First TimeThis is a incident that happened to me 10 years ago when I was thirteen years old and lived in Anniston, Alabama.One night my oldest sister Cara, and her best friend Barbara, both 18, were hanging out in the living room of our apartment laying on the floor, watching T.V. and making fun of whatever came to mind. Well anyway I was in the room with them just trying to watch T.V and ignore the snide remarks toward me by Barbara (and trying to sneak a peak at Barbara’s tits and great ass too). Well anyway Barbara started making fun of me saying that she bet I was still a virgin and that I beat my meat every day and every night, which at the time was true but I denied it strenuously anyway. I said that I’d had plenty of girls, man what did I tell that lie for! That’s when she came over to the couch where I was sitting and sat down next to me. She started whispering in a low voice that she bet I hadn’t even ever seen a pussy before and of course I protested and said that I had. She then leaned over toward me a little bit and said, in a low voice that only we could hear, for me to stop lying and that she could tell that I was a virgin and that she could spot a virgin like me a mile away. I again started a feeble protest but then she reached between my legs and cupped my virginal balls in her left hand and began to squeeze them gently. Shocked that my dream was coming true I inhaled sharply as my pecker started to grow hard as if it had a mind of its own and she said, “See, I knew you were a virgin. I’ll bet that this is the first time a girl has even touched your nuts much less given you any!” When I tried to protest she squeezed my balls harder choking off my protest as my dick started to get even harder and harder, she said “Hey! Cara, I can’t believe this, your little brother’s getting a hard-on.” My sister turned around from watching T.V. and said, “Ewww, gross. That’s nasty. Let me see!” Then she craned her neck so that she could see over the coffee table and then said, “Ewww that’s nasty, stop playing with his dick or he’ll be up all night beating his meat.” Barbara turned back to me after my sister had turned back to watch T.V and said, “Hey virgin boy, ever seen a real pussy before?” still teasing me, and squeezed my nuts again this time hard. “Ummmp!” was all that I was able to mumble out at he pain/pleasure in my balls that her hand was giving me. “I said, have you ever seen a real pussy before? All you have to do is tell me the truth and admit that you’re still a virgin and I’ll let go,” she said to me in that low voice. “Okay, if it’s so important to you, I’m still a virgin,” I whispered in a barely audible squeak of a voice. “I can’t hear you virgin izmir escort boy now say it again,” she said in her low even toned voice and squeezed me again. “I’m a virgin,” I said louder this time nearly yelling it out for the whole world to hear. “Huh, I knew it. I’ll tell you what dick head, how about I give you a chance to see some real pussy. Huh, what do you say dickhead?” I just stammered something completely unintelligible and slide back against the back of the couch, not believing what I had just heard and that after months of fantasizing about this very moment, and beating the hell out of my meat, that my dream was about to come true! Now Barbara may have been a bitch and treated me like shit 99% of the time but man was she a knock-out. She had the most creamiest light chocolate brown skin, large knockers, a terrific ass, the most beautiful deep pools of coffee for eyes and the face of an Angel. “Well what’s the matter, you afraid? Huh you afraid of a little pussy?” she said in a calm even tone and slide closer to me on the couch crowding me against the arm rest. “I’m not afraid, I’ve had some pussy before.” I stammered like a babbling idiot. “Yeah right, you have already admitted that you are a virgin! Don’t make me have to squeeze your virgin pecker off before you even get a chance to use it virgin!” she snorted with derision. “Now I said you wanna see some real pussy or not? I’m not going to ask you again,” she said still holding my aching nuts firmly in her hand. “Y-yeah,” I stammered feebly, awed and intimidated by her all the while my dick was getting so hard at the thought of seeing Barbara naked that I thought that it was going to break off in her hand. “Yeah I bet you would, I bet you would.” she mumbled as she rose from the couch and looked over at my sister Cara still sitting on the floor watching T.V. and said “Cara can we use your room? I don’t want to do it in his room I might step on a toy or something.” “Hell no! Use my mom’s room I don’t want that little shit cumming all over my bed,” my sister said over her shoulder and then turned back to the television screen. “Okay then. I’m going to blow this little punks mind,” she said a loud to no one in particular as she turned back to me and reached down and grab my hand and pulled me up off of the couch. “Come on,” she said and lead me up stairs to my mothers bed room. As we ascended the stairs I could not keep my eyes off of Barbara’s swaying ass right in front of me, getting me turned on even more as I thought about what it would be like, my first time seeing the pussy of the girl of my dreams, well my wet dreams anyway. We reached the top of the stairs and went in to the bed room and Barbara escort izmir turned on the light. “Take your clothes off and get on the bed,” she instructed me as she moved toward the center of the room. Nervously I began to obey I pulled my tee shirt up over my head and unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants. Barbara came over to me and grad my protruding dick through my underwear and gave it a little squeeze. “Not bad for a thirteen year old, now take off your drawers and lay on your back on the bed,” she said as she let go of my throbbing cock and stepped back from me. I pulled my underwear down and stepped out of them then I got on the bed just as she had instructed afraid that if I didn’t do every thing just the way she instructed that she might not let me fuck her after all. Barbara began to take off her blouse as she looked down at me lying their on the bed staring back at her in eager anticipation. She threw her blouse aside over a chair at the dressing table that my mother used and turned back facing me as she began to unhook her bra. “Jesus Christ!” I thought as her perfect melons popped free of their lacy confines. They had large dark chocolate aureole with beautiful nipples sticking up out of them. I nearly came right then and there at the sight of them. Barbara then began to unbuckle her pants and slide them down her lush hips and when she stood up to step out of them I my fist pussy. I remember that was hairier than I had imagined all those many times alone in my room at night. I began to sweat profusely as Barbara came toward the bed and added her weight to it and lay down beside me facing me. She began to run her fingers up and down my chest then she began to let her hand trail its way down my stomach until it reached my pole. Then she took a hold of it and began to gently stroke it up and down with her silky touch for a few minutes until I erupted with a load of my hot jism all over her hand. “Ha-ha. It’s better to go ahead and let you come fast so that you’ll last longer next time,” she giggled as I keep pumping my spunk onto her magical hand. After a few seconds of intense cumming my dick began to go soft in her hand that’s when Barbara sat up on the bed and turned her back to my face and rolled over on top of me. She bent her head down to my flaccid penis and began to blow gently on it. I remember thinking that I had never felt anything so good on my cock before in my life, boy I didn’t have any idea about what was about to come! As my dick began to get harder I suddenly felt Barbara begin to lick the shaft of my cock and it sprang to attention immediately then. I then felt my dick immersed in a soft and wet sensation and realized that izmir escort bayan she must have taken my dick into her mouth as she began to gently suck on it. Her head started to bob up and down on my slick, wet pole and just as I was about to blow my load for the second time she pinched my cock at its base and took it out of her mouth. She then let go of my pecker after I had calmed down a little and was no longer in danger of shooting my load and turned around and faced me with her legs straddling my waist. “You ready to get your first taste of pussy?” she asked as she looked down at me laying there in a pool of my own sweat still panting mildly from the blow job she had just given me. “Yes please.” I said in a horse voice nearly insane with lust. She raised her ass up off of me and slid back just a fraction then she lowered her wet cunt down over my aching rod and I felt what it was like to be inside of a pussy for the first time and it was heaven. Barbara began to rock gently up and down on my pole slowly as I graded the rails of the head board at the intense pleasure in my loins. “Do you like it?” she asked as she increased her pace on my dick. “Yes!” I squeaked out as I looked at her bouncing tits as she rode my pole faster. Barbara leaned over and grad my shoulders and pulled me close as she continued to pump her hips and began to bit me on the neck. I moaned out at the intense pleasure in my balls and the pain of her biting my neck as I matched her rhythm. “Mmmmm,” she moaned in my ear as she increased her pace and I could feel my load getting ready to blow in my nuts as I began to pant uncontrollably. “Mmmmm,” she panted as she sat up right again and began to ride me faster as her orgasm neared. I couldn’t hold back any longer and began shooting my cum right into her juicy, wet hole. She continued to ride me as I came in her cunt milking me with her pussy muscles of all of the jism that I had to offer. She finally moaned one final time and thrust her hips hard against mine as she finally came before I went limp. She lay there on top of me for a few seconds then she raised up and said, “Not too bad for a first timer. I guess I’ll have to teach you more some other time though,” as she rolled off of me and got of of the bed and started to put her clothes back on. “You mean we can do this again?” I stammered overjoyed at the prospect of a repeat performance. “Yeah sure. Why not, you have a lot to learn though, and you better not tell anyone about this or you’ll never get a chance to do this again, okay?””Yeah absolutely, I won’t tell anyone,” I promised, afraid that if I did she would cut me off. She finished dressing and went down stairs and I just lay there still not believing what just happened. Then I got up and took all of the sheets and blankets off of the bed and put fresh ones on then went to the laundry room and threw the dirty ones in and went to bed and dreamed of Barbara.

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