Liz’s Lips and Allison’s AssI had known Allison for more than 20 years before I finally made up my mind to try to fuck her. A very pretty, very classy lady in her mid-40s, Allison is quiet and unassuming and the type of woman that many men would never even notice. But I notice her. I notice them all. I love and adore women. To be more precise, I love beautiful, intelligent women who are very sexual in nature and who truly love to fuck. My goal is now and always has been to seduce and fuck as many of these women as possible. And I have done just that. Over the years I have successfully taken many, many great women to bed and the fuck sessions have all been very hot, very erotic sexual experiences.I admire women in all their many varieties but I now focus my seduction efforts almost exclusively on married women who are close to my own age. Most of the women I have seduced and fucked were in their 30’s and 40’s at the time and a few were in their 50’s. All but one was married at the time we got together and many of these women I still fuck on a regular basis. Younger women are awesome too and they have those great, rock-hard bodies. But I don’t feel the commonality with them that I feel with women my own age. My women are more experienced, they are smarter and they understand and appreciate their own sexuality. They know what they want in bed, they know how to fuck and they truly appreciate a great fuck. One of the women I am currently fucking is Liz, my cousin’s wife. Liz fits all of my criteria and I spent more than 20 years planting the seeds for getting her into bed. When I finally did it turned out to be well worth the wait. She is a sensational, spectacular fuck. I have known Liz since she was in high school. She and my cousin Adam were high school sweethearts and were married soon after they graduated. Liz has long, bleached blond hair, a style she has worn since high school and still wears today. She dresses in stylish clothes that really show off her great figure, especially her terrific legs and ass. Back when we were teenagers and mini-skirts were in fashion, no one looked better in them than Liz. .She had great legs back then and they are even better today. Liz has a very unusual mouth. Her lips are big, round, very sensuous and they have that “pouty” look. They are the kind of lips that look like they are made for sucking. Liz always wore dark red lipstick and I would always dream about what it would be like to have those luscious, red lips wrapped around my dick. Liz is just a very sexy, very hot woman, a real knockout, the kind of woman that all men would fantasize about.With her shining blond hair, blue eyes and red lips, Liz might be viewed by many as your typical blond bimbo. But she is far from it. She is actually very intelligent, very personable, a very sharp and witty woman. I guess Liz’s only negative feature, if you can call it that, is that she talks a lot. But that actually may be one of the reasons we have gotten along so well over the years and become such good friends. Liz likes to talk and I enjoy listening, especially when it involves listening to a gorgeous woman.I had always wanted to take a shot at Liz but never had a real opportunity and never felt the timing was right. Although we talked often and got along very well, Liz never gave the slightest indication that she might fuck around if given the right opportunity. Still, there was just something about her that told me I could fuck her. It was just instinct, maybe more wishful thinking than anything else. But I knew at some point that I would have to take my shot.I finally made up my mind that the time was right at a family birthday party a few years ago. I was sitting there socializing with a family member when Liz entered the room and sat in a chair right across from me. I looked at her and my heart leaped into my throat. She had on a white skirt that was a little too short, black stockings and a pretty white top that showed off her bronze-like tan. She crossed her legs and I had a spectacular view of this absolutely gorgeous woman. For some reason, at that moment, it just hit me that the time had arrived. I had to fuck this woman. I had to find a way to seduce her. Liz was conversing with another family member and I kept staring at her until finally she looked over at me. I kept my gaze fixed on her and when she looked at me I smiled and gave a slight nod. She had a quizzical look on her face but she smiled back. Liz looked away pretty quickly but I continued to focus my gaze on her. I wanted her to understand clearly that I was staring at her. A few moments later she looked at me again and this time I was not smiling. I looked as deeply into her eyes as I possibly could from 10 feet away. Liz’s return gaze lingered for a second or two, perhaps a brief moment longer than it should have. That gaze was just telling enough for me to be encouraged. I stood up, walked up to her and whispered in her ear, “Liz, I have never seen you look more beautiful than you look today.” As I said it I kept walking, not even turning around to see her reaction. I spent the rest of that afternoon making sure I stayed close to Liz, not too close, but close enough for her to know that I was looking at her. I caught her eye a few more times and each time it seemed that her face was getting a little flush. Was she blushing? Or was that excitement? Did she sense what I was doing?When the party broke up that afternoon, I gave Liz the usual quick goodbye hug. As I began to separate from our embrace, she held onto my arms and said, “By the way, thanks for the compliment.” I smiled and said, “I was only speaking the truth.” As I said that I reached up with my right hand and slightly brushed her face, just a slight gesture but one that I hoped would deliver a specific message. Her eyes brightened. She smiled, patted my arm, and walked away.After planting that seed in Liz’s mind, I continued to reinforce my attention to her to make sure that she understood completely that I was serious. I started calling her at work once every few weeks and I started e-mailing her occasionally. I always complimented her but never said anything that might be construed as being overly forward. We became better and better friends and I could tell she was enjoying the attention. She never questioned the appropriateness of our friendship and that told me that the door to her pussy just might be open.This continued for more than a year before I finally took it to the next level. It is hard to be patient but I have learned over the years that patience is a necessity. Making a move too late is much better than making one too soon. I think my success with women has come in large part to my patience. I am very skilled at judging the right time to approach a woman and I don’t try to rush it. Even after I make the initial overture of friendship, I don’t rush into things. There have been times when things happened pretty quickly but that is rare. Liz and I had met for lunch a few times and I decided that I would invite her to lunch at a rather private place and make my move. It was around Valentine’s Day and I decided that an e-card would be appropriate and would set the mood for my final seduction. I found the perfect card, suggestive but not too suggestive, and funny. I accompanied it with a note in which I told her how much our friendship meant to me and that I thought she was a very incredible and beautiful woman.I knew a perfect spot for us to eat lunch and I arranged for it to be a late lunch so that the crowd would be small. When she walked in I was stunned at how awesome she looked. She had on a tight skirt that reached just above her knees and a jacket covered a low cut top that showed a great amount of her very ample chest. That excited me because Liz seldom wore low-cut tops. With those blue eyes and blond hair both shining in the dim light, Liz looked like a sexual goddess walking toward me. For some reason I sensed that Liz knew what was coming. She wasn’t as gregarious as usual and seemed unusually attentive when I spoke. She also went on and on about how much she loved the e-card. “You have no idea how much your card meant to me,” she said. “It just really made my day.”We had lunch and then I suggested that we have a drink before parting. She agreed and I knew that the time was now. I was enjoying just sipping on my drink and interacting with this beautiful woman but my mind was spinning. I hoped that I could find the right words.”Liz, I have to be honest with you. I didn’t intend for this to be our normal lunch and conversation together. I want to talk to you about something that’s been on my mind a long time and I think you know what it is. I’ll just come right out and say it. I want to make love to you. I want your body, all of it. I want you. That’s it.”Liz didn’t seem surprised. I could tell that she was prepared for this and probably had rehearsed her response. She had a small smile on her face and nodded slightly.”I knew this was coming eventually. I can’t say that I didn’t. But are you sure you want to go down this road Joseph? You’re talking about a big, big step. Have you considered the possible consequences?””Liz, as far as I’m concerned there are no consequences to consider.””Joseph, yes there are. We have family ties and we both would have a lot to lose. Are you telling me that you would have no qualms about taking your cousin’s wife to bed?””Not only would I not have any qualms about it, but I would celebrate it as a great moment in my life. You are one of the sexiest, most beautiful women I have ever been around. Let me ask you something and I apologize if I get too graphic. But in those private times, when you are naked, and you look at your body in the mirror, do you have any idea what you are looking at? Liz, you have a body that’s built for sex. Pardon my expression but it’s built for fucking and for being fucked. I’ve wanted to fuck you since we were teenagers. It would be a great experience for both of us, one of those great, memorable moments, and I think you know that. I’m sorry for being so blunt but I needed to say it.”I could tell that my directness startled Liz a little and may have even got her a little hot.”Well, I’m not going to lie about it,” she said. “You really make me feel special. I’ve never thought of myself as very attractive but somehow you make me feel like I am. And I have to admit that I have always been attracted to you. For a long time. It’s been hard not to show it. You are one of the nicest, sweetest men and you are so damn good looking. But you know that women find you good looking, don’t you Joseph?””Well, thanks for the compliment. It’s every man’s dream to hear words like that from a beautiful woman. But right now I’m only concerned with one woman and that’s you. Now, you asked me if I would have any qualms about fucking my cousin’s wife and I said no. So I will ask you the same thing. Would you have any qualms about fucking your husband’s cousin?”She hesitated, dropped her head and placed both hands over her ears. After a few moments she looked up at me. “You won’t let me fight it will you? I never thought I would be saying this but all I know is that right now I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any man in my life. And something about it just seems right.””It is right Liz,” I said. “You are an incredible woman and I have enjoyed our friendship. But it’s time now for our friendship to become physical.” She grabbed my hand and smiled. “Ok Joseph. You lead and I will follow. I’m in your hands.”There is nothing like the feeling of elation and excitement that comes over me when the object of my seduction officially says yes. I usually feel like shouting and yelling but I always force myself to stay in control and celebrate from within.Needless to say, the first time I fucked Liz was a spectacular experience. Despite all the sexual experiences I have had, I am always amazed at how the reality always seems to surpass the fantasy. I only thought I knew how good of a fuck Liz would be. But I had no idea. This woman has an appetite for every aspect of sex and she has the tits, ass, pussy and mouth for all of it. I love being between her legs with my dick buried deep into her pussy. I enjoy fucking her slowly while glaring into those beautiful blue eyes. They are so expressive when I’m fucking her and I notice that her sexy lips quiver with excitement with each thrust. I think one of the reasons that Liz and I are so compatible in bed is that we are similar in what we want. We both crave the 69 position and we spend hours and hours just eating each other. My favorite thing in this world is to eat a beautiful woman’s pussy. What an incredible sensation it is to be between those thighs, licking and sucking and plunging my tongue as deep as possible into a deep, hot, wet pussy. Liz likewise craves sucking my dick. She told me that she could spend 24 hours a day just playing with my balls and licking and sucking my cock. One of the things she loves to do is to force my hard dick all the way to the back of her throat and then let out a roar. The vibration of her vocal chords on my dick causes me to explode immediately and sends Liz into a frenzy as well. After that, we fuck like two wild a****ls.As spectacular as all of this is, I still have not touched on Liz’s greatest and most beautiful asset. She has one of the biggest, sweetest, most perfect asses I have ever seen on a woman. I have spent hours with it, admiring it, licking it, sucking it, squeezing it, biting it, kissing it and, or course, fucking it. I will never forget one of the most intense encounters Liz and I have had and the centerpiece bornova escort of it all was her extraordinary ass. We met in a hotel room for one of our great afternoon fuck sessions and Liz came in holding a shopping bag. She explained to me that she had bought two swimsuits for an upcoming trip to the beach and wanted to model them for me. Hey, who was I to refuse such a request?Both were two-piece swimsuits that showed off Liz’s fantastic body, those great tits, those beautiful thighs and legs and that beautiful, big ass. It took every ounce of willpower I had to keep from pouncing on her while she was modeling those swimsuits for me.”You’re going to turn a lot of heads on that beach,” I said. “I love them both.””Wait,” she said. “I have one more to show you. It’s one that I could never wear on the beach but I think you’ll like it. I bought it just for you.”Liz disappeared into the bathroom for a couple of minutes. When she came out and started walking toward me, I thought my heart was going to leap out of my chest. She was wearing a very miniscule black string bikini. The line of cloth across her chest barely covered her nipples and left her massive tits all but exposed. She was wearing thong bikini bottoms that covered only the slit in her pussy. The rest of her pussy was exposed, her short-cropped pussy hair protruding from the sides of the thin strip. Her long blonde hair shone in contrast to her dark tanned skin and the high heels she was wearing only heightened the raw sexuality of this extraordinary woman. I shook my head in disbelief. I studied her intently. This was no 22-year-old baby. This was a real woman with a perfect, mature body ripe for fucking, a woman with a complete confidence in her own sexuality and lustful desires.”Turn around,” I said. My voice was shaking as I said it. It’s hard to describe the vision in front of me once Liz turned her back to me. I saw nothing but tanned, beautiful female flesh. Only the thin layer of cloth that stretched across her back and another one that was barely visible on her hip kept her from being totally nude. Accentuated by her high heels, her thick and muscular legs and thighs looked spectacular. But no words, nothing can possibly describe that big, luscious ass.I said nothing as I walked up behind her. I dropped to both knees and took a brief moment to admire that gorgeous ass in front of me. I then buried my face in it, licking, kissing and sucking each cheek wildly. Liz began groaning immediately.Still on my knees I slid around to the front of this incredible creature. I was only inches from her pussy and what I saw were thick, tanned muscular thighs leading to that glorious triangle. I could feel the immense heat emanating from Liz’s body and I could smell that wonderful aroma of sex that was pouring from her pussy. My mouth was watering as I anticipated attacking Liz’s sex-filled and glorious cunt. I slid the thong bikini bottoms off of Liz and buried my face between her thighs, inhaling deeply to take in all of those wonderful sexual smells being emitted by this woman. I grabbed her ass with both hands and pushed her pelvis hard against my face. I began kissing her inner thighs and pussy with long, hard kisses and then did the same with my tongue, giving her long, hard, tantalizing licks. Liz was on fire as I fucked her with my tongue. While eating her I took the middle finger of my right hand, found the opening to her ass and inserted it slightly. Liz let out a shrill cry and, breathing hard, she said, “Joseph, what the hell are you doing to me? You’ve got to fuck me right now and I mean right now.”We hurried to the bed, both of us filled completely with lust. Liz jumped faced down on the bed and I fell on top of her, my entire weight covering the entire length of her beautiful, naked body. I reached down and instinctively pressed the head of my hard dick against the opening of her precious ass. I pushed for just a second but then pulled it away.”No, it’s ok,” she said. “Put it in me.”I was on fire as I slowly inserted my dick into this beautiful woman’s ass. I tried to be as gentle as possible but it didn’t take long for my dick to be completely buried between Liz’s huge mounds of flesh. It was the first time we had had anal sex and we were like two wild a****ls.Very loud, sensual grunts were coming from Liz’s mouth as I started my long, slow strokes. I couldn’t believe that I was fucking this gorgeous woman’s ass and our ensuing orgasms were almost violent. We were both screaming and shaking as we enjoyed this moment of complete a****listic lust. Needless to say, Liz has worn that string bikini far more than she has ever worn her more conventional bathing suits. It’s exciting for me to know that I am the only one who has seen in her in that bikini. It is ours alone. That bikini has led to some extraordinary fuck sessions between Liz and me. And since that first time she has bought more sexy swimwear, lingerie and other outfits for us to “enjoy”. Liz has been a volatile, spectacular lover and we continue to explore our sexuality together every chance we get.One of the things I love most about women is how different they are. I enjoy seeing how they react differently to my seduction efforts and eventually to my touch and to my dick. I relish watching their different personalities evolve as I get to know them on a personal basis. Yes, they are all different but nothing gives me greater pleasure than finally finding out what makes them unique in bed. In the end it all comes down to the fucking.No two women could be greater opposites than Liz and Allison. While Liz wears sexy clothes and a lot of makeup, talks a lot and generally draws attention to herself, Allison is reserved and quiet. She certainly has all the attributes that men find intoxicating in a woman but she doesn’t show them off in any way.Allison does not wear gaudy or tight clothes but she still dresses very well. With a trained eye like mine, I could tell from the first time I met her that Allison had a very ripe body under those clothes, the kind of body that could wear you out in bed.One of Allison’s sexiest and most appealing features are her very sharp, expressive eyes. When she looks at you her eyes seem to penetrate right through you. They have a “mysterious”, almost dark look. I’ve always been fascinated by her eyes and their uniqueness. They are very unusual and fascinating. Of course, I also wondered often how those wonderful eyes would look during fucking. I definitely wanted to find out.Allison has a dark, olive colored skin that makes her face and skin seem to glow, especially when contrasted against her dark red hair. Allison is a well put together woman with nice size tits that stick straight out from her chest. She has a great, great ass, big, firm and round and pretty close to perfect. I guess the best way to describe her ass is “fuckable”. She has a terrific wiggle when she walks that gets my dick hard instantly. I love to watch this woman walk. But Allison’s greatest feature may be her legs. She likes to wear boots on dress-up occasions and I love it when she wears boots and a skirt. That outfit really shows off her great legs and big ass. I noticed early on when she wears those “fuck me” boots that the skirt is always tantalizingly just above the knee. She shows just enough to make you want to see more and I like that.As was the case with Liz, my cousin’s wife, just about all of the women I have fucked over the years have been women that I have gotten to know on a personal basis. A big part of the thrill for me is getting to know a woman and then slowly seducing her with friendship and sexual attraction. I love everything about the seduction process. What a thrill it is to be sitting across from a beautiful woman, talking to her, looking into her beautiful eyes and knowing that I am getting her wet between her legs. I love the anticipation, the fantasy of imagining what that woman would be like in bed, what it would be like to eat her pussy and fuck her big, sweet, beautiful ass.One thing that I’ve learned about women is to keep my eyes open and to look beyond the surface. Looks can be deceiving. What you see on the surface does not necessarily translate to what you will get in bed. I have learned that lesson many, many times. There is nothing greater in this world than finding a beautiful woman who loves to fuck and then giving her what she wants. That’s what I look for in a woman and in most women you have to look far beyond the surface to find it. That was the approach I took with Allison.I have spent a lot of time with Allison over the years simply because we travel in the same circles. Our k**s grew up together, going to the same school, the same church and playing sports at the same athletic complex. My wife and I are friends with Allison and her husband David. We’re not close friends but we are very good acquaintances. I have a vivid memory of the day when I really noticed Allison for the first time. It was during the summer about 20 years ago. Our k**s were small and we took them on a church picnic to a place that had a lake and a swimming pool area. Many of us migrated to the pool that afternoon while our k**s played on the playground. I settled in my chair and looked over to see Allison walking up in a two-piece bathing suit. She looked stunning and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. This quiet, reserved woman, just as I had suspected, had a smoking, ripe body under those clothes.I looked at Allison and she gave me a sly grin in return. She didn’t let it show but I think she was pleased that I had noticed. The clincher came when she got up and walked away. The sight of her beautiful ass in motion set off a sexual charge in me that I can still recall vividly to this day. It was at that moment that Allison was definitely placed on my list. She was a woman that I wanted to seduce and fuck at some point. I just had to find the right way and the right time.That right time came about 15 years later, soon after I saw Allison at the wedding of the daughter of mutual friends. A lot had changed during those 15 years but I still saw Allison quite often. Her smoldering sexuality and beauty had only gotten better with age. A woman’s body ripens wonderfully with time and Allison’s tits and ass had developed into absolute perfection. At the wedding I noticed again just how beautiful Allison was. She had looked gorgeous and sexy dancing at the reception and it was a lot of fun just watching her. I had talked to her and her husband briefly that night but never got the chance to talk to her alone. But looking at her that night I realized that the time had come when I needed to take a shot at this woman. She was just too much pussy to ignore, way too much. But how could I get to it? I knew that I had to develop a good plan and a plan that would work.Two weeks later good fortune smiled upon me. I was at a local shopping center and I saw Allison in the parking lot as I was coming out. I knew this was an opportunity to talk to her alone and I went for it. I waved to her from my car and called her name. I walked over to her and we greeted each other with a slight hug. She seemed to be glad to see me. Looking into Allison’s eyes just caused me to melt. They were so dark and intoxicating. The small talk started but I had other things on my mind. I quickly turned the conversation into the direction I wanted it to go.”Allison, I’m glad we’re alone because there is something I have always wanted to tell you,” I said. I have always thought you were a very, very beautiful woman and I mean that sincerely. In fact I have never seen you look better. I saw you at the wedding and you looked incredible. You’re better looking now than you were 20 years ago. How do you do it?”Allison had a broad smile on her face. I could tell that my compliment made her feel good.”Joseph, wow, what a nice thing to say,” she said. “Are you partially blind or just can’t see very well?” We both broke out in laughter and I loved it. I love a woman with a great sense of humor. I then decided to step it up a notch, to be obvious without being too obvious.”Seeing you dancing at that wedding also made me think of something else,” I said. “You know, all the years we’ve known each other, all the parties we’ve been to, the dances, the wedding receptions, in all that time you have never asked me to dance one time. Not one single time. Now I want to know why?”Allison grinned. “Well Joseph, you’ve never asked me to dance either. Isn’t it the man who usually asks the woman to dance?””No, that’s not true at all,” I replied. “We live in an age now where it is totally acceptable for the woman to ask the man to dance. It used to be that the man had to make the first move but these days women are bold and strong and forward and they have no qualms about asking a man they are interested in to dance. And I know that you have to be curious about my dancing, whether I’m any good or not. But you know there’s only one way to find out. You have to ask me to find out. So when you’re ready, just call me. I’ll be waiting.”Allison was still grinning but her face was a little flushed and she had a quizzical look. She’s a sharp woman and I knew she had gotten the message. “Ok, if you say so,” she said. We talked for a few minutes more before saying our goodbyes. I had just taken a few steps when Allison called to me. “Hey Joseph,” she said. “Dancing? Yeah, right. You’re cute you know that?” I was grinning and threw my arms up as if I was clueless. She was laughing, waved to me and disappeared into her car.I was very happy about the conversation and the fact that she had bornova escort bayan gotten the message. I had given Allison something to think about and it would be interesting to see how she would react when I took the next step.I was anxious but I waited a couple of weeks before I called her. When she picked up the phone I said, “Hey beautiful, are you ready to ask me to dance yet?” “Oh, Mr. Joseph. It’s you. No time for dancing or anything else for me. I’ve got so much work to do I don’t know which way is up.””Never stress out about work Allison,” I said. “It will always be there. Listen, the reason I called is that I was wondering if you wanted to have a drink after work this afternoon? Sounds like you need one.””A drink? Just us? “Hmm. I don’t think that would be a good idea Joseph.””On the contrary I think it’s a great idea. Hey, we don’t have to do it today. I’ll call you another time.”Allison was kind of quiet as we said our goodbyes on the phone. But she never told me not to call her back. I saw that as reason for encouragement. When I’m trying to seduce a beautiful piece of ass, I always look for even the smallest signs of encouragement.I called her twice more in the next few weeks and both times she said she couldn’t meet me. But they weren’t blanket refusals. She said she couldn’t meet me because of scheduling conflicts. Her attitude had softened and I could tell from our brief conversation that she had been thinking about me and that a breakthrough was imminent. She finally opened the door during my third request for her to meet me. “I’m sorry I keep turning you down,” she said. “Give me a call one day next week and maybe I’ll have time. I was elated. My plan was working so far. I always made it a point to compliment Allison when I talked to her. I would speak glowingly about her looks and her intelligence and her personality often and I always made a point to tell her that I appreciated our friendship. I think she could tell that I was very sincere when I complimented her. And I was sincere. I genuinely liked her as a person and as a friend. At the same time, of course, my fantasies about this gorgeous piece of ass continued. Each time I talked to her or saw her would just fuel the fire. I visualized this woman straddled on top of me, bouncing up and down on my sweet dick. I thought about fucking that big ass and sucking that sweet pussy.The real breakthrough came a week later. I knew David played golf on Saturday afternoons so I decided to call Allison at her house. This was a bold move but I thought she might be more relaxed at home.”Joseph, what a surprise,” she said. “What are you up to?””It’s such a beautiful day and I know David’s playing golf. I thought you might want to meet me for a late lunch.”Allison was silent for several seconds and then said, “Sure, I’d like that. I’m through cleaning house and I was just going to do a little shopping this afternoon.””Good,” I replied. “We can have lunch and then you can do your shopping.”We decided to meet at a small Mexican restaurant that had a patio where we could sit outside. I arrived before Allison and I was glad that I did. It was a joy watching her walk toward me. She had on white shorts, a tight, rather low-cut top and she had a radiant smile. She looked sexy as hell and I wanted to eat her on the spot.I hugged her tightly and kissed her firmly on the cheek. “Damn you look good,” I said. “Thanks for coming.” “Oh, thank you,” she said. “I’m glad you called,” she said. “I apologize for turning you down so many times. Actually I’ve been wanting to talk to you.”I started the small talk but Allison was not in the mood for idle chat. I think she had come to get the situation resolved and she immediately tried to put me on the defensive. “So Joseph, let’s get down to business,” she said. Why me? We’ve known each other for years and you’ve never shown any interest in me.”Her tone was a bit contentious but I didn’t take the bait. I was ready for the challenge. I threw it right back to her and even stepped it up a notch.”Why you? That’s a simple one to answer Allison. For all these years I have watched you and admired you. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and you exude a real sexiness that I just feel every time I am around you. Plus, you are a nice, warm and intelligent person. You have it all.””Joseph, I wasn’t born yesterday. Your compliments are nice and I appreciate them and I know you mean them. But I know that you’re trying to get me into bed.”I hesitated. “Allison, can I really say what I really want to say? I will have to use very graphic language and I don’t want to disrespect you in any way.””I’m a big girl Joseph,” she said. “Use any kind of language you want to use.””Listen, when you walk and I see that shake in your ass and I see those great, long legs, it just about drives me crazy. I have always told myself that someday I’m going to take that woman to bed. And Allison that day has come. I want your body, I want you. I want to eat your pussy and I want to put my mouth and tongue over every inch of your body. I want to fuck you in every sense of the word and I know that you want to fuck me.”Allison was silent and her face had completely changed its expression. It had turned crimson and her breathing was noticeably heavier and faster. She never expected a direct hit like that. But while my words had surprised her they had also excited her. I knew that I was making progress.Her voice shaking, she asked, “You seem pretty sure of yourself, don’t you Joseph?”I laughed. “No, actually I’m probably the least self-assured person you’ve ever met Allison. That’s with most things. But with you, at this moment in time, on this beautiful day, I am absolutely sure of myself. You and I want each other and we’re going to fuck. It’s just a matter of setting the time and the place.”Allison did not respond and I let the silence linger for several seconds. Then I said, “What are you thinking about Allison? You’re not saying anything.””Oh, just thinking about what you said I guess. “You wouldn’t be scared of getting caught? You know both of us would have a lot to lose.””I know that,” I said. “There is no way we could get together without it being absolutely discreet. I know there’s no total guarantee of that but we can get pretty close if we’re smart about it. And let’s be totally honest about it too. Part of the thrill of us getting together would be the illicit nature of it. Fucking somebody I’m not supposed to be fucking turns me on Allison. It adds to the excitement and the lust. Let’s face it. Just being here alone together today, knowing we’re not supposed to be, is exciting for both of us. Now isn’t it?”She laughed. “You, my friend, have an answer for everything.”I kept up the pressure. “When it comes to pussy, yes, I do have all the answers,” I said. And I want your pussy Allison. The question is whether you want me. Are you attracted to me Allison?””Oh Joseph. You know I want you. I’ve always been attracted to you. I have fantasized about you for years. You have the sexiest brown eyes I have ever seen in my life. You’re just a damn good looking man, very hard for me or any woman to resist. Women talk you know. You’ve been our topic of conversation on more than one occasion.”Now it was my turn to blush and to start breathing heavily with excitement. I was almost speechless. “You have no idea how much it excites me to hear you say that. I hope everything you heard about me was good. But all I care about right now is what you think of me. So, where should we meet?”Allison laughed and it sort of broke the tension. “That was quick. I guess you just assumed that I’ve already said ‘yes’. But…I guess I have.”I reached over, grabbed her hand and squeezed it. I leaned over and looked directly into her eyes. “You won’t regret it and I won’t disappoint you.”Before she could have second thoughts I moved the conversation quickly to the next step. “So where and when do we meet? I was thinking about finding a motel out of town somewhere and just meeting there.””No, I would rather not do that. No motels. But I do have a thought. You know David and I have that lake house. Would you mind driving up there and meeting me there?””No, not at all. How far a drive is it?””A little more than an hour. It’s a pretty easy drive. Why don’t I give you directions and we’ll just meet there. It’s private and no one will even know we’re there.””Great,” I said. “So now all we have to figure out is what day and time.””Well, Friday would probably be best for me,” she said. “It’s our slow day at work and I could probably take off about mid-morning.””Friday would be good for me too. I’ve got plenty of vacation time built up so I can take off ½ a day or all day if I need to. That would give us all afternoon. I could leave work at 11 and I should be there by 12:30 at the latest. Would that work?””Sounds good. I’ll probably get there a little earlier. I’ll e-mail you the directions. Like I said, it’s pretty easy to find. Allison shook her head. “I can’t believe I’m doing this but I have to admit that I’m excited.”With the situation resolved and the decision made, Allison and I both relaxed and enjoyed our lunch. We talked and laughed and had a good time. It was almost as if we were already lovers and we were both beaming. The anticipation of the coming encounter was extremely exciting.When we got up to leave and said our goodbyes, I said, “Listen I want you to walk away first. I want to watch you walk and I want to see that ass that I’m going to be eating for lunch this Friday.””Sure thing Joseph. Whatever you want.” She started to walk away and then looked back at me quickly and winked. I watched her walk, that gorgeous ass in motion once again. I couldn’t believe that this had finally happened. I was actually going to fuck Allison, pretty, proper, sexy as hell Allison. Friday would not come soon enough.The following Friday turned out to be beautiful and sunny and the drive up to Allison’s lake house was easy. Her directions were perfect and I had no trouble finding it. I have to admit that I remember very little about the drive because my mind was in overdrive thinking about this fantastic woman who I was about to fuck. I fantasized many different scenarios but I decided that the best thing to do in this case would be to just allow things to happen naturally.Allison had arrived first and when she greeted me at the door I had to smile. She had remembered me talking about how she great she looked in a skirt and boots and that’s exactly what she was wearing. The skirt, however, was very short, probably a full two inches shorter than anything I had seen her dressed in before. But even more surprising than the skirt was her blouse. It was a thin fabric that was very, very low cut, revealing all of her tits down to her nipples. She did not have on a bra and her nipples were protruding unmercifully. It was an incredible feast for a horny man’s eyes.”Wow,” I said. “Let me look at you Allison. You are spectacular.””Thank you Joseph. You would never believe how much I’ve agonized over what to wear. I settled on this. I’m glad you like it.”Allison fixed us both a stiff drink and we sat next to each other on the sofa. We talked for a few minutes, both of us a little nervous. It was exciting just to be alone with her, to be able to touch her and look into her eyes. After the second drink for both of us, I was ready. I began massaging her legs and thighs with one hand and her neck, face and arms with the other. I was getting her hotter and hotter and she began to moan and squirm in her seat. “So Allison, do you want me to tell you what I’m going to do to you or do you want me to just go ahead and show you?””Hmm…I think I’d like you to tell me,” she said. “I’m glad you said that.”I put my right arm around her shoulder and let my left hand rest in her lap. “I think the first thing I’m going to do is kiss your forehead and then kiss each cheek, and then maybe a kiss or two on that sweet spot just below your eyes. I will let those kisses linger as a savor the taste and smell of your flesh for the first time. Then I will move down to that gorgeous neck and tenderly kiss and lick before moving down to your chest. Does it sound good so far?”Her breathing was heavy as she eyed me intently. “Yes it does,” she said. “Don’t stop.” We both laughed.”What a moment it will be when I come face to face with your beautiful tits. I will pause just to look at them as they sit there looking so beautiful, those nipples so erect, just waiting on me to attack them. Allison, I love a woman’s nipples and I am extremely turned on by very sensitive nipples. My goal is to find a woman whose nipples are so sensitive that just by breathing on them I can make her come. I wonder if you might be that woman.”Allison looked at me with as much lust in her eyes as I have ever seen from a woman.”I may be,” she said. “I just may be.”My hands continued to roam all over this woman’s body as I continued my narrative on what I planned to do to her. “Right now Allison I can only imagine what your nipples look like. I can’t wait to see them. I’m going to take my tongue and taste them and circle around them. I’m going to make sure they are good and hard. Then I’m going put your nipple in my mouth and start sucking, first softly and then with long, hard sucks. I will then encircle your tit with my hand and force as much of it as possible into my mouth. I will then suck and eat your big tits, first one and then the other, my mouth moving faster and faster and my tongue licking harder and harder. After I have thoroughly sucked your big tits, I will move escort bornova down to the ultimate prize. Nobody likes to eat pussy more than I do Allison and I plan to eat yours until there is not a single ounce of energy left in my body.”Allison was squirming as I ran my left hand roughly across her clothed chest and down to her stocking-clad legs. She spoke up. “You know Joseph,” she said. “I’ve changed my mind.” I don’t want to hear any more talk. I want you to fuck me right now.”With unbridled lust we sprang into each other’s arms, our hunger out of control as our lips met forcefully. Our tongues locked together as the heat we felt for each other reached its pinnacle.Allison and I were both groaning with pleasure. Our kiss was one of the longest, most passionate I have ever experienced. I broke the kiss, but only for a second before plunging my tongue into her mouth again. We were on fire, the moans loud and from a place deep within us. I broke free from her lips and began my journey downward, my mouth pressed hard against her neck, then her chest, and finally her hips. Now on my knees I pulled her skirt up to reveal those magnificent heavy, dark thighs and those dainty, pretty, black bikini panties. I admired my view with a trancelike gaze, always amazed at the unlimited sexual power of a woman’s hips, thighs and pussy.I reached under her, grabbed her big ass with both hands and lifted her into my arms. She let out a light scream. She locked her legs around my chest as I carried her to the bed. I dropped her onto the edge of the bed and knelt in front of her. She helped me as I eagerly removed her panties, exposing her beautiful, glistening, sex-filled pussy. After all of the dreams and all of the fantasizing, here it was. Her pussy was right in front of me and it was mine. All I could think about was eating, licking and sucking. I gave her pussy a hard, long kiss, inhaling that wonderful scent at the same time. I found the opening and inserted my tongue, pushing her hips against me so that I could explore as deep as possible into her pussy. With my tongue firmly outstretched as far as I could take it, I began to wiggle it furiously, up and down, side to side. Allison bucked her hips wildly and was screaming with pleasure. She came repeatedly and her warm juices flowed onto my face. I was in heaven.I abruptly pulled my head from between her legs, looked up at her and gasped “Allison it’s time to fuck.”I slid her body toward the head of the bed and positioned myself between her legs. My dick was raging as I entered that spectacular pussy for the first time. Allison inhaled deeply, her eyes got as big as saucers and she rose up, looking at me with complete and total lust. Her body was shaking almost violently, so much so that I was taken aback for a second, but only for a second. I immediately recognized what was happening. This was a woman who had not tasted a dick in a long time and her reaction was like an explosion. My dick was like a match that had touched off an inferno of built-up sexual fire.One of my great pleasures in seducing and fucking a beautiful woman is that initial moment when I put my dick into her strange pussy for the first time. But not even that can compare to the exhilaration of watching an incredible sexual creature reacting to getting a strange dick for the first time, especially a sex-starved woman like Allison.Allison was letting out loud, guttural noises and she was digging her fingers hard into my back. I tried to slow down but it was almost impossible, especially when Allison grabbed my ass and pushed hard against her pelvis. She was bucking like a wild a****l and she had a crazed look on her face. She rose up into a sitting position and locked her legs around my back. She screamed, her body almost in convulsions as she reached her powerful orgasm. I also came, pouring myself deep into her pussy.But Allison was not ready to rest. This woman was completely immersed in sexual desire. I fell on my back in exhaustion but Allison pounced right on top of me. “Oh no,” she said. “No time to rest. “You wanted to fuck me but I’m the one who is going to fuck you.”Allison started licking my face and neck while grinding her body against mine. She reached down with her right hand and began playing with my dick. She had my balls in her hand and squeezed firmly. At the same time she kissed me with incredible passion. She started sucking my tongue and then my lips and I returned the favor by licking and sucking her thick lips and then her tongue. With sex just pouring out of both us, it didn’t take long for me to be ready to fuck this woman again.”Get on top of me,” I said.Allison positioned herself across my hips and my hard dick slid into her hot, wet pussy. She shrieked with pleasure, grabbing both sides of her hair almost like she was about to pull it out. My dick was causing this woman to lose all control. I began fucking her slowly, making sure my dick went as deep inside her as possible. My hands were firmly clenched on her ass and I squeezed it and slapped it playfully. Allison was like a caged a****l that had just been set free. She was completely on fire and had every intention of fucking me senseless.Panting, she asked, “Is this what you call dancing, you motherfucker?”Dancing? No. This is what I call fucking.”When I said that I immediately started fucking her as fast and as hard as I possibly could. Allison’s eyes got as big as saucers. Sex was pouring out of her body and she kept repeating “fuck me, fuck me” over and over. I obliged by slamming into her harder and harder.My thrusts were so hard and strong that Allison was completely lifted off the bed. We both came, squeezing each other in a tight embrace as we did so. Our bodies were shaking and filled with perspiration. We both just held on to each other as we tried to allow our breathing to return to normal.Clutching her and with my dick still inside this woman, I tried to put in perspective what had just happened. I have fucked a lot of women over the years but Allison’s intensity was on a completely different level. She has a raging sexuality, an insatiability that is very rare. What I had done was unleash it, every bit of it. I realized also that it was like letting the genie out of the bottle. I knew full well that Allison would never be able to go back to a life without sex again. And that was fine with me because I planned to tap into that sexual inferno as often as I possibly could. “Joseph, what did you just do to me?” she asked. “I’ve never felt like this in my life.” “I don’t think I did anything Allison. You just love to fuck. It’s as simple as that. And I’m just glad to be the one fucking you.””Mmmm, me too,” she said.Allison and I were now lying on the bed side by side. She started kissing my face and neck and reached down with her left hand to clutch my dick. I was a long way from getting ready again but her hand felt nice and warm. She started playing with it, squeezing it lightly as we continued our passionate kisses. Even in a spent state, our clutching and kisses and caresses were still incredible.My hands soon went to her ass. With that spectacular ass that I had been fantasizing about for years finally within my grasp, I was determined to keep my hands all over it as much as possible. While I continued to squeeze her ass cheeks, Allison moved around into a 69 position. Her ass was straddled over my face and she took my dick into her mouth. The sight of her beautiful ass right in front of my mouth coupled with the sensation of this fantastic woman sucking me caused my dick to begin stirring immediately.Allison saw that I was getting hard again and she stepped up the pace, inserting my dick into her mouth as deep as possible while alternating sucks and kisses on my balls. For my part I was having my fill of her ass in my face, kissing it and squeezing it while also finding time to put my tongue in her pussy. I love eating a woman from behind, especially a woman with a great ass. While my tongue is in that pussy I can also enjoy that big ass bouncing on and off of my face. I was making an absolute pig of myself, eating all I could eat of Allison’s ass and pussy. Just at the moment that my dick returned to its full, pulsating hardness, Allison suddenly broke free and got up off the bed. I let out a funny, wincing cry of pain at the separation.”Sorry,” she said. “I don’t want you to come yet and I’ve got to go tinkle anyway.” She bent down and kissed my lips, her tits pressed against my flesh while giving my dick one more squeeze.”I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.”When Allison started to walk away, I sat up in disbelief and my mouth flew open. The site of this woman’s naked ass in motion cannot be adequately described. I have mentioned before that watching Allison walk is a real feast for the eyes and is really what initially attracted me to her. Now, after 20 years of watching this woman take that slow, sexy walk of hers in jeans, skirts and dresses and fantasizing about that ass, I was now getting that same walk, only this time in full flesh and in the most sexually charged way imaginable. I watched Allison’s ass swinging from side to side intently until she finally disappeared behind the bathroom door. An idea hit me immediately. I knew at that moment that I had to have that ass and I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom door. Allison opened it and looked at me with a moment of surprise, and then a smile.I took her hand and pulled her the few feet to the kitchen table. I positioned her against the table and leaned over her from behind. There would be no foreplay this time, none at all. “Allison, you sweet woman, you’ve been fucking me and now it’s my turn to fuck you.”I used my right hand to slide my raging dick into her pussy from behind. “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Allison panted. I grabbed that big ass and began pumping as hard and fast as I possibly could. It was like a dream and I just couldn’t believe this was happening. I had fantasized all those years about touching and fucking Allison’s ass and now the dream had become reality. This was an ultimate piece of ass and I was relishing every moment of the experience. With fucking this intense, it wasn’t long before we both came, our bodies shaking and convulsing against each other as we did so. Allison’s torso was stretched across the table and I rested mine on top of her. We were motionless, panting and just trying to catch our breath.After a few minutes of total silence, trying to get our bodies back to normal, I stood up and grabbed Allison’s hand. I led her to the bed and we both got under the covers, enjoying the feeling of being naked in each other’s arms. We cuddled and snuggled in each other’s warmth as our sweat-soaked bodies merged together. Arms, hands and legs were everywhere and I felt a real physical connection with this woman. Neither of us wanted to think about separating and ending this incredible day but eventually that time came. “Allison, we better start thinking about getting out of here,” I said. “I know,” she replied. “I was just thinking the same thing. But do we have to? Can’t we just stay here forever?” We both laughed. Allison and I ended the day by taking a nice long, hot shower together. I didn’t fuck her in the shower but she did give me one of the hottest blow jobs I have ever had in my life. With that hot water flowing down and feeling so good, Allison went to her knees and literally feasted on my dick, licking, eating and sucking like a starving a****l. She worked on my dick with incredible expertise and with extraordinary lust and enthusiasm. This woman was just as much a champion at cock sucking as she was at all other aspects of sex. Every moment of that afternoon was memorable, including getting dressed as we prepared to leave. I enjoyed just watching Allison put on her clothes, then her makeup. I looked at her intently as she put on her panties, bra and stockings, then her skirt, top and boots. I just loved looking at this incredibly beautiful and sexual woman.After finishing dressing, Allison looked at me and smiled. “How do I look?” I just shook my head. “Like a dream, a very, very wet dream.” Allison looked completely different to me at that moment. Her eyes were no longer mysterious. They were big and expressive. She was smiling and her face and entire body were glowing. I recognized this immediately as the glow of a fucked woman. Allison had been fucked thoroughly and it had changed her entire body language and appearance. “Allison, you are radiating a great energy right now and I have never seen you look happier,” I said. “Fucking definitely agrees with you.”She laughed, walked up to me and kissed me. “I have you to thank for that. This was the best afternoon of my life and I just hope we have many, many more like this one. Any time you want me you just say the word. You are a sweet man Joseph.” She reached down and gave my balls a good, hard squeeze.Driving home late that afternoon I thought about Allison, Liz and all the women I have fucked over the years. I thought about seducing them, that thrill of wanting a woman so desperately and then finding a way to make it happen. The first time with Allison was extraordinary and I looked forward to fucking her again and again. But I also looked forward to seducing the new objects of my lust, to again taste that addictive thrill of wanting them, seducing them, fucking them. I thought about my Aunt Madeline whom I had talked to at a family reunion about two months previous. She had been the object of my adolescent fantasies, a woman so extraordinarily beautiful and so full of energy and personality, a woman who oozed sex from every pore on her body. After all these years she was still a knockout. What a thrill it would be the finally fuck the woman of my boyhood dreams. At the reunion, had she not hugged me just a little harder than she should have? “Yes, Aunt Madeline,” I thought to myself, “You just might be next.”

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