Becoming More Than FriendsJill was lovely. We had been married for 5 years and were happy with each other. Jill had a best friend Joan and John and her husband Joe were close friends. We spent a lot of time together. Joan was a beautiful lady and Joe was a truly nice guy. They had been at our wedding and Joan had been the maid of honor. Joan and Jill were very close and told each other everything. I am Jeff. One day Joan came over and she and Jill went back to our bedroom to talk. After she left she told me what they had talked about. Apparently Joe had told her he wanted to go to a swing house party and wanted her to go with him. It was one of his fantasies for years. Joan wanted to talk to Jill about it and see what she thought. Joan said to me I really was not sure what to say. So I told her I would talk to you and talk to her later in the day. What do I say to her? I said what do you think about it? Most men have had that fantasy. She looked at me and asked you too? I said well yes although it seems like an unlikely one and laughed Right? Jill looked surprised and walked away. A while later she came back and said, so what you are saying is what Joe wants to do is ok as long as Joan wants to do it as well. I said something like that yes. She said oh and walked away again. She got on the phone and called Joan and they talked for quite a while. She told me that she had told Joan what I had said. She asked me would I go if you asked me. Then she asked me if we would go if she asked us. I looked at Jill now intrigued and asked, so what was your answer? I said only if you wanted me too. I said what? Are you saying you would go to a swing house party, do you even know what a swing house party is? Jill said not sure I guess. So I told her what happens at a swing house. She just said oh. I suspected she was curious enough to consider going if Joan decided to go. I was surprised and now I was thinking I want to go. Jill took a call from Joan and told me that she had agreed to go with Joe even after Jill had explained to her what happened at a swing house. She still wants us to go with them. I paused for a moment thinking I needed to be careful about what I said. What did you tell her? I told her only if you wanted to go. I looked at Jill and said well sounds like you both want to have sex with someone else. I knew that Jill had other boyfriends before we got married and that she was not a virgin. We had never talked about it. Finally I said ok I want to go, tell Joan yes. Also tell her I will be the first in line for her. We all sat in the car outside the house. Joe and I had talked privately man to man and were both surprised we were actually going to do this. Jill and I had talked and she was concerned about what I was thinking about her being there and having sex with someone else. I told her that I thought it should be Joe first and me with Joan than see what happens after that. Joe had agreed that was a good idea. Jill looked very nervous and said ok. We went into the house and walked into a living room with about 20 people sitting and standing around talking. I looked at Joan and we made eye contact and her face flushed and she could see in my eyes what I intended to do to her. We were given a tour of the house. It had several rooms with mattresses on the floor and a hot tub on the patio. There was also what they called the group room. We all sat down and I got us drinks. The people all looked normal which was a relief. I whispered to Jill, are you sure you want to do this? All she said was I am here. I realized I was the one with doubts, not her. I made the first move and said to Joan lets look around and offered her my hand. She looked at Joe and he nodded and she took my hand and we left knowing we were going somewhere to have sex. I was getting excited and lost any doubts. We found a room with only one couple and they were kissing and we watched him undress her and then himself. The girl was very young and he looked older. He slipped into her and she gasped and spread wide open for him. Joan was sitting in front of me and I pulled her back so she was pressed buca escort against me and could feel my hard cock against her butt. I whispered to her that is for you. She was intently watching the other couple. The guy was banging the girl hard and fast and the room was filled with sounds and smells of sex. Joan leaned against me and I could feel her breathing had increased. I slipped my hand under her skirt and let it trail up her leg. She gasped at my touch and her legs moved apart, an invitation that I accepted. I moved my hand up and slide her panties down and off and they were damp. I kissed the back of her neck and licked her ear and she shuttered and softly moaned yes. I reached around her and slipped a hand inside her top and felt her boobs. Her nipples were hard. She turned her head and we kissed for the very first time. Her mouth opened and I was sucking on her tongue and she mine. The young girl across from us was on her hands and knees facing us and the guy entered her from behind and she grunted and made eye contact with us and you could see the pleasure and lust on her face as he fucked her. I pushed Joan forward and she rose up and I said now and slipped into her and pulled her back on my cock going deep. She was so wet and tight. She moaned good, feels so good, as I fucked her. I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she grunted and I could tell she had climaxed with me. I kept going and she was so hot and I was so hard. Finally I turned her around and we were face to face and she spread for me and I went in deep and we fucked some more. We were head to head and she kissed me and whispered it feels so good. I have wondered about you for years and now I know. We made eye contact and her face was flushed and I could see the lust on her face as I gave it to her. Suddenly her legs went up in the air and she pulled me in deep and whispered cum with me and I slammed in hard and fast and exploded in her pussy. I just kept squirting and squirting. We remained quiet for a time. We still had most of our clothes on and I wanted to see her boobs and unbuttoned her top and she was naked to the waist. I said you are beautiful. She smiled and said you are too. We had just become more than friends. I knew we would do this again. Later we moved back to the living room and a few minutes later Joe and Jill joined us. I could see on her face that she had just fucked Joe. Her face was still flushed and when we made eye contact I could see that I just got fucked look I know so well. So Joe knew all about Jill now. We went outside for a smoke and I asked her if she was ok. She said yes just feel a little strange. I asked did you have a good time with Joe and she smiled and said yes he was fun. I did too with Joan. Joe and Joan wanted go out on their own and left. A couple approached us and introduced themselves. They looked to be about 20 something. They were Donna and Jim. We chatted for a time knowing what their intentions were and finally Jim asked if we wanted to play. They had been to the house once before. I looked to Jill and said well what do you think? Jill said well it is what we are here for and you wanted to do this. I said ok and took Donna by the hand and we went looking. As Jill told me later As I walked away with Jim I was thinking about Joe and how good it felt when he was inside me. Except for you no other man had been there for many years and it felt both strange and exciting. I was feeling like a very bad girl. I liked that feeling. I had got off with Joe and now was going to do Jim who I had just met 15 minutes ago and was surprised I really wanted to do him too. I had been with two other men before we were married but tonight was a different thing all together. I was being a very bad girl. I was just going to fuck this guy I hardly knew and wanted too to just that, fuck him. He knew that as well, because as we walked away I felt his hand on my butt, as he knew I was going to be fucking him in just a few minutes. I was already wet. We got to room and stood watching another couple doing each other and he leaned in buca escort bayan and said that will be us. I said yes. He stood in front of me and tool all my clothes off acting like he had the right too. He did. I stood there naked feeling flushed and turned on and he undressed himself and he was a big guy. He was up and at the ready and pushed down on my shoulders and I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth. It felt wonderful and insane. I sucked him until he was very hard and he pulled me up turned me around and I bent over and he gave to me. He went deep and I gasped and said oh yes. He fucked me long and hard and I came several times. Finally he grunted several times and exploded in my pussy pulling out squirting all over my butt and back, I could feel his hot cum on my skin. We kissed several times and he was hard again and we did it again. I was worn out by the time he came for his second time. I was well fucked and satisfied. My only worry was facing Jeff looking the way I looked as he would be able to tell what I had been doing with Jim. He was ok with me and Joe as Joe was a friend, but might be a different matter, although he had agreed to the swap. Jeff and Joan were sitting close together with his hand on her leg. Saying I have been between them. She had that I just got fucked look and had a smile as we approached them and sat down. I asked Jeff to join me on the patio and when we were alone I said we need to talk. He said ok. I said I have just had sex with two men and I need to know what you think of me. He said nothing has changed I love you the same. Did you have fun? I paused and said you know I did. He said me too, so let it be just that a fun night out and leave it there. I said ok relieved. He then added this is just a choice and no judgments are necessary. We both agreed to be here. What we need to talk about is do we want to do it again. Do you I asked? He laughed and said darn I was going to ask you first. He said well yes, certainly with Joe and Joan, but as far as here, I think it is ok, but maybe only a couple of times a year. I said I agree and am glad we are ok. He smiled and said honey we will always be ok. To be honest I am looking forward to getting together with Joe and Joan again. I said me too. We were done for the night and the four of us went home. A couple of weeks passed and Jill got a call from Joan inviting us to come to their house for a barbecue. We said yes knowing what kind of barbecue they meant. We arrived and there were kisses between the girls and us guys. Not me and Joe of course LOL. Everyone knew that sex was part of the days plan. No one was in any hurry though. We changed into our suits. Fill looks terrific in her bikini and of course sexy. Joan was wearing a one piece and looked stunning as usual. I was remembering what she had been like and wanted more of her. As the day went by Joe and I traded wives by spending more time with them then with our own wife. It was a subtle and quiet movement. Joe and Jill were making drinks behind the bar and I was in the kitchen and looked through the window and could see her hand inside his suit. Her face was flushed as she stroked him. She looked up and saw me watching her and pulled her hand out with an embarrassed look on her face. I just smiled and gave her thumbs up signal. Joan joined me in the kitchen and with Jill watching I kissed her and played with her butt. She pressed against me and said I like that. This soft sex play was fun and arousing to us all. We had food and drinks and Joe and Jill got in the pool to swim. Joan and I went into the house and did some long wet kissing and I had a tent in my suit. Joan looked down and said oh is that for me, and I said oh yes anytime you want it. She turned around and pressed her butt against my cock and said umm I remember that from before. I said you will remember it again. I looked out to the pool and Jill and Joe were in an embrace and I could see she had her legs around him and he was giving it to her. It was the first time I had actually seen her doing another man, and I was escort buca fascinated. I could see she was really into what she was doing to Joe. I watched her give it up to him and cum. He just kept going. Joan was watching with me and said now is the time and she me pulled over to the couch and pulled her suit off and mine. We fucked. I was so hard and hot for this woman. I took a long time with her and finally she got on her hands and knees and I did my favorite thing. I was slamming into her and she was grunting and saying yes, yes give it to me. I grunted and exploded in her pussy and pulled out still squirting all over her butt and back. I looked up and Joe and Jill were standing there watching. Jill had a strange look on her face. We had no more secrets. When I looked closely I noticed she was looking at Joan not me. We all took a needed break and I went out to the patio with a beer and Joe joined me. He said that is the first time I have seen Joan with another man. I said me too. I watched you and Jill in the pool and could see she was really enjoying what you were doing to her. It was ok, and he said yes. So we just decided to swap wives for the day. Later in the evening Joe put an x-rated video and we all sat on the couch to watch. The room was dark and I was sitting with Loan a Joe was with Jill. It was a well done amateur video with 2 couples playing together. It was obvious they were not acting and the action was for real. I was getting hard watching the action and I looked over and Jill was stroking Joe, and I felt Joan with her hand on my cock and so we sat with the ladies giving us guys a hand job. The scene changed in the video and the two women started to make out. They undressed each other and were kissing each other passionately. I said that is a turn on and Joe said yes. Jill said so that is why you picked this video. Before the video was over the two women had sex with each other and with the men. We took a break, all turned on by the video and Joe and I went out to the patio to have a smoke. Jill and Joan disappeared into the bedroom. Joe got us a beer and we sat talking and he said a wild night huh? I said yes a fun time. I want to get with Joan again and he said I could tell. I said I could see Jill is ready for you. The ladies joined us and both were a little flushed. Joe put the second video on we all sat together with the girls in the middle watching. Again the women in the video started to play and Jill turned to Joan and they kissed each other, more the one friend kissing another. Joan reached over to Jill and unbuttoned her top and removed it. We guys realized that the ladies were copying the action in the video. I suddenly got very hard. In the video the girls undressed each other while continuing long and passionate kissing. Joan and Jill did the same. I stood up and undressed and Joe followed my lead leaving the ladies by themselves. We stood and watched our wives playing with each other. Joe had a big smile on his face as he watched Joan moving her hands all over Jill. Jill was doing the same. The ladies were hot for each other. Jill moved her hand down and slipped a finger into Joan. They made eye contact and Joan did the same to Jill. They held each other close and while kissing each other fingered each other. You could hear the sounds of their fingers moving in and out. Suddenly Joan held on tight to Jill and grunted and said cum and shuttered and gasped and climaxed while Jill increased her fingering. Jill said me too and came with her friend. Jill said I am so wet. And with saying that Joe dropped down and put his head between her legs and licked her pussy. I moved over to Joan and standing in front of her with my cock hard pulled her to me and she took my cock in her mouth. I knew I was about to explode and looked down at her sucking me and she looked up at me and I made eye contact with her and as we looked into each others eyes exploded in her mouth and she took me deep and swallowed all I had as I squirted and squirted more. I looked up and Jill was down on Joe and I watched him holding her head in place as he fucked her mouth and went rigid and she took all he had to offer. It was getting late and near time for Jill and I to leave. As we drove home I said wild night and she said yes. I really enjoyed Joan. She added we will do more next time. I said glad to hear there will be a next time.

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