First Time Meeting the Neighbors – Next DayThe next morning Tad awoke to Sherry cuddled up next to him and softly stroking his cock. When she felt him stir, she kissed him passionately on the lip and told him how much she loved him and the new house. Tad blinked a couple of times to finish waking up and asked what brought that on. Sherry blushed and told him that she had a dream about what had happened with Rick and Alysse the night before. That got Tad’s attention right away and his cock quickly responded. After going to the bathroom, he laid back down on the bed and asked Sherry to tell him about her dream. She smiled and started sucking his cock. Once he was fully erect, she climbed on top of him and easily slid down all the way. Tad noticed how wet she was and commented that it must have been some dream. Sherry again blushed and smiled.She told him that the dream started with Alysse sucking his cock and her sucking Rick’s. Tad’s cock flexed inside her and she asked if that excited him and Tad admitted that he really enjoyed what happened the night before. Sherry then continued to describe her dream saying that after the sucking, Rick insisted on returning the favor and knelt down between her legs and proceeded to lick her pussy and suck on her clit, causing her to have several orgasms. Sherry could tell by the look on Tad’s face that he was loving what he was hearing. She mentioned that while Rick was eating her pussy that Tad was eating Alysses’s pussy and again she felt his cock react. She paused and Tad kept prodding her to see if there was more to her dream but she had to pause due to a strong orgasm sweeping through her body.Finally she revealed the rest, telling him that Rick had sex with her and he had sex with Alysse. That’s when his cock erupted inside her with a force stronger than usual. Sherry asked him if that really turned him on that much and he grinned and said he wish he was able to see her dream. Sherry gave him a sly smile and said perhaps someday he will to which his cock yielded its last spurt inside her. Collapsing down on top of Tad, the young couple just held each other and enjoyed the afterglow of their astounding love making. Sherry was basking in the warmth and security she felt against his body and Tad’s mind was whirling to visions of watching another man have sex with his wife and he having sex with another woman. The couple knew they had a busy day ahead so they got up, got dressed in some loose and cool clothes, grabbed a donut and cup of coffee and began unpacking boxes. They started canlı bahis in the kitchen working together. At Tad’s urging, Sherry was wearing a loose fitting tank top that regularly exposed her tits. She also wore a pair of loose fitting jogging shorts with no panties. Tad was just wearing a pair of jogging shorts with no shirt. He tried to persuade Sherry to go topless as well, but they compromised on the tank top. By lunch time they had put away all of their dishes, pots and pans and kitchen appliances. After lunch, they unpacked their canned and packaged food items and by mid-afternoon the kitchen was pretty much done. Next they headed to the bedroom to unpack their clothes and personal items. By early evening, most those things were put away and Tad broke down all of the boxes and stacked them in the garage. They were both exhausted and Sherry didn’t feel like cooking, so Tad hoped in the care and headed several blocks away to a fast food place and picked up a quick meal. When he returned home, he was surprised to see Rick and Alysses sitting in the livingroom with Sherry, still wearing her loose fitting tank top. Tad ended up giving the girl’s the meal he brought home and he and Rick ran out for something for them.While in the car, the two guys started talking about what had happened the night before. They both agreed that it was really hot and something they wanted to do again. That’s when Tad told Rick about Sherry’s dream, making him promise not let her know that Tad told him. Hearing the dream as Tad told it, Rick was excited about the possibility of swapping wives and asked if she would really go through with it. Tad told him that before last night he would have said never, but the way Sherry reacted this morning that she probably will do it. When the guys got back with their meals, they found Sherry and Alysse topless. Sherry winked at Tad which made his cock noticeably twitch in his shorts. He and Rick took their shirts off (Tad had put on a t-shirt when he ran for dinner). As the guys began to eat their burgers and fries, Alysse told Rick that Sherry had dreamt about them last night. Rick looked at Tad and Alysse instantly knew that he had told him about the dream. Realizing he had been busted, Tad looked at Sherry and shrugged his shoulders apologetically. She smiled and said it was alright as she had already told Alysse about it. She could tell that I was shocked she had shared her dream with Alysse and then shocked him even more when she asked him if would like to see her dream come true that evening. All bahis siteleri Tad could do was nod his head and she told him to hurry up and eat his dinner. Tad and Rick literally inhaled their burger, fries and beer. By the time the men had consumed their dinner, Sherry and Alysse were naked and playing with each other. They each had a hand rubbing the other’s pussy and took turns sucking on each other’s nipples. Tad and Rick stripped off their shorts and Rick moved in behind Sherry and Tad took his place behind Alysse. Both men reached around and grabbed the tits of each other’s wife. Rick pulled Sherry back against him and asked her if she was sure she wanted to make her dream come true. Sherry looked at Tad and said that she was sure they both wanted to make her dream come true and Tad agreed with her. Sherry turned to face Rick and kissed him on the lips that then told him that she was his for the next hour. Rick smiled, kissed her back and then moved down to kiss and suck her nipples while fondling the other tit with his hand. Sherry closed her eyes and allowed herself to be swept away by the moment. Rick kissed his way down her body until he reached just above her pussy. He moved down in front of her and between her legs, looked up at her and asked if this is what he did in her dream and Sherry only nodded her head and let a soft moan of ecstasy escape her throat. Rick took a moment to savor the view of his young neighbor’s pussy and the moved in and started kissing and licking all around her lips. More soft moans could be heard as Rick’s tongue began to divide her swollen lips and delve into her most private sanctum. His tongue snaked around in her pussy, tasting and exploring every fold and corner. Then Rick slipped his way up to her clit. He gently pulled the hood back to expose her sensitive bud and brush his finger across it. Her body shook at the sensation and she moaned louder than she had. Rick then placed his lips over her clit and gave it a quick suck, sending Sherry into her first orgasm of the night. Alysse was still sitting next to Sherry and Tad had moved from sucking her nipples to licking her pussy and was now working on her clit. She was more vocal that Sherry, especially when she orgasmed for the first time of the night about 30 seconds after Sherry had.Rick continued to suck on Sherry’s pussy as he inserted first one and then two fingers into her drenching wet pussy. Curling his fingers upwards he found her g-spot and began stroking it as he kept sucking and nibbling on her clit. It didn’t take güvenilir bahis long before Sherry’s back arched, her body quivered and her pussy clamped down around Rick’s fingers as her second orgasm ravaged her body. Tad was still sucking on Alysse’s clit and pussy when he heard Sherry, who was still gasping for breath, tell Rick that she wanted him inside her now. Looking up at his wife, Tad watched as his neighbor moved up and slid his cock into his wife. It was a sight he had fantasized about but never dreamed it would really happen. He felt his own cock twitch and long to be in a pussy, so he moved up and slid inside Alysse. Tad’s attention shifted back and forth from Alysse’s tits bouncing with his pounding of her pussy and watching another man sliding his cock in and out of his wife’s pussy. He reached a hand up to cup Sherry’s bouncing tit and with the other hand he cupped Alysse’s tit. Sherry grabbed Tad’s hand and pressed it tightly against her tit, looked at him as her body convulsed in a powerful orgasm. He watched the look of sheer ecstasy wash across his wife’s face. Her eyes closed, mouth open in a silent scream and head titled back indicating complete lost in the moment. With his hand still pressed into her tit, Tad could feel the shivering of orgasm caress through her. At the same time he felt a tightness around his cock as Alysse responded with own orgasm. Tad looked at her and saw her smile at him as her eyes rolled back and closed and her body convulsed around his cock. The experience was a first for Tad also and watching his wife cum with another man and then almost instantaneously another woman cumming on his cock was enough to send him over the edge. Her pussy tightened with each fountain of seed that he spewed inside another man’s wife. His balls spent and his cock softening, Tad withdrew from Alysse and just watched as Rick continued to slide his cock in and out of Sherry. Rick grunted and changed rhythm indicating that he was about to cum inside Sherry. The realization caused Tad’s cock to stir and return to an aroused erection. Alysse leaned forward and started sucking Tad’s cock as Tad watch her husband empty his load of seed deep into Tad’s wife. As the first blast of hot seed shot into Sherry’s pussy, she opened her eyes, looked at Tad, smiled and whispered that she loved him. Tad whispered back that he loved her and kissed her forehead.Rick pulled out of Sherry and leaned back and everyone just sat there and rested, no one saying a word. Tad, Rick and Alysse were all wondering what Sherry was thinking and feeling since she was the shy and proper one. Sensing the others were waiting on her to say something, Sherry smiled and said she had a marvelous time and looked forward to doing it again. The others agreed.

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