Gassed in an ElevatorThis is just a short story inspired by an excellent tale I read on here, but please know that this is entirely fictional, and is my own creation, please enjoy :)—————————————————————————————————“Ok, I’ll see you sometime soon, thank you for the nice tea, speak soon!”I chirped to my friend, having just kissed her goodbye on the cheek. I only visited her for a couple hours to have a good ol’ girlie natter over a cup of tea at her single-bedroom apartment. She said one last “bye” before closing her door as I headed to the lift.She lived just a few floors down from the top floor of the high-rise building.I pressed the button and within 2mins the door pinged open, and in I walked, pressing the button for the ground floor.Only one floor down, and the lift stopped, opening up to reveal a very large lady of about 30,I felt the floor of the lift move down an inch or 2 underfoot as she stepped in.Although being a very heavy-set gal, she was actually really attractive, with deep dark reddish hair and big plump lips of bright red lipstick. She was wearing a long black t-shirt with a leopard print belt around her waist which only served to show off her big buxom boobs.She also wore tight black leggings, which showed off her very ample Reubenesque figure, and the flesh of her feet and ankles were barely contained in her leopard print lace flat shoes.”Ground floor?” I politely ask her, looking up at her as she stood beside me. She towered over me being nearly 6ft tall.”Please.” She responded with a little smile. I pushed the ground floor button again anddown the lift went. I kept peeking at her, I was fixated by her beefy size and beauty.Suddenly… *Clang!* the lift jolted to a stop. The lights flickered off and on.Finally settling back to their normal humming glow of pale blue light.She nearly tumbled over but pressed her large soft hand onto my shoulder to steady herself,only to knock me off balance and slamming my other shoulder against the cold hard steel wall.”Oww!” I winced, clutching my shoulder.”Oh god I’m so sorry!” She hurried an apology.”It’s ok don’t worry.” I reassured as she put a much more gentle hand onto my unhurt shoulder.”Looks like we’re stuck here…” She sighed, inspecting the buttoned panel for the help button.She pressed it but to no response.”I don’t think anyone is around, I didn’t see a security guard at the entrance when I came here.”I explained to her, trying to remain calm.”Oh god, yeah they’re useless here.” She tutted.I pulled out my phone from my purse but there was no signal, and the same for her phone as she pulled hers out.”Shit! Last time this happened I was stuck in here for a few hours ’til help finally came,I thought they had fixed this lift!”She frustrated.”Your joking?! Oh god, I’m going to miss my TV show…”I sighed.”Your TV show? What about my date tonight?”She reacted.”Aww no, I’m sorry to hear that, wondered where you was going buca escort all dressed up real pretty like this.”I cooed which eased the tension in the air.”You think I look pretty?”She asked, a little surprised by my comment.”Yeah, you look real glam!”I grinned.”Why thank you.”She blushed.A minute or 2 of awkward silence passed before it was broken by an unpleasant gurgling sound emanated from her bloated tummy.”Oh sorry, I get wind when I’m nervous.”She admitted.”That’s ok.” I reassured, trying to stifle my nervous giggle.”Do you mind?”She anxiously asked.”Go for it!”I beamed.Her face stuck to a focus look, clearly she was trying to push out a fart and, sure enough…*PPPFFFTTTTTPPPTTPPTT!!*A loud rattling fart thundered out of her well-endowed behind.”Ahhh that’s better.” She sighed, pleased with herself for getting that out.I couldn’t help but nervously grin at her, as the sound of her fart turned me on.”Hope it doesn’t smell as loud as it sounded!”She joked, at least I thought she was joking, when the ripe air floated up into my nostrils.I sniffed and nearly choked as the hot musky stinky smell clasped the back of my nose and throat.”Phew! It’s a little strong!”I blurted out, waving my hand infront of my face.The heavy musky gas started to make my eyes water.”Is it that bad?”She asked, scrunching her face up as she wafted the air beside her big buttocks up to her face,and then sniffed.”Ooh, it is a bit.”She admitted.”At least it’s not too bad.”She told me a few seconds later.I didn’t think the smell could get any worse, if that wasn’t too bad for her then I’d love to know what one of her real bad farts smell like!Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to wonder about that for long.A couple minutes later, she looked at me with a shamed expression on her face.”I’m so sorry…”She quietly apologised.”For what?”I asked.Before she could get the chance to say, the really strong smell hit my nose like a freight train.She had let out a real vile silent fart!I choked and almost gagged at the hot rancid smell, like someone was frying rotten eggs right there under my nose in that small confined space of the elevator.”Sorry.”She apologised once more.”Its o- *cough cough* ok, don’t worry,”I coughed and gulped, trying to regain my composure.”It’s only natural.””I would try holding it in but I’m afraid it would only come out more smellier, so… Your choice,either I fart now and you smell it, or wait and suffer even more later…”She warned.”I’ll smell your farts now please.”I replied, putting on a show of pinching my nose, trying to hide the fact that I was loving it!”Yeah, trust me, you’ll get used to my farts.”She smiled, before letting out a strong puff of another ultra eggy fart.She let off a couple more times in the space of 5minutes.Being in such a cramped space meant that the hot smelly air lingered around me, almost like as if it was wrapping around my face like a stinky blanket and clinging to my singed nose hairs.Every sniff in buca escort bayan was like smelling her farts for the first time, there was no getting used to it!”Hold on, I think I got some perfume to try mask the smell with.”She revealed as she turned her back to me, putting her fancy handbag down and bent over to rummage around inside of it, trying to find a little bottle of perfume.I took a good look at her fabulously large plump butt and couldn’t help but think how can such a big beautiful round sexy thing like that make such a putrid smell.I was so excited and turned on as I gawped at her beautiful large ass being showed off in her black skin-tight leggings that I’m sure she caught me peeking as she suddenly looked round and stood up strait, clutching a tiny bottle of pink perfume in her chubby fingers.”Here we are.”She smiled, spritzing the spray around.I quietly sighed in disappointment but thankfully the sweet smell was no match to her ass fumes.If anything, it only made her farts smell nicer by giving them an ever so slight strawberry edge.”Smells lovely now.”I smiled at her, enjoying her farts even more.”Yeah, oh where are my manners, please feel free to blow off when you need to.”She frankly told me.”Oh um, ok, I will when I need to.”I nervously giggled.”Only fair that you do, what with you putting up with my farts, so please, let ’em rip!”She heartedly chuckled.”You got it!”I grinned back.Sure enough, a few minutes later, I felt one brewing up.”Hey, I got one coming!”I revealed to her rather excitedly.”Oh have you, well go on then, let’s have it!”She beamed holding back a laugh.I stuck my ass in my tight jeans out and pushed out a loud yet short fart.”Ahhh.”I sighed before giggling.”Was that it?”She laughed.”You call that a fart?””Yeah, what was wrong with it?”I puzzled, still grinning inanely.”Nothing, it’s just that’s not a fart, now this…-“She grabbed one of her big plump cheeks, lifted her knee up, and paused before blasting out a huge rumble of a fart, “THIS is what you call a fart!”She then let out a big hearty laugh.”Oh my…!”I stood there, open mouthed and stunned at what I had just witnessed and heard.”That was… That was AWESOME!”I beamed a huge smile at her.”I know.”She smugly smiled in delight.I lifted my leg up, trying to coax out another fart but all I could manage was a little rattler.”God, that was pathetic!”She teased me and chuckled.”Yeah, sorry, I can’t compete with your lovely bum.”I humbly sighed.”It’s a gift I have.”She smiled, sounding even more smug before letting off another thunderous fart.”Ok ok, you win! You can stop showing off!”I laughed, making her laugh as well.”I can’t help it!”She laughed and let loose a couple more quieter rumbly farts.The smell was now stained in my nose.Even just breathing through my mouth alone was enough for me to get a good smell of her farts.”I think – I think…”She began but paused for a couple moments before rattling out one more much softer escort buca fart,”I think that was the last one, your nose can rest now!”She grinned.”Oh thanks!”I giggled.”If you think those were bad, you do NOT want to give me any dairy products.”She warned.”What do you mean?”I enquired.”I’m lactose intolerant, anything dairy gives me REAL bad wind…”She explained.”Oh wow ok, well I got a milk chocolate bar in my purse so, if it comes down to being our only source of food while we’re stuck in here I’ll take the risk and share it with you.”I joked.”Oh no, I’ll be charged with murder by farts if you do!”She laughed.”Can’t be that much worse than the farts I’ve just been sniffing!”I giggled.”Trust me, they are 100x more worse!”She chuckled.”Really?”I continued to giggle.”Yeah, my last boyfriend I had made the BIG mistake of accidently giving me a cup of tea with normal milk in it instead of soy milk, and well, he broke up with me an hour later!”She revealed and heartedly laughed.”Wow…!”I playfully grinned in awe, feeling slightly jealous of her ex.”I’ll make sure my date doesn’t make the same mistake tonight, if we get out of here in time.”She smiled.”Well if he did and split up with you just for doing a smelly fart, then he’s not worthy of you.”I reassured her.”Oh no, he loves my smelly farts!”She told me.”What?”I giggled, unsure if I had heard correctly.”Yeah, this is just between us girls, but he has a fart fetish.”She softly confided in me before grinning playfully.”Oh, you mean, he like, gets off on your farts?”I nervously ask, still trying to hide the fact that I too have the same fetish.”Yeah, he loves sniffing my big fat ass when I have wind. If you can you believe that.”She giggled.”Wow, that’s incredible, it’s a shame he’s not here now he’d be in heaven!”I joked.”Yeah he’s going to be so jealous of you when I tell him about you!”She laughed.”Well you tell him that I said your farts smelt wonderful and gorgeous and ripe and so sexy!”I laughed, hiding the truth in a joke.”I will!”She laughed along with me.We had been having so much fun together that the time just flew by, and before we knew it, the lift had stuttered down to the next floor and the doors pinged open.”Oh look, we’re free!”She blurted out real relieved.We both stepped out of the lift together.”Ahhhh just breathe the fresh air of freedom.”She told me before playfully taking in a big lungful of air.I played along and breathed it in with her.”All I can still smell is your farts!”I told her, and I truthfully still could smell them!”Oops yeah sorry, I had just farted again, pardon me!”She laughed.”Thank you.”I grinned at her.She then rushed off to the stairwell.”See you around, love.”She cooed before disappearing down the stairs as I just stood there, taking in a last few wafts of her smelly sexy gas.Suddenly, a loud fart bellowed and echoed from the stairwell.”That was one for the road!”She called up to me before her laugh echoed off the walls along with her fart.”What a woman.”I quietly spoke to myself with an admired smile, before I too headed for the stairs.As I walked down a couple steps, the smell of her fart struck my nose as it still lingered in the air.”What a woman, indeed.”I grinned, sucking it all in before I headed off home into the night…

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