Anal Fucking

I and robbyWhen David and I moved from the city to far out in the country, his fears of me being alone on those nights he had to work late, or the times he had to travel began to make him feel uneasy about our decision to move. He tried to get me to agree to a purchase of a gun, and for me to take shooting lessons, but that was entirely out of the question. Still his fears lingered and he did convince me to allow him to get a dog for my protection.The first place we checked out was the a****l shelter. I figured if we were going to get a dog, why not save one from being put to sleep. David was quick to check out the very large vicious looking breeds, while I was more into the smaller loving looking kind. When I spotted a small cuddly bundle of fur, my heart opened and that little thing crawled right in. I knew she wasn’t all that big, but maybe she would learn to bark really mean and scare the boogey man away.One look and David surprisingly agreed with my selection. Two things I didn’t know when I picked her out was, first she was a he, and secondly he was Rottwiler that would grow to be large, quite large in fact.My first decision concerning the dog was just what to name her, I mean him. Since I always loved the name Robby that name shot into my head. So for the next three days I constantly called our new addition by his new name until he finally realized just what I was getting at.As the months passed by, I began to realize that this cute bundle of fur was getting rather large, and ate like there was no tomorrow. I don’t know exactly how old he was, but we had him for just over a year when David left us for the first time to travel out east on his job. He was too be gone for just over a week, and kept going over all the things that I shouldn’t do while alone. You know don’t talk to strangers; don’t let anyone in the house, etc. etc. I guess I convinced him that I would be ok alone, and he finally left for the airport. That afternoon I went into town and picked out a couple of videos and planned to spend a very quiet, but very lonely Saturday evening watching movies.The first movie was really boring, and I quickly ejected it and began to insert the other when my attention turned to what was on the television. Since we now lived way out in the boonies, David had subscribed to a satellite system that doesn’t quite censor what is aired, like the cable company does. There on the screen in front of me was a bedroom scene of two lovers having quite a time. I stood there a few minutes watching what was taking place on the screen, before I moved over to the couch to be a little more comfortable.It was like I was in a trance as the movie became more and more explicit. When it finally ended, I had to take a really deep breath to calm my shaking nerves. The screen now remained blank, and I pressed the channel changer to try and find something of interest. The very next channel upwards was another adult station that was even more graphic than the last. There on the screen if front of me were scenes of a woman doing things I had only fantasized about, but never committed. I began to feel really turned on canlı bahis by what was happening in the movie, and I felt the wetness begin to build in my panties. Without actually thinking of what I was doing, my hand moved down and across my excited pussy. I let a sigh of relief that the movie had ended before I knew I would be past the point of no return, and with David out of town the rest of the night would be quite frustrating. I turned out the lights and headed up the stairs for what I hoped would be a very pleasant and sound sleep. Robby, as usual, beat me up the stairs and was wagging his tail while curled up on the foot of my bed.After empting my bladder and brushing my teeth, I slid off my moistened panties and bra and slid on my nightie. As I closed my eyes and tried to relax and fade into slumber, the images of what I had seen on television were now replaying in my mind. Now half asleep, I again felt the wetness ooze from my excited pussy. I slowly traced my slit with my finger up and down, when I finally had to give my engorged clit some satisfaction. I sat up and pulled my nightgown over my head and kicked off the blanket that covered my excited body. Legs spread ever so slightly, I began to probe a finger into my now dripping cunt, while my thumb encircled my clit. I moved my hand slowly up across my stomach and tugged and gently pinched both nipples. Suddenly I felt something warm and soft run across my cunt rapidly and flicked against my excited clit. My body shook with pleasure, then again with embarrassment as I realized what had happened.Robby must have noticed the aroma my excited cunt expelled, and he naturally had to find the source. Being one of those dogs that are constantly showing affection by licking, he naturally gave me a tender lick. I tried to close my parted legs, but Robby had now already moved between them and was now trying to get another lick or two at my pussy. When I tried to scoot upwards on the bed, I only succeeded in allowing Robby even more access to my dripping pussy. One, two, then three quick flicks of his long warm tongue, and I was on the verge of actually having an orgasm. I pushed at his large head with my foot and finally was able to free my self and started to crawl to the other side of the bed. In a heartbeat, Robby leaped forward and mounted me like I was a female dog. I felt him starting to hump against me and I tried in vain to free my self. No with my face against the headboard, I now had now more room to move. Trapped, I tried to curl up a bit, but Robby kept humping and I now could feel his wetness against my legs. I felt him start to dismount me, and I slowly slid one leg off of the bed. Just as I thought I would soon be free, Robby lurched forward and again was humping into me. This time, with one leg on the floor I was vulnerable to his attack. Within in seconds, I felt his cock against the entrance of my pussy. One more hump, and Robby had succeeded in actually entering me. He began to piton in and out of me like a machine and I soon felt his doggy cum shoot up inside of me. Seconds later he climbed off of me and hopped of the bed. bahis siteleri I jumped up and ran to the bathroom and climbed into the shower. I shook with disgust as I thought of actually being ****d by my dog.When I finally re-entered the bedroom, Robby was lying in the corner licking his cum and my pussy juices from his still engorged cock. It was then that I got a glimpse of the massive tool that ravaged my cunt. He looked up at me with those big brown eyes, and I smiled. How could I be upset with such a sweetheart of a puppy? He must have sensed my feeling, as he now was standing there wagging his big tail. It only took the slightest motion for him to once again be curled up on the foot of my bed.The next morning I sipped my freshly brewed coffee while the events of last evening skipped in and out of my thoughts. Did Robby really fuck me, or did I just dream it? I finally got up from the table and opened the back door and called for Robby. Seconds later he came bounding up the back steps and ran circles around me all the way to he food dish. When I bent over and looked on the pantry shelf for his favorite morning treat, my short nightgown pulled up and exposed my naked ass. Suddenly Robby again moved close and gave my crotch two gently laps from his long and warm tongue. This time I was able to quickly stand up and move away from him. Looking down at his big brown eyes, I scolded. “Bad boy Robby. You shouldn’t do that.” It didn’t appear that he understood why I was scolding him, and I could hear that almost silent whine come from deep inside I just sighed, and gave his head a little pet, and now it seemed like all was ok.Leaving Robby to chow down his bowl of Purina, I headed upstairs to a warm shower and to slip on my bikini. Today, I planed to just lie by the pool all day long. When I came back down, Robby raced me to the door and he headed straight to where he knew I was headed.The warm sun felt good against my bare skin and I sat forward and unhooked the top and slid it off. Since no one could see me, I figured my tan would look a lot better if my whole body were tanned. After rubbing in my suntan oil I leaned back and enjoyed the warmth of the sun. Suddenly thought of last night again returned, and I actually started to become aroused. Finally I just had to get these thoughts out of my mind and sat up to put my top back on. A nice warm shower and a nap should take care of everything.As I came out from the shower, I could see that Robby already had his favorite spot at the foot of the bed. I gave his head a little scratch as I plopped down next to him. He rolled on his side, and I knew that was he way of asking me to scratch his belly. While I ran my nails over his soft belly, I wrestled with him a bit. I noticed that the excitement was actually arousing Robby. I could plainly see his doggy cock starting to protrude from the hairy sheath that protected it. I don’t know why, but I ran my hand over it as I thought. “So this is what you stuck in me last night.” I then felt his cock start to harden a bit, and stared in shock at the actual size of it. Little did I know that what was güvenilir bahis showing wasn’t even half of it’s full size. Like I was in a trance, I began to stroke his sheath until a good nine inches were now exposed. I then could see a huge bulge of some sort forming that grew to the size of a baseball at the base of his pink colored cock. I learned later that this was known as his “knot”, which forms a seal in a females cunt to keep the sperm from seeping out, thus insuring the female dog would become pregnant.I saw what I guessed was pre-cum oozing from the tip of his cock while I felt my own wetness begin to form. One hand was gently massaging Robby’s cock, while the other rubbed my moist slit. Suddenly Robby sat up and his nose pointed upwards and he began to sniff. Realizing where the aroma was coming from, Robby nudged his nose against the hand that covered my cunt. Now with two hands, I pulled open the lips of my exited cunt and allowed Robby to devour my flowing juices. The more he lapped at my pussy, the wetter I got. The wetter I got the more he licked. Spreading my juices over my clit got Robby to give that part of my cunt some attention. Seconds later I exploded in the wildest orgasm I had every experienced, while Robby continued his assault on my cunt. I now needed to feel him penetrate me with that monster cock of his and turned over and knelt on all fours in front of him. Robby was not stupid, and instantly he began to mount me. This time I helped guide his massive cock inside my wanting cunt. I placed my elbows on the bed and relaxed the best I could while Robby plunged his cock deep into my pussy. Suddenly I felt that large ball at the base of his cock bang against my cunt, and I knew I wanted that to also enter my pussy. I relaxed the best I could and finally I felt it press past my pussy lips and slid inside my cunt. I now gripped the bulb with my cunt as best I could while Robby fucked me for all he was worth. That large ball was now attacking my “g” spot, and I began convulsing as my body was racked in orgasm. Robby now was entering his climax, and I could fell his very hot cum shooting up in my pussy. When he was finished, he somehow turned and we were locked together, ass to ass. I felt Robby try to pull away and it felt like my cunt was being pulled inside out. Suddenly I head a pop as he succeeded in pulling his cock from my cunt and dog cum gushed from my gaping hole.Robby fucked my a total of six times that weekend, and each time seemed better than the last. I was so totally satisfied, that I did for Robby what I never did for David. I sat on the floor against the couch and had Robby place he front paws on the cushions and I moved under his stomach. I then slid down a bit and pulled Robby close and flicked my tongue over his cock. Soon he became aroused and began pumping his cock into my greedy mouth. I swirled my tongue over his cock while he throat fucked me. I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could when Robby began to cum, and I couldn’t believe just how good his cum tasted.When David goes out of town again, Robby is going to enjoy another one of David’s fantasies that I refused, Robby is going to get to plunge his beautiful cock deep into my virgins ass. I just hope that I can somehow get his knot inside me. I know that is something Robby would like, and I just know I would.Y

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