Late Night Movies (chapter 6)Daddy looked deep in thought after I begged to stay up and watch movies with him and my mom. They were both more than a bit buzzed when they came in the door but now, Daddy especially had a very serious look about him. I added one more, “Pleee-heese?” and an, “I missed you!” for good measure. Daddy was contemplating and difficult to read. When hope grew, when he looked for a moment as if he might actually NOT send me to bed he looked to my mom. When I saw her expression I knew she was against it from the start. My vision went blurry as my eyes welled with tears. “B-b-but? Its not a sc-school…” I protested but in vain.”We haven’t even had the talk with him yet.” she said in a low voice to my father. Then when she looked at me her expression changed. She pitied and loved me with her eyes. Even that young I could always see how much it truly hurt her to see me or my br other unhappy. “I’m sorry, Robbie. I KNOW its not a school night but tonight’s not a good night. We’re going to bed soon.I started to argue but she just looked at Daddy. He smiled at her, “I got it hun. Make yourself a strong drink and get in that pink nightie.” Then he turned to me and patted his lap. I hopped up on his leg, wiping my tears.Just before she turned my mother looked at me and said, “Hun I’m sorry, we missed you too. Tomorrow night we can all go out and rent a movie and watch it together, wouldn’t that be fun?”. I didn’t reply and my Dad just gave her a nod and with that she went into the kitchen and started mixing a drink.”Your moms right.” was how he started and I knew this wasn’t going to go well. “Its just too late right now. You don’t have to sleep but you should lay down. Pack up the Nintendo and get in your jammies.” He said it with finality but I was desperate, braving one last beg.”But!” was all I could get out before my mom reappeared handing my dad a beer and continuing down the hall to their room.”Now Robert!” and with that I was banished. I took my time gathering the Nintendo controller and wires to spite them. I could hear my mom returning from the hall timidly, speaking in a low voice, “Is he still…?””Yeah.” my Dad replied, impatience in his voice.She started, “well tell me when he…””Bullshit!” he interrupted her, now clearly annoyed. “Get your ass over here!” he said without even looking her way. “Hurry up Robert!” bursa escort anger now thick in his voice. I didn’t dare defy him so I gathered all pieces to be brought in one trip and started.Mom walked past me with her drink in hand and sat on the couch next to Daddy. She was wearing a pink baby doll nightie that looked a little small for her. The frill barely reached an inch or two of her thighs, leaving her pale ass completely exposed. The nightie was entirely see-through and I paused for a moment staring at her breasts as Daddy kissed her and ran his hand over her thigh. I watched, not wanting to leave when dad turned to me and smiled, “Get in bed Bud. We love you.””merrr love you…too” I mumbled grumpily and closed the door of my room heartbroken. I could hear my father fiddling with the VCR right away and I got changed into my pajamas. I heard the flick of the lighter and their coughs. I heard my dad come down the hall and into bathroom, out again and a click of a new beer. I could hear them talking and could’ve swore I heard my name a couple times but it was hard to make out.I decided to try to sneak out there and resolved to make my move just after their next trip to the bathroom. It was extremely late and I was equally sleepy but determined. At the very least I wanted to know if Mommy watched the movies too. I heard the flush and waited as mom walked past. I waited patiently for the lighter click and the coughs that followed and used the noise to open my door unheard. The familiar blue haze filled the living room along with a layer of smoke just above my head.I had horrible timing and no movie was going. I held my breath, terrified of being heard despite my dads loud coughs masking any noise I made. I called when I reached the back of the couch. I was so tired and desperate I was actually thinking about crawling to my spot under the hide-a-bed. Risky as hell but I mustered the nerve to go and was frozen in my tracks as soon as my head peeped around the corner.There was my moms behind, open and exposed as she kneeled, going through the cabinet. I immediately crawled back a bit, back behind the back of the couch. Going to my spot would be TOO risky. When she turned to get up shed see me for sure. So there I sat…”What did you wanna watch?” my mom asked?”Taboo…” my dad said shortly.”Dehh nniss!” she retorted, a partial laugh in her voice.”Put bursa escort bayan it in. I just wanna watch one scene.””Mmhmm. Yeah right!” she said, still laughing to herself. She obeyed and put the tape in the VCR. It started playing as soon as she did and a womans moans filled the air. My Dad stood up and my heart stopped! Was he going to the bathroom again already!? If so I was as good as caught. I looked at all I could see, the back of his head as he stood there and stretched. Then I heard his belt and pants being undone. He disappeared as he bent down to remove them and reappeared just before sitting down again. He flung his pants over the back of the couch only inches from me. I heard the click of the VCR stopping, then started to either rewind or fast forward.”…an’ Chris was 3 years older than him before we let HIM watch.” I heard my mother continue on as if they were still mid conversation.”Chris is different. Robbie’s different. He catches on to things really quick, ya know?” My dad said and the VCR clicked again. Once again moan and corny music filled the air. It stopped again and carried on fast-forwarding… Or was it rewinding?”Den!” my mom said impatiently. “if were gonna talk about this then take it serious please.””Oh c’mon! You think I’m not taking it seriously? I’m just findin the scene. And as I was saying he’s caught on to a lotta things quicker. I mean he was actually WATCHING ‘Battle at Midway’ and comprehending it!” My dad retorted.”Yeah but…” my mom hesitated. “We haven’t even had the talk with him yet. I don’t want to be careless just cause YOU are excited. We had the talk and followed through with it gradually for months. I don’t think he’s ready for the talk yet.””that’s enough” My dad said harshly. I knew this tone. It was when all the family were subject to the next words as law. “Start sucking because I want your mouth full and your ears open. Its time to listen.””Yes sir” was all I heard her say then the room went quiet. I was startled by the click of the lighter and a half-sphere of orange light penetrated the blue glow. Just before my dad coughed I could hear my mom spit and then a slurping sound. Dad continued on after minimal coughing, “Now I understand the reluctance and you’re not the first to be concerned and logical. Do you think you’re smarter than me?””Hmmtmmp” was all I heard in reply escort bursa from my mother.”Then dont you think I’ve fucken thought it through?” he asked sharply to which I only heard my mother gagging abruptly and the couch shook slightly. Then I heard my mom gasp and the couch shook again. She breathed in deeply like she just came out from being underwater. “Yes sir! I’m sorry sir!”. I couldn’t be certain of what was going on but I started to feel bad. Like I got my mom in trouble.”I had the talk with Chris when he was ready.”. I could hear more slurping. “Robbie is ready and we are going to have the talk with him together. When I say. Understood?””Mmmph” I heard lips smack. “Yes sir.” and the slurping continued more vigorously. The VCR started playing and subtle music played. The top of my dads head startled me as he layed back. I had to be extra careful not to make a sound.”Dont act like you don’t want it as badly as I do. I know you better. I know you love cock!””mmhmmph” she replied muffled, Inhaled deeply then answered, “Mmm yes sir! *slurp slurp* I do! But he… *slurp slurp* he can’t even cum yet!””Mmmm but when he does…” the couch started thumping and I heard my mom gagging and choking. “when he fucken does you’re going to… Going to be there to lick it all… Lick it all up aren’t you? Aren’t you!?” my daddy asked fiercely.”Mmmnnnyeah! Oh fuck yes sir! I want it!”The couch thumped vigorously and daddy called out loud, “awwww fuck! Awwwha fuck!” then he grunted like id never heard him. b**stly and guttural like he banged his toe against a counter or something. My moms voice was muffled and limited to indecipherable moans for some time. Then her lips smacked and I heard her speak as if her mouth were half full of juice or something.”Gan I shawllow it shur?” I heard he ask.”Swallow it.” was all Daddy said and I grew extremely worried one of them would get up. I started making my way back to my room with haste as I heard the mattress squeak as if they were getting up. I opened my door and quickly positioned myself as if I were coming OUT of my room just before Daddy rounded the corner, his shirt still on but his cock hanging below it. It swang as he bent over the back of the couch and grabbed the remote, stopping the sounds and filling the room with the blue light once again.I had already started the the bathroom and shut the door. Flushed, turned the water on and off etc. When I opened the door Daddy was standing by my bedroom door. His cock still out, he waited for me to pass and said, ” I love ya bud.””I love you too daddy” I replied and shut my door…

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