Confessions of an Erotic Pornstar in heatI want to kiss you on the nape of ya neck while rubbing ice on ya left nipple because it’s the most sensitive. While I’m standing behind you kissing you on ya neck… I drag the Ice cube down your stomach; circling it around your navel letting, the drops of water run between ya pussy lips. I kiss n lick down the spine of your back, squeezing your nipples each time I kiss you. I lick between ya ass cheeks while I spread em` open working my way to the wet hotbox & eat ya pussy from back to front n back again. I force my tongue deep inside & talk; tongue talk for a long time to your pussy. I keep you standing and make u cream ~n~ squirt while I watch it drip into a mason jar full of sugar gaziantep escort bayan and cherries! I want to feel ya legs tense up, tremble, then go weak while you standing. I then lay you down & kiss the back of ya legs in-between the back of your knees & suck on your toes listening to you moan & sequel…,just when u out of breath I lift you up give you a minuet to berate. Then I make you gag on my long, thick black dick so you know what kind of beating ya pussy is about to receive. Yeah dammit really I ain’t playing I been wanting this pussy for way to long.I open ya pussylips up n get a good look at ya clit & tease it, till u moan some more. When I 1st put my dick in, I go balls deep till you squeeze me with all your strength and gasp for air. I want you to know who dickin` you this good so I open you eyes and have you look at me. You look with a look of uncertainty, and your mouth trembles; as it fills with a slight taste of fear! You want to tell me how good the dick feels… but this aint your time to talk???? so shut the fuck up till I make u moan louder & you better not cum yet…????I want you to hold it in & when u feel u can’t hold it any more…… KEEP FUCKIN HOLDIN IT!???? When u cum I want u to push hard, real hard. I want to see ya pussy spit all over this Thick Chocolate Dick that’s fucking you. While you cumin` I tongue kiss ya pussy getting a hand full of cream N juices. I hold it over your mouth and drizzle it on your tongue so you to can taste the salty sweet goodness that you produce, then I put my dick back in, digging the pussy out some more…wait did u just cum again!!! By this time, the mason jar is halfway full that’s my signal, now it’s time for me to get my nut. I squeeze on these big ass tities lightly teasing your nipples with a flick of my tongue, I fuckin` love your nipples. I fuck you harder & harder and go deeper as I’m about to cum. I grab u by the back of the neck making u swallow all of my white, thick, warm, sugary sweet, cum. I had been eating Mangos, Papayas, and Fruit Smoothies for a month now waiting on this tonight. At the same time you swallowing this hot nut down your throat I drink all the pussy juices you been squirting all night in the mason jar! Now go yo ass to sleep you gotta work in the morning!

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