Aunt Karen fixed my tentMy dance partner Karen: a 50 year old married white French woman, medium in height, average build and with the plushest, perfectly pumped tits I have seen on a woman. She always wore a black dance outfit as if it was her uniform and it showed all the curves including her ass. Very regularly I would get to see the top part of her tits as I twirl her around the dance floor; and at the end of the night, I get to view her gorgeous pedicured red toenail feet as she slips off her dance shoes into her comfy pumps. Karen is my Aunt Audrey’s best friend. I often tease Karen by calling her aunt Karen when she has an angry episode. It pisses her off, big time!When I am at home, I lay awake at night with my cock in my hand thinking about rubbing my cock between those voluptuous tits and slapping it across her face, teasing her lips and then finally putting it in her mouth to suck on. On some nights, I would go as far as thinking about coaxing her into the toilets, pulling down her black panties and pushing my shiny black cock into her delightfully warm, and very wet pink pussy. Mmmmmm. By that point, I’d usually have shot my load all over my hand and used the tissue beside me to wipe it off.It was the day of the all-important dance competition which was being held in Blackpool. Karen and I had worked hard over 18 months to secure a place in the biggest competition of the year. Over the period, we have slugged our guts off practicing our routines and travelling from competition to completion all over the UK. We are not professionals, but we dreamed that one day, we could be professionals and travels to competitions around the world. But for now, we were content with the UK comps. At Blackpool Tower, there were hundreds of couples competing for the same glitter-ball trophy. As I looked around, I thought, “Oh my good god”, these women were absolutely dead sexy and really, really, fuck-able. Just thinking about them, was making my dick go really hard. No disrespect to my dance partner Karen – She is a stunner, but the skimpy clothes these women had on, meant you did not need to undress them. All you need was to make them wet and your cock would naturally slide past their thongs into their pussy.As I watched the women, as I walked towards the changing room, Karen caught me glimpsing and she gave me an almighty whack in the side of my rib-cage. She really bruised it a bit. She started saying something in French, but I interrupted and told her to talk English (I knew she was saying angry words bursa escort in French because I started learning some of the language in the French class that I attend each week at College). She said that I should be focusing on the dancing; not ogling other women. We reached the changing rooms, and started to get changed into our Latin costumes. When we were ready, Karen looked at me and started to get cross again. I thought “now what the fuck?” She looked at me, looked half way down, then looked back at up me. She did this for what seemed liked minutes. She was alluding to the big bulge in my trousers.Karen said that I could not go out with that thing sticking out like a tent; it looked highly embarrassing and people would laugh at us. I apologised to her, and admitted that the morning before we go to competitions, I jerk off so that it would not happen. Unfortunately that morning I had overslept and by the time Karen had rang the doorbell to pick me up, I had not had the time to play with myself. This did not impress Karen and so she marched me to the toilets to sort myself out. There was twenty minutes, before the dance warm up and had to get it over and done within 5 minutes according to Karen. Throughout the intensive dance training we have together, I thought that Karen could sometimes be a right bitch. She always criticizes my dancing: I’m not doing it right; your toes should be more pointed; your shoulders are slouchy. 5 minutes gone by, I have got my cock in my hand and all I could think about is angry thoughts about Karen. I gave up and exited the toilets. Karen asked if it had worked and I said yes, just to shut her up. She looked down at my bulge and noticed it was not there anymore. She looked pleased.As part of the warm up, we had a rumba. We were dancing really close, and again, a female dancer on the dance floor caught my eye and my cock was slowly increasing in size and length. I did a set sequence with my dance partner and she immediately knew what was happening. She whispered “liar” in my ear, but smiled anyway as she carried out with the routine. At the end a judge, using a tannoy, announced a short 20 minute break before the heats. We bowed to the judges and quickly walked off the dance floor. Then, Karen looked at me and slapped me across the face and called me a liar again. It really fucking hurt; the bitch!For that I called her aunt Karen, about 5 times (I felt very immature saying it, but it had to be said). With that, she grabbed my hand and forced me into the toilets and bursa escort bayan this time, she followed me in the cubicle. She commanded me to jerk off in front of her so she can see that it would be done properly. I did try, but it was soft, only because it did not respond well an angry atmosphere; and also I had never jerked off in front of a woman; it felt weird. Anyway, Karen just stood there cursing and swearing. It was not going to happen. Karen asked why not? I said that I need to be in a positive, relaxed state. Karen’s bitchy words were not getting us anywhere. After about a minute, when Karen calmed down, she asked why it was that I never got a hard on in all the time I was at dance practice with her. I admitted it was because she made it clear at the start that it was just dance. She was happily married and did not want to complicate things. And I respected her for it.Karen asked when I am at home what do I think about when I jerk off? I answered that I always think about her. Karen eyes widened. I could not believe I confessed that. I thought what an idiot. Karen moved toward the toilet I was sat on, then took my cock in her hand. She moved forward to kiss me on the lips, then moved to the side of my face and whispered something in my ear. She said, “I want this glitter-ball trophy. If I have to jerk you off to win it, so be it. But don’t you ever, ever breathe a word of this to my husband. Is that Understood? I thought for a moment. Because I did not respond, Karen did not like this and yanked my cock a bit which hurt slightly. She whispered again, “Is that understood?” I nodded. She looked at me again, then looked at my lips. Then using one hand, pulled her dress strap down on both sides of her shoulders to expose her full tits. Karen looked up to see my reaction. Wow, I thought! Karen then knelt down, looked at me, and very slowly swallowed my chocolate hairless cock as her cheek walls manipulated its way around my shaft. My cock grew in thickness and length again. Arching my back, I angled my cock so that Karen took all of it and then I started to face fuck Karen. The reality hit me that I was finally having oral sex with my dance partner Karen. I have always fancied her, but out of respect for her husband, I suppressed my feelings. Oh well, I thought, fuck the husband; she’s sucking my dick dry, I may as fuck her pussy.Karen started bobbing up and down with enthusiasm. I thought, Oh god yes, Karen. I wrapped my fingers in Karen’s long brown hair. A small load shot in Karen’s escort bursa mouth. Karen thought we had finished; but nooooo. We had gone too far now. I wanted to fuck her pussy with my cock. I stood Karen up and pressed her against the wall at the inside of the toilet, hitched up her tight fitting sarong skirt and pressed my cock underneath her panties in between her legs. I felt her pre-cum juices and whispered in her ear the following words, “I will not breathe a word of this to your husband, I promise”. She kissed me, then lifted one of her legs, in her high dance shoe heels and wrapped it round me. I parted her panties and after rubbing the tip of my cock against Karen’s hungry pink precious pussy a few times, I lifted Karen slightly and let her weight fall, taking me completely. We both gasped and cried out in silence, so as not to draw attention to ourselves. I could see that Karen’s face was contorted with eyes closed for a brief few seconds. As we both stood still, we heard the judge announce, “5 minutes until the heats”. My hands moved slowly to her buttocks and my middle finger managed to reach round to the opening of her anus and I inserted this; just to see what reaction Karen would give. Karen yelped something in French, and squeezed all of my body with all her might. To get some air I had to fuck my way out of her wrestling grip. I fucked her, fucked her, and fucked her like a red bloodied rampant rabbit. The more I fucked Karen, the more she talked dirty to me, asking me to fuck her faster and harder. I was loving it! She then begged me to me to cum in her pussy. I did not question it at the time as I was too busy building up to an orgasmic orgasm. We both cum really quickly. I shot my load deep into her pussy as I jerked and spasmed. I slowed the pace, but continued to slide in and out of Karen’s pussy, although more gently now, as we came from our highs. We stopped, quickly fixed ourselves and exited the toilets. I was now worried that my cum was inside Karen and making its way to create a good looking mixed race baby, so I asked why she requested this. To my relief, she said that she did not want any of my juices on her dance clothes because the stains would be noticeable; and she will go to the pharmacy to get the morning after pill. Smart thinking, I though.Unfortunately we did not win the glitter-ball trophy on that day; although we made it through to the semi-finals. The good thing to come from this is that I now have hot beautiful sex with Karen to stop my roving eye and prevent another tent appearing in my trousers the morning before the competitions. God, I’d love to bend Karen over a kitchen table after a warm candle lit meal, fuck her ass and cum all over her tits, just to say thanks! Here’s hoping.

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