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Borderlands the sexequal part 3As Axton shoot off again Roland was getting annoyed and said ‘ look man athena’s one hot piece but theres a time and place for that besides I got a job I want you to handle’. Ya about that i’m on vacation man cant you get one of the others to do it Axton said as he was straightening himself out, you and Athena are the only people close enough to the spot I want you to check out. So whats the job Athena said as she whiped the cum off her face and tits, well word is theres a vault key running around the wasteland in the hands of two pencil pushing corporate guys and I dont want handsome jack getting to it before us. Athena looked at Axton and without a seconds hesitation said’ wheres the spot we’ll head there right away’ the guys holding the key were headed to a oasis thats all we know.Meanwhile a few days ago on elpis pandoras moon, Ohhh Janey you know exactly what I like Maya said as she laid back on the desk as Janey springs was devouring the sexy blue haired siren ‘yes just like that just like that’ Maya breathless said as her perky c cup şişli escort breasts were heaving sexily, Janey lifted her head and looked into Maya’s deep blue eyes as she kissed her way up the sirens pale sexy body. I never had a siren before she said as she slowly ground her pussy against Maya’s; well it wont be the last at this rate Maya teasingly kissed Janey as the two beautiful women came together. Janey quickly began kissing Maya as the two were locked together”now i think its time we turned up the heat” Janey said as she got her 8 inch strap on out and lined the head up with Maya’s waiting pussy. She rubbed the tip against her clit as Maya was about to beg Janey slid all 8 inchs in one thrust as she worked her hips I heard yu sirens like it rough and with that Maya screamed out in ecstasy. Maya pushed her hips back to meet Janey’s thrusts their bodies locked together as Maya was quickly reaching another orgasm ”dont stop harder fuck me harder” Janey grabbed Mayas shoulders as she pounded the sexy sirens pussy hard as she could Maya moaned out loudly mecidiyeköy escort as she came squirting all ove Janey’s strap on cock Janey collapsed ontop of her sexy lover.So Janey whats this I hear about you having a job for me? Janey wrapped her arms around the sexy siren and said ‘yes you see a few days ago a couple of hyperion guys came round moxxi’s crater bar and we talking about buying a vault key’ “so whats your point” Maya said rather confused “I thought you and Athena were dating so why not have her check it out” Ya we are but she promised me she wasnt a vault hunter anymore Maya cut her off ”But we just slept together kinda late to be thinking about her feelings now”. Janey teared up and sobbed into Maya’s shoulder its just i cant help myself with a sexy woman and I dont want her in any danger.Maya comforted the beautiful blonde, alright i’ll see what I can do where were they going. Oasis Thats what I head one of them say well i’ll see what I can do now stop crying Janey i wont tell Athena about this but you really gotta get esenyurt escort a handle on your sex drive. Maya kissed Janey softly and began to work the blondes firm c cup breasts as she swirled her tongue around the blondes the two shared a slow passionate kiss before Maya looked into Janey’s eyes and said”how about one more before I hit the road”.You know Rhys this was a bad idea from the start and furthermore how the hell are we getting out of this dump, Vaughn just relax man it could be worse but we know where the vault key is atleast. Yeah thats just great and I suppose the two girls that robbed us and left us out here are just going to give it back. Ya you gotta admit that Fiona chick was pretty hot anyway I got a plan I think, just then Athena and Axton rolled up on the two ”well look at these two” Axton said as the two vault hunters drew on Rhys and Vaughn hand over the vault key and we wont kill ya. Whoa wait a minute we dont have a vault key, Athena looked over the two ragged looking pencil pushers think hes telling the truth, alright then where is it Axton asked as he got off the truck and walked towards Rhys. We got robbed by the way you got something on your chin, Athena let out a small laugh as Axton quickly whiped the cum off his chin from earlier alright boys yours going to tell us exactly what happened. To be continued._

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