I was a naughty lil boy this weekend :)So i had a pretty interesting weekend I thought I would share!!My friend was throwing a small get together this past weekend and yay I was invited!! I don’t really party at all, but somehow this weekend I broke some rules… It was for a football game that was a night game, so everyone started hitting the alcohol and i*****ls pretty early :/ I knew there was going to be mostly guys there Tim, Eric, Alex and Jenna to be exact.. and they all like to party, so I thought I would plan ahead a bit; go fishing a lil ya know!! I put on new pair of light pink thongs and shaved my body smooth, just incase I ran into some drunk horny boys, i would let my pink thong show a bit and to flash a sign/invite to play. I only knew Jenna and Eric, but Alex and Tim were friends of Jenna’s from work. Tim talked with a little lisp and was a lil chubby but not fat. I assumed eveyone there was pretty straight and didnt get a gay vibe only that Tim had a little lisp so it crossed my mind he might be in the closet or I could be completely wrong. Everyone else had bf’s and Gf’s and Tim and I were the only single ones. The game finally ended after everyone had been drinking like crazy and Everyone decided to stay the night and not drive home. Towards 2 in the morning everyone started getting tired and Jenna decided to find places for everyone to sleep. She let Eric stay in her room, Alex in the spare bedroom and me, Tim and Jenna slept out in the living room. She has one of those wrap around sectional sofas and it can fit 2 comfortably and 3 snugly. Jenna decided she was going to put on a movie for the 3 of us so we could all fall asleep. All 3 of us decided we would sleep on a part of the couch. Jenna is very tiny and literally curled into a ball on the far corner of the couch. So it ended up working out well. Jenna must of dozed off about 5 minutes after the movie came on and she is known for being a light weight anyways. Me and Tim had done some white party favors (which he brought, and i havent done in 10 years) and we were wide awake. It was pretty good stuff and it made me all tingly and horny in all the right spots!! I went to use the bathroom and figured why not take a chance. I fixed my sweat pants so the back of my thong was showing. I femininely walked in front of Tim so that he would see my cute pink thong and that might get his mind wandering and maybe he felt as horny as me? I walked by him and slightly bent over to grab the ashtray from the floor which was right in front of the TV and him. He had to have seen them, I don’t think I could have made it more obvious. I turned around quickly and gave him a devilish bursa escort smile as I bit my lower lip and walked back to my spot on the couch. I was laying down with my feet close to his feet and we were facing each other feet almost touching. we turned off the light and continued to watch the movie. I had a very stiff erection just laying there with all my body parts feeling nice and tingly, thinking about a hot throbbing cock! Neither of us had blankets and i could see Tim kept putting his hand down his pants from time to time adjusting himself. I kept “accidentally” touching Tim’s foot with my foot each time getting bolder and bolder and to see if I would get called out on it. Each time he didnt call me out for rubbing my foot on his, I tried to push it farther. Finally, after I got my courage up about 10 minutes later, I started to caress the inside of his foot and leg with my foot. He opened up his legs more and still didnt push me away. Jenna was on the floor still sleeping and she thinks all of us are straight btw 🙂 After Tim opened his legs wider I could see his a slight bulge in his pants that appeared to be getting bigger. He still isnt looking at me and his eyes are still shut. I got up and arranged myself on the couch so that my head was now by his feet. I noticed his cock was bulging through his jeans and he had his top button undone. My cock was throbbing and my mind was racing. I got comfortable again and Tim opened his legs even wider. I thought to myself, “just go for it, he would have stopped you by now.” I reached my right hand over and slipped it into his lower pant leg and started to caress his the skin of his calf. Tim was panting lightly and he unzipped his zipper slowly and quietly so Jenna did not hear. He seemed excited but scarred to get caught. I knew at this point that my risks had paid off 🙂 I took my hand out of his lower pant leg and slid/positioned myself halfway into his wide open lap, so my head was by his inner thighs. I reached my right over his backside and started to lightly caress and squeeze his ass. He was thrusting me lightly as if he wanted me to do more. He for the first time looked at me at gave me the “sssshhhhhh” face with his finger in front of his lips. I licked my lips and smiled at him. he smiled back and tilted his head back and closed his eyes again. I slowly & quietly pulled his pants down about 12 inches, just enough so that his boxers were completely showing. It looked like they were half soaked in precum, he must of been thinking the same thing as me lol. I got on my knees quietly between his lap and looked over at Jenna. She was facing our direction but seemed bursa escort bayan to be out like a light. I pulled his pants down just a bit farther and reached around to the back of his boxers with both hands. I was caressing his bare ass with both hands as I started to kiss his inner thigh slowly. I squeezed his back side and the slow soft kisses started getting closer and closer to his cock. I wanted to go slow and make him super super horny, which seemed to be working btw!! He poked his cock through the hole of his boxers. The head of his penis was covered in precum, which made me throb even more!! I love the taste of precum, my mouth was watering & eyes widened. I slid my hands up the side of his shirt slowly rubbing my fingers down the side of his body, then lowered my head. Tim had a very thick cock with average lenth. His balls were nice and smooth and tight. They matched his cock well and had a larger than average package all together. I gently caressed his balls while I took him into my mouth. Tim gave a sigh of relief and a very light moan. I wrapped my mouth around his thick cock and slowly took it all the way down to the base. As i pulled it out slowly, I swirled my tongue repeatedly around the shaft and would end on the head swirling and lightly kissing it. I gently kissed the head of his cock, gave a few slow licks and took it down to the base/balls again. I was trying to be real quiet so Jenna didnt hear me, so I couldn’t give him a wet, slirping, sloppy, slutty, put me on my knees kind of blow job 🙂 It was a slow and steady and deep, reaching my lips to the base of his cock on every thrust of my head. Everytime I slid him all the way down I would stop at the base of his balls and moan lightly so he could feel the reverberations all through his cock. I gently massaged his buttocks as I slid him in and out. He reached over and put his hand behind my head, caressing the back of my neck. I kept massaging and sucking and moaning keeping a steady pace, worshipping his cock. I had my ass in the air in a feminine doggy-style position, as i worked on his throbbing cock, lapping up the precum dying for him to erupt into my mouth with his creamy goodness. I savored every inch of his thick stout cock as I went back and forth smashing my lips into his base and balls. We pretty much forgot all about Jenna we were so into it!! I wish you boys could have seen me, you would have wanted to be next I promise. If only someone would have mounted me from behind at the same time :p mmmm lol. I sucked on Tim, repeating my swirls & groans, caressing his soft plump ass. He started pushing more on the back of my neck. I really started escort bursa to pick up the pace knowing he was about to cum in my mputh at any minute. Tim’s legs started to stiffen and he looked very focused. The slurps and mixing of saliva and precum where getting a little loud at this point, but I couldn’t really help it, nor could i control my self. Tim started to groan and I was going from head to base at a high pace, deepthroating every inch of him. Tim stiffened like a board and just as I got to the base of his cock I felt him gushing his warm creamy goo into my mouth. I pressed my lips all way to his balls arched my butt up, immediately moaning as he continued to spill himself into my mouth. I swallowed all of him without hesitation. Each time he spirted a little less.. I paused, moaned & swallowed as my lips still lay pressed all the way to his balls. I was squeezing him tightly and he came heavily… it was very thick, but pretty tasty too!! Not a drop was missed!! my whole throat and inside of my mouth was lined with cum. I swallowed about 5 nice full gulps down, especially the first one filled my whole mouth. I slowly kissed his cock, balls and inside of his leg as he calmed down. Shortly after he fell right asleep… Imagine that lol….All night I savored his left over cum lingering in the back of my throat. I rolled over with a smile and fell asleep too!When i awoke the next day, everyone had already left but Jenna and I. I finally got up around noon and helped Jenna pick up and clean. She was overly friendly with me and seemed to be in a very good mood. We had finished cleaning and Jenna was still all smiley. I was praying she did not hear us… Finally, I asked her why she was in such a good mood. She comes over to me and says.. “sweety your lil undies are hanging out, they are adorable” I completely forgot I had worn a pink thong over and didnt realize the back was visible to her the entire time!!!!!!! I said OMG, i didnt know what to say, i was frozen and busted lol. I prolly looked like a deer in headlights. She said “dont worry sugar your secret is safe with me. You guys thought I was sleeping last night but I was awake the whole time I just didnt want to interrupt, you were pretty into it and I didnt want to be rude” At this point I begged her not to tell anyone. She promised me she wouldn’t and laughed. She kept saying “dont worry, your fine” and then asked if I could maybe give her a couple pointers, since she saw me making love to Tim’s cock with my mouth half the night. She said “you give one hell of a bj, I could learn a thing or 2 from you” as she winked and smiled at me. We both laughed and I made my way out the front door and home I went!!! I couldnt believe sexy little Jenna watched me suck Tim’s dick!!!!!!!!!!!!Im still kinda nervous to talk to her!!!! Pretty awesome night if you ask me!!!! Hope you thought so too :))))))

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