A work conference gets personalDriving up to the house I think to myself, do I really want to do this? I met Carl at a conference about two months ago. We had a few drinks and laughs; he was pretty cool. We got drunk one night and went to his room. We were laughing and being silly when he knocked over his suitcase and a pair of pantyhose fell out. I picked them up and held them in front of me like I was modeling them. He laughed and dared me to put them on. I said what the hell, dropped my pants and put them on as he sat in the chair in the corner, watching. So there I was in a white button-down shirt and a pair of black pantyhose. Carl started chanting for me to tease him, tease him. We were both laughing, so I put on a little show. All kinds of poses, on all fours, legs crossed, things like that. When I put my feet on the floor and bent over on the bed with my ass facing him, he got up and delivered a stinging slap to my ass.“You think that’s funny, do you? Try this!” I jumped up onto the bed and laid on my back, grabbing my ankles. I didn’t realize he dropped his pants and had a raging hard on. Before I knew it he was pressing his cock against the pantyhose like he was trying to get it into my ass. I sat up, my feet on the floor, his cock staring me right in the face. I put my hand on his chest, eased him back, and put him in the chair. His huge hard cock was pointing straight up; he had no pants on and I was in a pair of pantyhose. The look on his face was lustful and hopeful all at the same time. I stood between his thighs and started to rub my own hard cock against his. He spread his legs a little wider and I spun around, rubbing my ass on his cock and balls. Placing my hands on his knees and bending forward I started to slide up and down. He put his hands on my hips, grinding on me. Not long after that his cock exploded and he shot his load all over my ass. I turned to look at him and his head was back, still lost in orgasm. I slowly stood, stripping out of the pantyhose, which I d****d around his neck, and finally, he straightened and opened his eyes. He smiled, winked, and passed out cold. I left him in the chair and quietly let myself out, returning to my own room. I saw him the next morning and he asked if he could call me. He asked in front of colleagues, so I handed him my business card feeling cornered. The first time he called me, I kind of blew him off. A couple of days later he sent me a text telling me how much he enjoyed our little fling and he hoped it stayed between us. I let him know I was cool with it and no one would ever know. About two weeks later my cell rang. Carl was drinking and dialing. He told me that he would love to see me in some pantyhose putting on the show I gave him at the hotel. I thought to myself, what the hell; I gave him my webcam address and gave him his show. The next morning I got a message thanking me for the night before. I texted back that it was no problem. A few days later Carl sent me a package. I couldn’t believe what I found in the box: a complete woman’s outfit with black dress, patent leather heels, lacy panties, a bodysuit, pantyhose and a wig. Staring at the box on the floor I took izmir escort out the pantyhose. Having a bit of a pantyhose fetish anyway I rubbed them on my face. I have loved the look and feel of them on a woman and have even worn a pair once in a while. It’s strange when I put them on how I feel, they make my legs feel so smooth. I just never expect to put them on in front of a guy and rub on him with them one. Guess it is true that drinking makes the things you want to do easier to do. I was exciting to have a guy want me as much as I have wanted women. I am getting hard just thinking about it. Pulling all the cloths out of the box I put them on one piece at a time. First the panties, they seem a bit small, they don’t cover my cock and balls very well. Checking myself out in the mirror it just seems they are just kind of hanging out. I sit and watch in the mirror as I put on the pantyhose, first sliding them over my foot and up my leg. Getting both legs on and standing I pull them all the way up. The material is conforming to me, I can feel it rubbing on my balls not covered by the panties. Now the dress, pulling it down over my head I put my arms through the sleeves and pull it down. I act like a woman while modeling it admiring myself. Standing one leg straight, and bending the other; up on my toe. Damn my legs are sexy looking. The shoes are next; I slide one toe in and balance myself. Never wearing heels before it is a bit of a challenged to get the other on without falling over. Surprised by how well they fit I look up and see what I look like in the mirror. WOW, I think to myself I think I would like to fuck me if I could. I have always wondered what it would feel like to be fucked; being bent over or on my back with somebody driving a hard cock in my ass. I have used dildos in the past but it just seems to be missing something. Thinking back to Carl and rubbing my ass on his cock makes me hard, damn getting fucking in the ass could be fun. Giving control to somebody else and just taking it. The final piece of the outfit is the wig. I put it on and have trouble making it fit just right. Once I do I realize I look like a woman. A woman that doesn’t exist has no ties or worries. I can be somebody else. I can be that sexy hot chick that put out with who I want when I want.I called Carl and told him to hit me up on my cam. It didn’t take him long to get logged on. Of course all he could see was the bed.The stuff sat in the box for a week. One night I was sitting at home drinking, staring at the box and thinking to myself, let’s see what I look like in all that stuff. I opened the box and put all the clothes on. The dress had long sleeves and came down to almost my knees. The panties were silky and lacey. The pantyhose were black as well with the crotch missing. The heels were about three inches tall, and fit surprisingly well. The wig was blonde and short. I called Carl and told him to hit me up on my cam. It didn’t take him long to get logged on. Of course all he could see was the bed.“Where are you?” he asked. I walked in front of the bed and watched as his jaw dropped. He didn’t say a word while I put on a sexy show for him showing escort izmir off my flexibility. After about a half-hour I started to hear some moans and realized he was stroking himself. I kept going until he finished. At that point he tried to convince me to meet him at his vacation house in the mountains for a get together. I finally gave in and agreed. He gave me the directions and I told him I would see him Thursday night.So here I stand wearing the same clothes I showed off to him nearly a week ago. He calls to let me know he is on his way. I hang up the phone and stare out the window that seems to take up the entire wall. The view is amazing. I can see the lighting in the distance as it begins to rain. Just as I hear the door slam outside telling me that Carl has arrived, the lights go out with a violent crash of thunder. I stand, staring out the window, not moving. Quietly, Carl walks up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. I feel his wet mouth on my neck. Running his hands over my body and down my sides he fondles my ass as the thunder gets louder. The flashes from the storm outside light up the room. He whirls me around and looks me in the eye, but I don’t say a word. I reach for his belt and undo his pants, sliding them to the floor. I drop to my knees, taking his boxers down with me. He takes off his shirt and tosses it in the corner. His cock is hard as granite; I waste no time taking it into my mouth. Carl moans as he puts his hands on my head driving his cock deep into my mouth. I can smell what seems to cologne, not a sharp smell but an inviting musky smell. For a moment I look up at him in confusion; his cocks tastes like berries. He looks down at me and the next flash of lightning shows me his sparkling eyes as he tells me he wanted to taste good, so he rubbed some flavored lotion on his cock. I continue to stare up at him as I swallow his cock, my chin touching his balls. The crashes of thunder shake the house as flashes of lightning illuminate the room. I grab Carl’s ass and start to work his cock over. He is way into it and starts to fuck my mouth, drool running down my chin.I abruptly stop sucking on his cock and stand in front of him; he looks disappointed. I wink at him and sashay over to the couch. I sprawl on my back and grab my ankles throwing them high in the air. Carl notices I’m not wearing the lacy panties. He walks over to me and kneels, spying the bottle of lube next to me. He grabs the bottle and pours some into his hand. Putting his hand just under my balls he starts to rub my crotch. His hands are cold, and I shiver when he touches me but they warm quickly. He rubs the lube in to the crack of my ass in an up and down motion. On his last pass by he stops and puts the tip of his finger against my hole; my ass opens and sucks his finger in. Sliding his finger in and out he finger fucks me until I am good and warm. While he is finger fucking me he is rubbing his cock with his other hand covering it with lube making it rock hard. Moving toward me he presses his cock against my ass, thinking he needs to take his time and go slow, but my ass opens right up and sucks the head of his cock in. He looks izmir escort bayan at me for a moment not knowing what to do next. The next lightning flash is brilliant, lighting up my face. I know my eyes are glittering when I tell him, “Just fuck me. Fuck me now.” Thunder crashes and he drives into me, like he’s angry his balls slapping against mine didn’t cause the sound. The storm is getting more and more intense. Lighting strikes so fast it looks like a giant strobe light. Everything seems to slow down, lying there on my back being fucked mercilessly. The feeling of the rumbling thunder as it shakes the house, Carl pumping my ass and sweating. I can still taste the berry lotion on my lips from sucking on his cock, but now as he fucks me sweat is dripping off his nose and lands on my face. My whole world is salt and sweet, thunder and lightning, and Carl between my legs. I am able to get my legs up in the air and put them on his shoulders. I lock my feet behind his head. He rubs his cheek against my pantyhose covered legs then starts to lick them. I can feel the pressure and the wetness of his tongue as he goes back and forth between my right and left legs, his hands gripping my hips, slamming his cock into my ass as hard and deep as he can. His pace slows as he runs out of steam, neither of us any closer to release. He is sweating hard, water dripping from his nose and his chin just as the rain outside drips from the eaves and downspouts. Every so often a drop lands on my face. As his pace slow his hands slide from my hips to my ass and then up the back of my legs. The feel of the pantyhose is erotic to him, and I can feel his cock swell inside me. His touch through the pantyhose makes me feel like a slut, his cock buried deep in my ass throbbing. Rubbing his hands up and down my legs his pumping of my ass slows as the storm outside has. The flashing of lightning isn’t as often and the crashes of thunder seem distant. The wind has picked up and the sound of rain lashing the window is loud. Carl grabs my thighs just above my knees. He seems a bit more focused and starts to pump me a little harder. As his thrusting increases, the storm picks up again. Thunder, lightning, heavy rain and a howling wind with so much force it feels like it will blow the house away kicks up and roars around us. Carl moves his hands behind my knees and presses my legs down until I’m bent in half. He fucks me to the rhythm of the storm and both are relentless, unforgiving. In the flickering streaks of lightning I can see his face; he is about to spray his load in my ass. A few more pumps, a loud rumbling snarl of thunder, and Carl lets out a moan while filling my ass with his cum. As it starts to drip down my ass he notices my rock hard cock. I still haven’t cum. He wraps his big hand around me and with a few quick strokes and a strangled cry, I send my load straight into the air, its warm wetness falling to my chest fouling the dress I’m wearing. Pulling his cock from my ass Carl stands up, looks at me, and says, “Dirty little slut,” under his breath and heads up stairs to shower. I lay on the couch for a bit relaxing, listening to the rain. With a flicker the power comes back on, and with lights on everywhere. I head to the shower just down the hall with the words dirty little slut echoing in my head. I have fucked girls in the ass before, now I know how it feels, and I liked it.

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