Adult theater funWhen we first started going to the “X” rated movies I dressed in a skirt that could be unbuttoned all the way from the bottom to my waist, no panties, a see-thru blouse and no bra. We would go into the Porno Theater and find an empty row and sit in the middle of it. Because we were a couple, men would come and sit in front and behind us. After a few minutes of watching the movie my hubby would start to run his hand up and down my stocking leg, getting higher each time. Little by little this would draw the attention of the men sitting around us. They would all start to look at what we were doing to see if I would be showing a quick glimpse of something. The men were able to see that I was wearing stockings, and a garter-belt, and this alone would get a lot of them excited. I could look around and see a lot of them with their cocks out stroking them. My hubby would then slide his hand up under my skirt and start rubbing my pussy. There was no mistaking what he was doing and the cock stroking would get faster after a few minutes of this my hubby began to unbutton my skirt. He would do it a little at a time and slowly draw it open exposing more and more of my legs each time. He would open it up to about the last two buttons, at which time a little of my pussy would be exposed. The men would be looking over and dying to see as much as possible. They were able to see a little pussy hair once in awhile as my hubby rubbed and played with my pussy. I would be very nervous by this time but also very excited. The idea of what I was doing plus what I was usually watching on the screen would keep me hot enough to let my hubby continue with what he was doing. As soon as he had my pussy exposed, he would spread my legs apart a little and begin to play with my cunt by rubbing it and when my cunt got very wet, he would start sticking his fingers up me. I did not just sit there openly exposed, but I let enough show so there would me no mistake on what we were doing. But a few times (with his encouragement) I would open my legs a little bit more and let the men around us get a good look at my pussy and let them see his fingers going up my cunt. By now all the men karşıyaka escort sitting around us would have their cocks out and be stroking them slowly or jerking off like crazy. I tried not to look at them, but it was fascinating to watch. As they “came” some would go into slow stroking and some would leave. As they left another man would soon sit in that seat. It would be fun to watch the expression on the face of the guy when he sat down and finally looked around and got a look at my bare pussy and realized what was going on.I remember one summer night we went and I wore no coat. I had on a white see-thru blouse and no bra. The way the light hit it on the way in, the ticket taker got a good look at my tits and nipples, and nothing was hidden from his view. I guess he is kind of prepared for something like this because his hesitation was real brief. He looked at me and realized right away that he could see my tits and nipples, got a big smile on his face and then kind of stared right at my breasts as he took his time getting my hubby his change. I got aroused and my nipples stood out like two hard nubs. He then smiled at me and said enjoy the show. My tits were so visible in the light at the ticket takers stand that even my hubby had to take a second look at me and got this big smile on his face. He also got a big rise in his pants as I found out later. He said that I was so exposed and he got so excited at that moment he almost came in his pants. Either the men who were in the lobby at the time were also able to see my tits or the ticket taker told them after we left that I was showing off my tits. Because right after we sat down four men sat down near us (two in front and two behind) and right away started to look at us to see if they could see more of my tits and what else we were going to do.That night I let my hubby again unbutton my skirt all the way to the top as I sat there watching the porno movie. He then put one hand around my shoulder and slid it into my blouse and began to play with my tit and nipple. He slowly opened my blouse until my tits were exposed to all sitting around us. I reached over and pulled down the karşıyaka escort bayan zipper on his pants and reached in to play with his cock. I had never done this before and he loved it. But I did not feel comfortable taking out his cock yet. A few minutes later as I played with him and he had my tits totally exposed for all to see, He started to open my skirt again. He spread my legs apart and started to play with my pussy, rubbing it, spreading my cunt lips and fingering me. The guys sitting around us could see all of my pussy. As he fingered my cunt he slowly started to open my legs further and further apart. He wanted to see how much I would let them men see of my cunt. I let him open me enough for them to see my pussy and to let him put his fingers in me and rub me. As with the last time we went every man around us had his cock out stroking it and when he started to play with my cunt, all the men started to play with themselves and jerking off. It was some sight, me having my pussy played with as my tits were hanging out and I was playing with my husband’s cock. Later when we left, I remember that the guy that sold us the tickets was standing there and gave us a big smile and winked at me.The next few times we went to the movies I wore a trench coat over a see-thru blouse, no bra, button down skirt, stockings with garter-belt and no panties. We would sit behind any men who may be there already. I would open my coat and Jerry would unbutton my skirt so the men around could get a look at my pussy hair and he could play with my pussy. I would sit there watching the porno movie and the men would keep looking over to see how much of my cunt I would show. Then my hubby would reach over and start fingering my cunt and the men would keep looking over to watch. It was hard for them to see a lot in a dark movie house, but I know the men were able to see that I was wearing just stockings and garter belt, and nothing else on. They didn’t have to guess or imagine that wasn’t wearing anything under my skirt. They could see it. After awhile I would put one foot up on the back of the seat in front of me, which caused my legs to escort karşıyaka be wide open. The men in front of us could see all the way to my cunt. I would act like I didn’t realize how exposed I was.One time when we went in the movies I was sitting there with my skirt unbuttoned all the way, my hubby had his hand between my legs and was sticking his fingers up my cunt and playing with my pussy. I leaned over, opened his pants, took his prick out and started to play with it. I was rubbing it, twisting it, pulling on it and jerking it up and down. The men in front of us saw me and kept looking over at me with a look like, would you do that to me? They were all sitting there and one started to jerk himself off as he watched what we were doing. Finally I saw him put something over his prick and he came it that. It made me feel a little nervous, because I had never done anything like that before in front of someone. My husband almost came a few times but I would slow down just enough so he didn’t.Another night I had on a trench coat over my button down skirt. My hubby reached under my coat and unbuttoned my skirt all the way and had me take it off. I was kind of exciting sitting in the Porno Theater, naked under my coat. He went through all the things he normally did, except this time I had no skirt on so I was a lot more exposed to the men around us. Soon all of them realized that I was naked under my coat and it made it more exciting for all of us. We heard the gentleman in front of us tell another man when he sat down “She’s naked under the coat, watch and you can see her pussy”. He said this very quite but we both heard him. I got embarrassed, but still loved it at the same time. Later my hubby unbuttoned the back of my coat up to past my waist (my trench coat has buttons up the back to way above the waist as well as the front so you can sit in it without wrinkling your dress). When we got up to leave my coat was wide open in the back. This allowed all the men that were in back of us get a good look at my ass as I was standing. I walked all the way out of the theater that night with my coat open in the back and my ass showing. Anyone walking behind us on the way out got a good look at my ass cheeks. When we got outside my coat opened even more due to the breeze and the gentleman that was walking out behind us got a good look of my entire ass.We would like to hear some other stories for couples in adult theaters of what men have seen or done there. (Not with other men)

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