Couldn’t Have Planned It If I TriedOK, well, and don’t think less of me, because this was an all time low for me……the setting: a uncontrollable horny morning where nothing will work but a tight pussy or warm ass or mouth at a minimum.a CL ad surfing that wound up finding a hot college guy while was out Friday morning (19, almost 20 that wanted to try it with an older man….I know, I know, don’t say it).a chance meeting at his house while his dad was out of the country and his step-mom was playing tennis with the ladies.a murphy’s law thing where if it can go wrong, it will, but then correct itself……a step-mom that’s 50 years old coming home and catching us going at it in their guest suite above the garage with me balls deep in his ass (with a magnum xl cover) after a long oral session with him in a 69 laying side ways and porn on the screen (bi mfm) …..and by the way, she is black too and hubby is white (surprise, surprise) and her being pissed and telling me to stop fucking her step-son and then me growing a set of balls and telling her, “he’s legal and fair game, right?” and her confirming he was almost 20. then me growing even larger balls and not even stopping the tempo (albeit slower and him moaning and not sure what to do while I held his hips tightly from moving away) and then me telling her she can either watch, leave or get her sweaty tennis outfit off and join us…..and her thinking I was gay and then telling her otherwise, and being bi. her threatening to tell hi s dad and gf, and me growing even larger balls and threatening that we’d tell her hubby that she set the whole thing up…..ha ha….She was flustered and I said, OK, but canlı bahis I am going to enjoy this since he’s legal and you really can’t stop it. then pulled him up from behind to stand up in front of me, next to me and let her see his swollen 8″ and thick dick and asked her if he was as hot as his dad and her just looking and watering. then ramming my cock into him deeply and me reaching around stroking his cock for her. she was just glued and fixated on it and me telling her to get over her and give him some relief, and her saying “it’s my step son” and me saying “yeah, yeah, whatever, you’re the old man’s new wife and this guy’s never been raised by you so come on and get over here” and she protested again and said what about your gf Tommy?” and me saying “let him get this out of his system, besides, his dad probably likes this too and it can be your little secret when he is away…..” she strips down and comes in and starts playing with him and sucking him. he’s in awe of her black body and pink pussy lips (so am I) told him black pussy is some of the most intense in the world. well, ended up in over an hour of her sucking him off, me making her and him fuck while facilitating, so a loads of cum in her mouth and pussy from him, and him almost falling in love, and then me fucking her black pussy (bare) and her ass (covered), and then fucking her pussy hard (sloppy seconds) while he was 69 underneath her, and every few strokes dropping my cock into his mouth so she could look under and see it while she sucked him hard again, and then me unloading a full batch and the having her sit up on his face so he could clean our cum out of her while I let her suck bahis siteleri my meat clean and I stroked his cock again and teased the head with my fingers and rubbed my ass hole against it to tease him and feel his slcik young cock lube that younger men make so well. then I sucked him clean with her. Then got him up and her up and we all three kissed for a bit and tasted the juices. then took her dirty panties from her outfit next to the bed and wiped my cock clean on them and jumped in the shower while they stayed in bed and continued oral play and kissing. told them now they have something to do together when dad’s away…..she then admitted his dad loved her using a strap on his ass and loved her black pussy, and Tommy said, he may rethink his gf now and then she said that he should find someone that he wants and will let him be himself. I just laughed and said I knew it and told them to have fun and she could help the step-son out. He wrote me this weekend on email and said they fucked non-stop after that and he invited two friends over it was completely out of body and not even planned. crazy. head is still spinning. early morning thing. I feel bad for it due to a bit of taboo, but it was fun. not even sure where those big balls came from to challenge her either. all, time low…..i knowthe joke is that he emailed back thanking me for the experience with her….ha ha…..and opening him up (both mentally and physically), and then told me that they ended up fucking all day when i left and stayed naked around the house, and into the weekend and she even had him invite two of his college aged bi-buds over to play with them together …..said his step-mom güvenilir bahis was a little black slut in private and he was surprised because she is 50…ha ha. they think we are old and don’t know how to party and play, i guess…..he said she took all of them on and at one point, had one cock in each hole after doing some tequila….and loved watching them play bi too and was egging them on. he said she mentioned that she too was bi and that she played with another white lady and a hispanic, and that they liked to and drink, and that she’d get a small orgy together with her older friends and these 19/20 yr olds. that’s the part I felt bad about. opening the box. but, i guess she was already in that mind set. he also said she used his dad’s strap-on on him before they came over and showed him her toy collection next in his dad’s night-stand, including his prostate vibe she uses on him, and that she thought it was kinky because it would be their little secret. wow. he said she told him to tell his gf how it is with him and if she isn’t OK then to let her go. wow, but she is right. no sense in living a lie like the rest of us have done. and i have been trying to be good too……you think i’m bad? too taboo? Not sure why I went there, just did. and then forgot to tell you, was in such a dirty state of mind……while he was eating my cum from her pussy and she was sitting on his face, she was so turned on she came again in his mouth and squirted all of it into his mouth and on his face…..then I told her to take her asshole off of his nose and let him suck her puckered and well fucked ass to soothe it and he eagerly did it. not sure where all of that came from that morning, but it was intense and out of my mind. couldn’t have planned that if I tried. was so fucking horny though. you know what that is, right: “so fucking horny” that your brain goes into another zone.

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