Little GrannyMy mom and I have lived with my granny since I was little. Both granny and mom are petite little women. They are like four foot eight or ten and I would bet they are not close to being one hundred pounds. But they are perfectly proportioned. I have always found both women to be very sexually attractive and jerk off to them often. They both dress really classy, nice suits, showing just a touch of cleavage. Hair and makeup always done very well. But then at night they wear only large t shirts and a lot of the time nothing underneath. They both always said that being naked is nothing to be ashamed of. So I would catch a glimpse of beaver or some tit every now and then. Granny had long hair and big brown eyes and beautiful face. Her hair was silver though and this made her look even hotter. Mom had jet black hair. They could pass as sisters, as my sisters. Once I hit puberty I was jerking off every chance I got to who ever I could think about. Then I started to use pictures of granny and mom and I would squirt my load on them, sometimes I would grab a pair of panties from the laundry. I really needed some naked pictures of these two but was never sure how to get them. Then one day granny and I were home alone, mom was at work. Granny had her hair up and just a t shirt on. Her nipples were hard and I caught sight of her little snatch several times. Finally I had to go to my room to relieve my self or I was afraid I would just nut in my shorts. I got to my room and pulled a photo copy of one of granny’s swimsuit pictures and whipped out my cock and started going to town. In no time at all I pumping huge load all over the picture. I was very happy with the amount of jizz. I turned to find granny standing behind me, she had been watching the whole time. “That is a massive load of spunk for a young man. Do you always have a load that size? Or is it just because it was my picture?” granny mecidiyeköy escort said with a little laugh. Then granny said “you do not have to use pictures, I can always model for you, the real thing is always better.” Then she lifted her shirt just enough to show her neatly trimmed pussy. “Thanks granny, I will keep that in mind.” I said feeling very awkward. I did not masturbate again for several days. I just could not knowing granny knew what I was up too. Finally granny asked me if I was okay and I told her I was. But she knew better. Finally she asked if I had masturbated, it was not good to not masturbate. I blushed and said everything was fine. Granny then asked me to follow her to her room. Granny pulled off her t and laid back on her bed completely naked. “There, you can masturbate to me like this. The real thing” granny said. I stood there looking over her naked body. It was in really good shape, my cock got hard as steel. I dropped my shorts and started to stroke. But I felt uneasy with granny watching me. I stroked and stroked. Finally granny got off the bed and knelt in front of me. “Here let me help you with that.” granny said as she took my cock in her little hand. My cock looked massive in her little hand. She went to giving me a pro hand job. It felt amazing and she seemed to be really enjoying it. I started to cum, granny grabbed the t shirt she had been wearing and caught my cum with that. “That is a lot of cum.” granny said as she played with my load smearing around the shirt. “You have a nice cock, just grandpa had. Grandpa used to have huge loads like this. All the girls talked about how cum he would squirt. We all liked it.” granny said. Then to my surprise, granny stuck her finger in my load and then put it to her mouth. Wow, granny tasted my load! Then granny got up and said “I am going to throw this shirt in the laundry and head to town.” I went mecidiyeköy escort bayan back to my room and could not stop thinking about granny eating my cum. I got hard again and took a pair of grannies panties I had stashed away and stroked out another load into those while thinking about granny being naked stroking my cock and sucking down my load. A few days later I had been holding back stroking my dick. Granny again asked if I was okay and I told her I needed her help again. We went to her room. Granny got naked again and knelt down and I stood in front of her. Granny turned to move the shirt and I put my cock right there so when turned back around my hard dick hit her right in the mouth. “Almost gave you a blow job!” granny said as she pushed my cock back. Playing stupid I said “blowjob? What is a blowjob?” Granny looked at me trying to figure out if I was playing her or how she should answer. 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We both came together and I collapsed on top of her after filling her cunt with more of my jizz. “Anytime you want to drain those balls, you can drain them right here.” granny said with a smile. “Your mom and I have been wanting a man in the house to help us out with some needs we have.” granny said. “Mom knows about this?” I quizzed. “She will as soon as she gets home and I tell her.” Granny replied. “Then I am sure she will visit you in your room, she is pretty desperate for a release and in need of a good hard cock. I think you are about to get as much pussy as you can handle right here in this house. Now go to your room, I don’t want you getting to sore before your mom gets home.” granny smiled. I waited in my room and sure enough when mom came home from work she came into my room with granny. They were both naked as was I. They got on my bed and mom went after me. Within a minute my cock was buried deep inside mom’s pussy. Granny was playing with mom’s clit as I pumped her. Mom came very hard very quickly. I kept pumping away for only a few seconds more before flooding mom’s womb with a massive load of my jizz. Granny cleaned both of us up. The three of us fell asleep. From then on it was just like granny had said. I fucked granny and mom anytime I wanted. I got as much pussy as I wanted from those two.

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