her after so much hard work and pain (for both)… I slowly stroked her and increased my speed gradually. We were controlling our moans and I was ramming her… “cum inside” she said. That was unexpected. I doubled my pace or the last few strokes and came inside her and collapsed. That was very tiring!!Then we slept in each other’s arms kissing and fondling. We behaved all normal in front of others in the morning, but grabbed each and every opportunity of kissing ans fondling each other, but never ‘talked’ about it. This continued for the next ten days which she stayed and also three summers after that till she got married. I never intended to involve with her after her marriage and meanwhile, found other ways to “vent out” myself. That makes another story..I would love to have the reader’s feedback so that I can decide whether to continue writing or drop the idea. So please get back to me on

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