Love Honour and ObeyShe couldn’t see but knew there were eyes looking at herShe was standing and could feel a hand sliding up the inside of her leg. All that was left of he r being covered were are sheer black hold ups, and the hand was making her shiver.Love honour and obey was in the room with her, he had brought her here.ObeyBut this isn’t what she had expected.The hand was slowly proceeding upwards and the room was almost silent, just the sound of her gasp when the hand slowed or squeezed a little.Past her knee onwards.Obey, surely he didn’t mean for so many eyes to be watching as a strange hand took liberties.It passed the top of the material and was onto bare flesh,Bare flesh.It lingered to stroke the inside of her thigh.She gasped… ‘oh my’….What had she allowed, what was she allwing.Nothing on but hold ups.If the hand continued…… it would have free reign of the delights that were previously reserved for Love Honour and Obey.Yes obey.She felt an arm round her waist, and hot breath by the side of her face.A warm ,oist tongue licked behind and around her ear, the avcilar escort hand between her legs stroked intimately.She parted her legs without any encouragement; she was leaking and needed attention.The anonymous massaged her most sensitive spot expertly and she surrended totally to the caress of the fingers.Eyes watched,The tongue probed her ear, the fingers parted her lower lips and stroked.The fingers knew her secret, she was soaked, she was going to surrender without a fight.No resistance, newly wed but given by Love Honour and Obey to this anonymous hand, and what else?And in front of an audience.A finger slid in, then two and she started to ride, the fingers were still, she writhed and gyrated on the digits and moaned and gasped.She was guided to the bed, on her back, and it was no longer fingers that were indulging themselves between her legs.This was something larger and more rigid sliding in.She arched her back to get the man deep inbetwen her, as far in as he could.Her arms wrapped round him.As he thrust into her she groaned and racked şirinevler escort his back with her nails.He was bigger than what she was used to, bigger inside her. She liked it, being stretched in circumference, and she liked it being probed deeper than anyone else. Love Honour and Obey was OK for size but this was better.The unseen man stopped thrusting; he was in her but raised himself with straight arms to look at her.She wanted to carry on and drove herself upwards, then slid back.She drove up onto him and rereleased herself.She was pleasuring herself on his big male equipment and he was motionless.For the first time the eyes started to talk and comment.The terms they used for Love Honour and obey’s wife were extremely crude and disrespectful.They commented on how wanton she was, and how easy she was, and a hot woman of no virtue.And she heard it all and it drove her to ride the man harder and faster and moan and beg him to ride her properly again, but he was waiting.The man between her legs was no porn star stud, in fact he was a bit flabby, taksim escort but he knew how to drive the gears of a female.She heard Love Honour and Obey talking to a man that seemed to be in charge, she heard Love Honour and Obey agree to let the eyes have their way with her when this fellow was done.She was simply being handed round, and so soon after their special day when they vowed to be true to each other for ever.And she wanted her legs spread for the gaggle of anonymous men to with with her as they would.And she suddenly boiled over in extacy, gushing.The man on top didn’t last much longer.One after another they took herFrom behind, on top, in her mouthShe hadn’t expected that and for the first time a man exploded his fluid into her mouthandLove Honour and Obey obliged her to swallow, and she didn’t really want to but she did nonetheless.And suddenly it ended.The room was empty and the two of them aloneShe was hot and sweaty and exhausted.He told her to remove the blindfold and lay backShe saw her man still fully clothed, he dropped his trousers and took her very roughlyHe drove into her with a ferocity she had never thought him capable ofShe exploded with passion between her well used legs, she was on fireAnd finally he was sated.They held each other tenderly and for the first time he called a dirty cheap slutShe smiled, it was true.

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