Lucy, my daughter’s best friend 2 (The Kath fSo I am laying in bed with my daughter’s 18 year old best friend Lucy, both of us sexually sated when I decide to ask her about the obvious lust she has for my wife.If you haven’t read the first story about Lucy, that all started when I discovered her in my bathroom masturbating with my wife’s knickers.“I’ve fancied Kath for a long time,” she started, “It’s strange I’ve never had the same feelings for Jen, but I can remember just getting all tingly just being around Kath when I first started coming round here. She’s always been so nice to me, treated me better than my own Mum really and it was those cuddles she used to give me when I really first became sexually aware. I used to shudder in excitement when she would just throw open her arms and engulf me, just the feel of her boobs against me, well I think that was the first time I ever felt my pussy get moist.”I lay there and pulled Lucy closer to me, feeling my cock harden as she talked about her feelings for my wife as a pubescent girl.“So you had like a school girl crush on her?”Lucy looked up at me with a big smile,“Yes you could say that.”“Not me then?” I said playfully.She giggled and reached down and gave my cock a little squeeze,“No not really, I mean I fancied some boys at school, you know all the popular cute ones, and I didn’t really fancy any of the girls, but it was just the way Kath pressed those big boobs into me and then kissed my head. God! It drive me wild as young as I was. I had obviously discovered that touching my pussy was good before that, but touching it whilst bursa escort thinking about Kath, well that was the first time my body went into overdrive and I found myself soaking my sheets.”“Mmm naughty girl,” I said giving her a squeeze, “Tell me more.”“Well I just carried on fantasising and masturbating. I mean I did eventually end having sex with another girl whilst on holiday one year, which I enjoyed but it wasn’t like my fantasies.”“So what are you fantasies like, the Kath one’s I mean?”“Well my favourite is based on what used to happen. I come round to see Jen, but she isn’t in and as usual Kath gives me a big hug, pressing her tits against me and instead of breaking free, Kath just keeps hold of me, stroking my head and slowly moving her boobs against me until I can feel that her nipples are hard pressed against my bare arm. I then out of sheer excitement reach out and brush my hand against Kath’s tits, wondering how she will react. As I did so, she let’s out a little sigh and I know that she wants it as much as I do and she bends down and kisses me.”Lucy’s body shuddered in excitement as she voices her fantasy. I reach my hand down and softly touch her right breast, feeling how hard her nipple is as she thinks about my wife.“So what happens next?” I ask.“Mmmm well we just kiss for a while, softly, woman on woman, tongues just gently flicking, her hands softly touching my little breasts, mine groping hers.”“And this goes on a while does it?”“For a bit yes, then we come up to this bed and Kath slowly undresses me.”“So at this point in your fantasy are you a lesbian bursa escort bayan virgin?”“Oh yes I am completely unsexed apart from masturbation in my fantasy. Kath is my teacher always.”“So what does Kath do to you on this bed?”“Lots of lovely stuff with her mouth.”Lucy shudders again and I can tell that she has started to touch herself down below.“Does she lick your lovely young pussy?”“Yes forever, her lips and tongue explored every part of my sex, sending me wild in frenzy until I orgasm and she ends up drinking all my cum.”Lucy was frigging herself quite audibly now and letting out little groans in between her fantasy telling.“What about you, did she get you to lick her cunt?”“Yes, she actually squats over me, with her pussy just over my mouth.”Lucy then stops and looks up at me,“What’s Kath’s pussy like?”“Meaning what?”“You know, smooth, hairy, does she get very wet, that sort of thing.”“It depends, Kath goes through different fazes regarding her pubic hair. I like it smooth, but it can be a pain for a woman, so sometimes she lets her hair grow. But she is often wet, very wet, it doesn’t take her long to cum. How is she in your fantasy?”“Always smooth, with soft pussy lips and a lovely hard clit and I just love licking it and gulping down every drop of juice that comes from her.”Lucy shudders again and moved so that she is now sitting astride me.“God! I need to squirt.”“Well I’m not stopping you.” I say.I watch as Lucy starts to pump her own pussy with her fingers.“Do you wish you were sitting astride Kath with her watching you?”“Yes,” Lucy said breathlessly, “I’d like escort bursa you both to watch.”Lucy then started to grunt and groan and pant and her fingers moved faster and she shuffled backwards and forwards until she let out a loud YES! and leaned back and I watched as a long stream of hot love juice shot from her on to my chest and stomach.“Oh yes baby, Kath would love that, she’d love to feel your hot juice all over her.”Lucy didn’t stop fingering herself, she carried on thrusting 3 fingers into herself and just whispering my wife’s name.Of course by this time I was rock hard and I push her back a bit so I could rub my cock against her arse as she frigged herself off.We did this for a minute or two when I realised that I could give Lucy some extra fuel.“Hold on babe,” I told her and so I put my little plan into action. I quickly grabbed a pair of Kath’s dirty panties from the linen basket and a little black thong from her lingerie drawer.I got Lucy to put the thong on and gave her the black lacy panties to lick.She was, as you can imagine, overjoyed and I got her back on top of me, where she sat on my cock wriggling around in excitement whilst she also had my wife’s panties shoved up against her face.Lucy ate my wife’s knickers hungrily whilst playing with herself through Kath’s thong and I rubbed my cock against her.For me the thought of having a threesome with my wife and this 18 year old blond girl was just wonderful and as Lucy played with herself and enjoyed Kath’s panties I came again imagining my wife being here with us now.The feel of my hot spunk egged Lucy on further and I soon had a stream running down either side of me as she orgasmed again.She finally collapsed on top of me and as I wrapped my arms around her I said,“Perhaps we can make that a reality.”“That would be fab!” she said.

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