Jamaican Holiday Ch. 01Background: At the time these events happened in 2004, my wife Jaye and I had been married 21 years. At 42, she was 5′ 2″, 130 lbs (a few well upholstered curves), small A cup breasts just starting to show a little sag but still perky and jiggly, shoulder length dirty blond hair, a nice ass, gently rounded belly and hips from bearing two c***dren, a plump “fat” pussy — pouting lips and a prominent clit – and long, sensitive nipples which always look like they are erect and cause her to wear a bra for protection against chafing as well as for modesty in our mid-West community. She was embarrassed about her body, feeling her nipples and clit were “abnormal” no matter how much I told her she was beautiful and I loved them and thought them sexy. (Even when not aroused, her clit and hood push out and separate her labia. When aroused they dangle in front of her and the loose hood can be pulled back to reveal about 1 ½ inches of shaft. She was teased because of it in school, and through her adult life had kept a full bush to try to cover it. I only saw it clearly when she was shaved for the birth of our two daughters.) However, body image issues aside, she enjoyed all variations of sex — oral, vaginal, anal, and bondage/discipline. I was her first, and taught her early on to always swallow and that part of having sex was cleaning off my cock afterward. Jaye is also multi-orgasmic and once she starts into her “Big Bang” will be rocked by hard orgasmic waves sometimes going on for 5-10 minutes. I was also 42, with – for you out there who care – a 7″ moderately thick cut cock and a few extra pounds. In 2004 we went to Jamaica for a two week’s stay at a resort for our 21st wedding anniversary. As with most real couples with lives and k**s, our sex life, although generally good, had had its ups and downs, but with the youngest k** just off to college I was looking at trying to jazz it up again. We had fallen into a comfortable rut, usually some heavy petting once or twice a week followed by me eating her out to her Big Bang and then mounting her to ride out and extend her string of orgasms. Now and then we would spice it up with anal or be in the mood for straight quick dirty fucking or the occasional D/s scene. I am always looking forward to a certain look she gets when she is consumed by lust — eyes vague, eyelids half-closed, jaw slack, breasts heaving and those long nipples hard as rocks. When she gets to that point her clit is so swollen that it sticks out and the slightest caress causes her to shudder and jerk. At that point she will do anything. Unfortunately, as we went through the roller coaster of raising teenagers, it had been a while since I had seen that look. I was hoping that two weeks in the tropics at a beach resort would bring back the passion.I had done some checking and had read in blogs that a lot of folks went to this resort so the wives could get black cock. My wife and I weren’t swingers, and had never been interested in cuckolding or IR sex, although I have had the occasional fantasy. I wasn’t gaziantep escort really looking for anything to happen along those lines, but thought it might be an interesting vibe seeing what goes on while we had our own fun.We arrived on Sunday and the first couple of days we just swam, sunned, fucked and sucked, happy to leave behind our everyday existence and the roles of parents — to regain a sense of ourselves. The place had a “clothing optional” (CO) beach as well as a clothing required one for the families and tourists that hadn’t checked the place out. I had steered us over to it on the first day, but she wasn’t in the spirit to strip. She’s no prude and had gone topless on European beaches years ago. But she — well both of us — was a little shocked, not by the nudity, but by the number of naked white women hanging out — and in some cases making out — with black men — sometimes with white men who we assumed were their husbands sitting nearby. However, by Tuesday afternoon we had gotten tired of the grandmothers and k**s on the clothing beach and were more comfortable with seeing the widespread interaction of white women and Black men — and occasionally white men and Black women — all over the resort, so we headed over to the “CO” beach with Jaye wearing a one piece suit (“It’s clothing optional and I opt for clothing!”). We moved down toward a less crowded area that only had a few other people, mostly interracial couples, all white women and Black men, but a few threesomes as well. After looking around a little at the full nudity, she peeled down her top, exposing those perky breasts with their long nipples that I love. I was proud of her. Her body is in pretty good shape albeit a little padded and rounded in the belly and hips — she actually looks thinner and younger naked – and she easily held her own in comparison to the other naked women. She kept on the bottom of the suit, sun hat and sunglasses and avoided eye contact, but said nothing when I started to rub suntan oil on her back. I kept my trunks on partially to support her, but also to hide my erection. I was more turned on as I realized we were getting some curious, and a couple of appreciative, stares. Not only was it erotic oiling her up, running my slick hands over her back and thighs, but doing it in public and doing it to an audience was a real kicker.Finishing her back, I told her to roll over and sit up so I could get her front. She looked at me curiously but did so. I then had her lean back on her elbows, which pushed her breasts up and out for all to see as I spread the oil over them. She quickly became aware that she had an audience and lay down. Blushing, she pulled her hat over her face and called me a “Pervert!’ But she didn’t stop me and I continued to oil her up. It was obvious that she was intrigued because as I stroked her breasts the nipples stood up harder and longer and her legs separated slightly. Eventually she commented that her breasts were probably well protected so I continued down her belly and onto her thighs and legs. Working back up her inner thighs, I suggested she remove her suit completely — there were a variety of totally naked people all around — but she refused.We lay and sunned for a while, mindful of the playtime activities of the naked white women and Black men around us. Apparently, sun burn on genitals is a real problem because there was a lot of oiling going on. Black men stroking white women’s breasts and crotches, white women oiling up muscled Black bodies and cocks, even some white men oiling up their women in front of the Black men. The crowd thinned and after a while there was only one threesome about 15 yards from us. An older, flabby, bald, white man with a shriveled cock and hanging balls was oiling up a large, naked, well-muscled Black man as the woman watched. She was also middle aged with a wide butt, pendulous breasts and a rounded belly, but not gross – sort of Rubens-esque but with bigger boobs. The Black man was reclining back on an elbow, his large Black cock, even though flaccid, laying across his thigh, with his other arm around the naked white woman. Her white husband – I could see the glint of his wedding band — kneeled in front of them and started to apply the oil to the Black man’s thighs. The Black man noticed that we were watching and had the husband move to the side so we could see all three of them. The husband continued oiling the Black man’s legs then did his shoulders and cut chest and abs, working his way down his belly to his crotch. Both my wife and I were mesmerized watching this play out.The Black man spoke to the husband who stopped oiling and shuffled on his knees through the sand to the other side of his wife and started to apply oil to her breasts and then between her thighs, for which she spread her legs, giving us a view of her shaved pussy as her husband applied the oil first to her labia, then pushed two fingers into her.Jaye gasped at that and I looked over to see her breasts heaving, nipples distended.The Wife started to breathe heavier, I guess, because her boobs started to lift higher as her husband kept sliding his fingers into her.Then, at a word from the Black man, the husband shuffled back to his master’s side and proceeded to apply oil to the Black cock, and very large set of balls, sliding his white hand up and down. The Black man smiled at us and cupped the woman’s large breast — jiggling it at us. She smiled as well and then turned her head and kissed the Black man, obviously sucking on his thick lips and tongue.The Black cock seemed to grow in length and thickness as the husband stroked it. Eventually it was standing straight up.My wife let out a moan. “Let’s get out of here! Now!”With that we headed back, my wife topless and seemingly unconcerned as we passed through the pool bar area to our cabana where she peeled off her suit and grabbed my cock, rasping out “I’m so horny! Do me now!!” I pushed her down on the bed and slid my fingers along her crack — it was juicing freely and her clit was hard. Our entertainment on the beach had fired me up as well and I was hard, so I mounted her without my usual pussy eating. She was so wet that when I positioned my cockhead against her pussy lips, it slid in without resistance and I bottomed out hard. She let out a grunt and then, surprisingly, came immediately. I paused to let the wave roll over her but she grabbed my hips and pulled me back in.”Don’t stop!! Ungh! Keep going!! Agghh! God you feel so big and hard! Keep going! Yes!” She is never a dead fish during sex but she had never been this vocal nor come so quickly.With our excitement levels and her urging me to cum, I banged away for about 3 minutes and another of her orgasms before I came at last with a roar. After a quick rest and clean up, we fucked and sucked more slowly, me coming once more, her having a Big Bang, both from my eating her and from my cock. Finally, she said she was too sensitive to continue.After a nap to recuperate, we headed out for dinner, talking about what we had been seeing. Dinner talk”Why do these white women come for Black guys?” Jaye asked. I offered that it seemed like this was a great place for an adventure — away from home and moral strictures, a chance to try the forbidden.”Yeah, but what about the white married women?” I didn’t have an answer there, beyond maybe that the adventure thing still held and maybe they weren’t getting what they wanted at home.”But what about their husbands HELPING!” I hadn’t figured that out.Dinner came and we ate a little.”Would you want me to have a Black guy?” I thought for a moment. “I’m not sure. I had a real rush oiling you up in public. I was very proud of your poise and how beautiful you are (she sniffed in rejection of the compliment). As to being with another guy, I don’t know. Probably not. Maybe. I guess if you wanted to as long as it didn’t change our relationship. As an adventure. Here. But I’m not aching for it to happen.”This put the question back on her and I could see she wasn’t happy with the answer.The resort restaurant provided a Caribbean show after 9 PM — calypso music, steel drums, and Limbo dancing lessons. We had noticed that although the mixed couples were much in evidence at dinner they seemed to disappear before the show, which was lame tourist stuff for the families and oldies. After only two nights it was already stale.We asked one of the Black waiters about that and he suggested that if we wanted a more “authentic” experience, we should go to “Z’club.” It was technically not on the resort so non-guests — locals — could frequent it, yet within easy walking distance down the beach. I asked about the French name on an English island and he said it was Jamaican slang for “Zebra Club.” “Try it, I tink ya lady really like it – most folk who come here do” he said, giving my wife a long appreciative look.After he left, a couple at the next table said that they had heard the waiter talking about Z’club. They were familiar with it and were going over about 10pm and would be happy to show us if we were interested. We thought about it for a minute, but Jaye declined and we headed back for our cabana — fucked out but pleasantly so. We tried the show one more time, but realized we should have gone with them.

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