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eating out!!my wife went out with the girls last night and it was only suppose to be a meal to celebrate a birthday, when she came home she said guess what happened to tonight?? you will not believe it.i said what’s the point of guessing cos i never get it right.well she said the waiter took a shine to me and he gave me a free bottle of Champagne for the girls, i got up to go to the toilet and i seen him follow me to the toilets, i said to him are you OK what do you want. he said that he really fancied me and would i like to go on a date with, i told him sorry love i am married i even showed him my ring plus i am old enough to be your mother. he said it didn’t matter he likes the older ladies he still wanted to take me out but i said sorry. all night he kept coming over with free drinks and touching my hair and my shoulder and he kept saying he still wanted me, the girls were asking what does he want do you know him?? why the free drinks. i told them he was a friend of yours and you karşıyaka escort had organised for the drinks, i went over to him and said look you will have to stop my friends are asking why are you doing this please stop but he would not take no for an answer so i said i was going home soon and he offered me a lift cos he said his shift was finished and i thought instead of getting a taxi or calling you out i don’t know why but i said yes he could give me a lift.i went back over to the girls and said i was calling it a night and that my taxi was outside. the waiter who was called Joe was waiting for on the front, i got in and he said where to, i told him it was not far near the football ground. Joe was only 25 tall and a fit body i liked him but i wasn’t going to tell him was i. Joe drove to the back end of the football ground where it has an industrial estate i said you can not get to my house this way its on the other side of the motorway, i karşıyaka escort bayan know he said its dark down here and we can get to know each other better here, i said hold on Joe but before i could carry on he stopped the and he started to kiss me but i kissed back and it was nice, Joe took my straps down of my vest top and he relieved my bra he took the underside of my bra and he pulled my tits out, he said wow what a pair they are huge and your nipple is rock hard, he started to play with them and suck them i was now feeling really moist down stairs.i felt my legs opening and his hand lifting my dress up then his hand rubbing my thigh i was panting fast thinking what am i doing and what will Peter think of me doing this behind his back, now his fingers were rubbing my pussy lips he was searching for my clit, he found it he started to rub it and i have a really sensitive clit i cum for fun when sucked or rubbed. Joe said wow its really escort karşıyaka wet down here can i taste it, he told me to push the chair back and lift my legs, he knelt in the foot-well and he started to eat me out i was dripping, Joe leant over me and he undid his trousers and he put his young 25 year old hard cock in me and he started to fuck me hard, i was in heaven it felt so good. i didn’t think i was doing anything wrong cos it felt right.Joe was sucking my tits and kissing me when i seen his face change he had cum inside me, he said sorry but i could not hold on, its OK son it felt great. Joe got off me and said thanks and could i see him again but i said sorry son its a 1 time thing then he drove me home and now i’m telling you the story Peter. i said why did you do it and was it the 1st time you have slept with somebody behind my back she said NO but its the 1st time i felt i had to tell you, it didn’t bother me cos i have cheated on her but i said to her is he still inside you?? she said he is i have not washed it yet, i laid her on the bed and i started to eat her out tasting the juices of them both and it was awesome i then fucked her and filled her up with mine and now we are going to start doing it with both of us getting the fun of fucking other partners at the same time..

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