A New BeginningLindsey groaned in frustration. It had been so long since she had felt a real hard cock inside her pussy. Damn! What was the matter with him, she thought as she looked at his shamed face. He hadn’t even been able to cum himself. For years, she had overlooked his reluctance to initiate sex and invariably when she did start it, it was unfulfilling and strained. Her husband, Steve, refused to go to the doctor. No doctor- no prescription. No prescription- no viagara, or anything else. Well, she was fed up with his limp dick! His trying to please her with his tongue was no longer good enough. She even hated his moustache sweeping her pussy. She wanted a real man to fuck! The doorbell rang. Steve looked across at the bedside alarm clock. What time was it? Hhhmm 8:30. Who would be coming around at this time of the evening? Still it was a good excuse to leave Lindsey before they got into the same old pained argument about his performance – or rather the lack of it in bed. Grabbing his housecoat, he hurried out of the bedroom, closing the door.Lindsey watched him go. She was angry, but that didn’t stop her hand from finding her slippery cunt with her fingers. Slippery not from excitement but from the KY jelly they had used on his penis, trying to make it hard and his tongue. Well, they could make it hard enough to insert, but within seconds it would soften, no matter how desperately he thrust. It wasn’t as if she had a loose cunt, for Christ sake! What was the matter with him? She thought about reaching into the bedside drawer for her six inch black dildo. At least it never failed her even when it was running low on batteries! But then she heard voices in the living room. Coward, she thought. Invite someone in so they couldn’t finish this argument. With a scowl, she put on her panties and housecoat before going out to see who it was. She was in no mood to be pleasant.She forced a smile onto her face when she saw the two men with her husband sitting in the living room. It was Steven O’Donnell from her workplace. He was a tall, muscular man, who carried his 220 lbs well. He was easily four inches taller than her husband.Across from him sat a younger black man who was about 5’8 and 160lbs; same height and weight as her husband. Steven O’Donnell greeted Lindsey warmly. They were good friends at work and often met socially alone or sometimes with Steve too. The anger she felt subsided slightly. You’re lucky she thought as she glanced at her husband. If it had been anyone else for company, she would have rousted them quickly. “Steve, have you asked our guests what they would like to drink? … I’ll have a rum and coke.” Steven O’Donnell introduced his new boyfriend, AJ, who smiled at Lindsey. “I’ve heard so much about you and your husband. Steven has told me how lucky he is to have you as a very good friend.”Lindsey smiled her pleasure. She had always gotten along well with gay men as long as they weren’t too effeminate or pushy with their Pride stance. Steven O’Donnell had a wicked sense of humour and invariably came to her for affairs of the heart. Lindsey had known about AJ for some time. She had never been too fussy with O’Donnell’s previous boyfriend, Petey. Too much of a drama queen and blatantly faggish in his dress, speech and manner. Looking at AJ in his crisp white shirt and blue jeans, he was very attractive without any swish. In her frustrated state, she found her mind drifting to wondering what his black cock was like. Not that it mattered. It was all academic since he was clearly the bottom in any relationship with Steven O’Donnell. Still…Her mind cut back into the conversation. They had been out bar hopping in the neighbourhood and dropped in to see if she and her husband would like to join them.”Sorry we butted in. Looks like you two were pre-occupied,” Steven apologized. as he gave her a saucy wink that made AJ giggle.”In my dreams…” Lindsey scoffed as her husband reappeared with the drinks. “Steve couldn’t get it up if Taylor Swift was offering a freebie! Lord knows I don’t turn him on these days.”She saw the distressed look on Steve’s face as he slumped beside her. He couldn’t believe she was being so open about their problem. But she couldn’t help herself, “…Maybe he should prefer men.”Lindsey had talked privately to Steven O’Donnell about her problems at home in the marital bed, She loved her husband. He was kind; normally considerate and had a good job. But then he did play too many video games; always had the last say in the car they bought and the restaurant they went to and many other things that annoyed her. But worst of all he was just a complete and utter dud in bed – and it hurt!”Well,” O’Donnell said thoughtfully, “Maybe he does like men. There is only one way to find out.””Hey. Whoa!” said Steve. “Wait a second. I’m sitting right here people! Now I know I’m not Daniel Craig, but I …but I…” There was nothing to say. Instead he downed his drink.Steven O’Donnell turned to Lindsey and said, “Do you want to find out?”Staring him right in the eye, she didn’t hesitate. “Yes!”Steven O’Donnell gave AJ at tight smile and nodded. “Why don’t you take a pressure check on his cock to see if he is a real man or not.”AJ scanned Lindsey’s face for assurance and then looked at Steve to assess his reaction. Dropping from the easy chair, he scooted across the rug on his knees to where the husband was sitting. Wary that he might lash out, AJ put his hands on the house-coated knees and looked him in the eyes.Steve flinched as he looked down at the black man. His stomach was tied in knots. He heard Lindsey snarl, “Let him… Is this why you won’t go to the doctors? Because you know..?”He shook his head in shocked denial and gasped as the black hands opened his housecoat up. The warm hands found his penis. It was still slippery from the KY jelly. He shut his eyes and tensed as AJ began to stroke it. He didn’t want to see the look on his wife’s face. This was the first time a man had touched him intimately and he was afraid… afraid that he was going to look like a homosexual if he karşıyaka escort responded.It fit easily in his hand. AJ used his hot breath over the head of Steve’s small engorging cock as he gently jerked it up and down. He smiled as he felt it twitch. Sure that Steve wasn’t going to strike out at him, his tongue dipped and licked into the piss slit causing Steve to moan from the erotic sensation. No one had ever done that to him before. His cock was hardening in AJ’s hand. Harder than it had been earlier in the evening. AJ’s smooth voice told Steve to continue to stroke himself while he quickly undressed. Kicking off his shoes, he stripped off his jeans and shirt and bent over to take off his socks, He stood there in white silk underwear that clearly showed his bulge. Finished, AJ moved back between the white legs and brushed the housecoat back further for better access. Steve, despite his red face, was past any point of complaining as AJ resumed. Replacing Steve’s hand, AJ pumped the stiffening white cock as his audience watched quietly. And then slowly, he took it between his lips, sucking it in deep. His head sank on the short shaft until his nose was burrowed into the white stomach. Pulling back with his lips dragging, he began to bob his mouth up and down making Steve groan with excitement. Popping it out of his mouth, he ran his tongue along its’ length before sucking it back in and paying particular attention to the bulbous head.Lindsey got up and got two more drinks for herself and her friend as they watched the action. Then she went into the bedroom and came back with a tube of KY which she put on the coffee table. “Just in case,” she shrugged nonchalantly to Steven O’Donnell. He smiled at her and patted the sofa beside himself. She moved across to him with her drink and curled up beside him. “You alright with this?” he asked gently, as he put an arm around her shoulder.She nodded and moved closer and wrapped her robe tighter. She didn’t complain as he softly rubbed her neck and shoulder. She was too busy watching AJ making her husband squirm with such a pleasurable blowjob; one that she doubted she could give. AJ grabbed the KY Jelly from the table. He slid his mouth off of Steve’s cock and squirted the lubricant directly on the head. He smeared it down the shaft and then stood up. Looking directly down at Steve, AJ smiled and slowly drew his silk underwear down his legs and stepped out. Lindsey gasped as she saw his long, uncut cock partially engorged and hanging between his legs. God! He was beautiful. His abs were shining and his legs sculptured. It was just like one of her deep secret fantasies. As he stood there motionless, she felt an urge to slide to her knees and suck his cock. Instead she moaned as she felt Steven O’Donnell’s tongue slide into her ear and then whispered quietly to her. “Soon we’ll know.”AJ squeezed more KY on his fingers. Reaching behind himself, he fingered his hole. Turning gracefully away from Steve, he knelt on all fours and looked behind him with an invitation in his eyes and smile. When Steven O’Donnell saw Steve hesitate, he gave a loud order that startled the husband. “Mount him… fuck his little black pussy! God knows, he wants it.” Still wearing his housecoat, Steve dropped between the black legs. Stroking his hard-on, he knee-walked into position. Even as he was doing so, he was starting to panic. He could already feel his cock beginning to soften. He tried to line up with the puckered asshole, but as he pushed to enter he could feel his penis crumple back on itself. Desperately, he grabbed AJ’s hips and tried to hunch his failing cock into the hole, but he couldn’t do it!Steve began to sob at his failure; his shoulders shaking. He couldn’t fuck his wife who he loved and he couldn’t fuck anything offered to him. What good was he?Lindsey’s heart went out to him. She thought she would have been triumphant in his failure – vindicated even, but no, it was a feeling of sadness. She realized then that she still loved him deeply and didn’t want to see him hurt so badly. She watched AJ turn and gently push Steve sideways onto his back. Her eyes opened wide as she watched him place his groin over Steve’s face. Using the housecoat, he wiped Steve’s cock clean of the KY. Dipping his own head down to take the white cock back into his mouth, AJ began to suck and lick.Steve’s eyes were closed as his hips began to move to meet the mouth on his penis. Another chance. He moaned as he felt the other man’s cock drag across his face, his nose and brushing his lips. Without thinking and with a tortured groan, he reached up and guided his mouth onto the black cock above his face. Breathing hard, Lindsey could hardly believe what she was seeing. The contrast of the black and white male bodies pleasuring each other in a 69 position left her excited. Her pussy was swollen and moist. Her hand slid into her robe and under her panties finding her hairy muff. The finger split her pussy lips open and found her clit. ‘Oh! God… yes…’ she thought finding her button already hard. She hadn’t realized how turned on she was! Lindsey couldn’t take her eyes of them. She flinched in surprise when she felt Steven O’Donnell’s hands pull her housecoat open. “Steven…!”He just smiled at her as he kneaded her tits and tweaked her nipples. “It’s okay… it’s okay, Lindsey… let me help you… don’t worry, just enjoy… it’s alright… just watch them. He felt her relax and lean back feeling safe in his arms. Her fingers danced in her wet quim. Closing his eyes, Steve opened his mouth and sucked the black cock in. His mouth ovalled around it. The bulbous head, half covered by the foreskin, was large but warm and firm to the touch. Steve had never seen an uncut penis before and now he had one in his mouth. It was so different from his own circumcised prick. The black shaft was hard and he could feel the heavy black balls resting on his nose. The musky scent overwhelmed his senses causing his pulse to race. Steve raised his mouth over the black cock and then karşıyaka escort bayan sealed his lips around it as he drew his head back up. Pushing his mouth up the shaft the second time his lips dragged the foreskin back off the cock head. He could taste and smell the smegma under the foreskin. He really was sucking another man’s cock.AJ’s black cock began to move in and out of Steve’s mouth, each time pressing deeper and harder against the back of the husband’s throat. It made Steve gag reflexively and his eyes teared, but he didn’t want to stop as he felt his own straining cock. Oh God! He was about to cum. ‘Oooh yes! Please!’ echoed through his mind, forgetting it was another man giving him the pleasure. He shuddered unable to suck the black cock into his mouth. It came loose and slapped around his face as AJ started to frenetically bob up and down on the white cock. Steve’s body stiffened as he began to shoot. “Well,” Steven O’Donnell, whispered into a moaning Lindsey’s ear, “At least you know he’s not a fucker of men… or women. I can’t help but wonder if he’s a fuckee… Would you like to know if he’s a pussy boy like AJ?”Frigging her cunt with her fingers and biting her lip, she nodded yes as another spasm of excitement gripped her pussy. She realised she had just given him full license to fuck her husband. From behind, O’Donnell snaked a hand round to cup her breasts, hefting the weight up, and letting them drop, jiggling. He felt for the nipples and then pinched them; enjoying the moan from her. “Alright then!”He smiled. “AJ save some. Get up and give Stevie a snowballing.” Disentangling himself from Lindsey, he stood up and started stripping off knowing she was looking at him. No doubt wishing he was completely straight, he thought flattering himself as he bared his cock to her. But what about her husband, what would he be thinking? AJ slid off the white body under him and helped him up. An erotically dazed Steve wobbled a bit. The young black man stepped in tight to support him. With one hand behind Steve’s head, AJ mashed soft lips against the unresisting mouth. AJ’s eager tongue pressed against the lips and Steve slowly surrendered, allowing it to enter. A man’s mouth on his… the invading tongue was demanding, but soft. He was surrendering his mouth like Lindsey would. It was exciting… it was submissive… Steve closed his eyes; his stiff body seemed to suddenly collapse; becoming soft and pliable for AJ to do whatever he wished. The black hands moved the housecoat off the white shoulders and it fell in a pool around Steve’s feet. Together they stood naked in the middle of the living room: black on white. AJ’s hand craddled Steve’s head as they kissed.A slow recognition crossed Steve’s surprized face as he realized a soft gooey substance was being pushed into his mouth by AJ’s tongue. A dribble slid from the corner of his mouth. He couldn’t believe AJ was feeding him his own sperm. The tongue plunged deeper into his mouth as he stood awkwardly with his hands by his side, not knowing quite what to do. Then slowly, his hands came up and gently cupped AJ’s buttocks and held him closer to his own body. His small white pot belly pressed against AJ’s hard stomach as the other black hand sought out Steve’s small nipples, pinching them hard and pulling at them as Steve moaned through the kiss.Lindsey couldn’t tear her eyes away from her husband kissing another man. Oh my God! It was so hot! It seemed… so… so natural! The black body dominating the white body was so erotically charged, she stopped diddling her pussy. She gasped as she saw AJ lightly pressing on her husband’s shoulders and Steve slowly sinking to his knees.Steve seemed mesmerized by AJ’s cock right in front of his face. Gently Steve took the black cock in his right hand and started stroking the shaft. As AJ’s cock stiffened under the caresses, Steve leaned forward and licked the tip, and then to everyone’s surprise started swirling his tongue around the head. Looking up into AJ’s face, he started taking the black cock into his mouth; his head bobbing up and down the shaft. With each movement, Steve took more and more in. Lindsey looked on almost enviously.”Look at him… What a little cocksucker,” O’Donnell taunted as he sat back down naked beside her. “Now you know why he can’t keep it up for you… He’s not a real man… he’s a little pussy boy down on his knees… See… look!” Lindsey was spell bound at the sight of her husband willingly sucking cock when she felt Steven’s hand find the back of her head. He slowly drew her face down towards his lap. “Come on, Lindsey… suck a real man’s cock. Suck my cock and make me nice and hard so I can fuck your husband.” With a moan she opened her lips and drew him into her warm moist mouth; her tongue playing over the hardening prick as she watched Steve sucking the black cock. Steve could feel AJ’s cock twitching in his mouth. The black hands cradled his head tighter as he felt the man begin to cum. Several large spurts of warm slimy fluid shot into his mouth.”Oh That’s it sugar… swallow it… swallow it all!” moaned AJ as his semen continued to ooze into Steve’s mouth. He was so proud he had been the first to have the ‘straight’ man suck his cock and then seed his belly with sperm. AJ smiled at his boyfriend on the couch and the man’s wife who was bobbing her head up and down in his lap.Steven O’Donnell gently pulled Lindsey’s head up off his stiff cock by her hair. “I’m going to give you back your husband as a little pussy boy,” he told her quietly. “I think you will able to solve your problems that we talked about once I do.” Standing up, he took the lubricant with him and moved behind her husband.Steve jumped as he felt a hand smear KY Jelly on his asshole followed by a stiff finger and then two snaking into his ass. “On your hands and knees, sweetie,” O’Donnell had a grip on his neck and turned him until he was facing Lindsey. “It’s time you showed your wife that you really want to be a pussy boy!” Steven O’Donnell added more escort karşıyaka KY gel to his cock and clambered up between the legs of the young husband. “It’s time, Stevie – I want you to be a good fucking pussy for me.”Reaching under Steve, O’Donnell found the other man’s penis. It had shrunk down to nothing but was leaking like crazy. “You don’t have much of a package, now do you? Hell, Lindsey’s clit is as big as that. But then you’re a pussy so it doesn’t matter. Now you’re going to feel a real man’s inside you!” Steve felt the big cock head push into his ass, stretching it. A shooting white pain tore through his butt as O’Donnell’s cock forced its way deeper. For a moment the sphincter muscle denied entry until it gave way under the ever increasing pressure. Crying out in pain, Steve could feel his anus tear slightly and tears rolled down his face as he tried to escape the pain. Steven O’Donnell didn’t stop sliding his cock deeper, thrust after thrust, until he felt his pubic hair brushing the smooth upturned cheeks and his balls slapping up against the buttocks. “Oh little girl, you’re so tight baby. I’ve just busted your cherry!” He dragged his cock slowly out. Steve cried out again with the pain. It felt like his guts were being pulled out. When O’Donnell pushed his big cock back in slowly, it forced its way filling Steve up again and pressing hard against his prostate. Steve’s ass tried to readjust to the invading thickness as he began panting in anticipation of pain as it pushed back through the deflowered sphincter. “Easy, easy, little girl. You’re doing good. That’s it, honey! Push back… there we go baby… there we go! That’s it, baby, move those hips, pussy boy. It’ll feel better!” Steve could only moan as he felt the cock head pressing against his open hole. This time he arched his hips and u*********sly began to hump backwards; squeezing his eyes shut as the very strong emotions of submission and excitement washed over him. He was being fucked by a man… in his boy pussy…. in front of Lindsey.O’Donnell was sweating and grunting as he drilled Steve’s ass, “You like this bitch? Feels good to have a real man’s cock in your pussy, doesn’t it? Now you really are a pussy boy! You love being fucked by a real man. I don’t think we’re going to call you Steve anymore … I think maybe Stephie… yeah Stephie… Do you like that, little girl?” “Yes…” groaned Steve. Steve couldn’t believe he was so turned on being called names. O’Donnell pulled out and then back in over and over; fucking Steve as if he was a girl. “Of course you do! What’s your name, sweetheart?””Stephie… oh Stephie!””That’s right, pussy boy, your name is Stephie. And you’re going to like being fucked by real men from now on! Sucking real men’s cocks!” Steven just kept going, slowly sliding inch after inch of cock in and out of the boy pussy as Stephie strained to work his hips in unison. Steven smiled as he slowly withdrew before gently sliding in again. He repeated the action several times, stopping each time with all but the cock head removed… before sliding smoothly and gently back into the eager pussy boy.They were both beginning to sweat as they went faster and the young husband was arching his hips to meet the cock thrusts. O’Donnell’s heavy balls began to slap Steve’s ass with each stroke as he taunted him. “Love it don’t you, Stephie… like a bitch in heat… being dog-fucked in front of your wife.” Steve groaned with pleasure and submissive excitement as the thick shaft stroked against his prostate. His own prick had grown so hard and it bounced beneath him with every thrust he was given. His balls were tightening in their small sack.”Yeah, Stephie… Take my big cock up your tight little pussy hole. Feel it! Mounted and fucked by a real man. You’re enjoying every inch, aren’t you sweet cheeks?” The noise of the squelching lubricant in his ass and the heavy balls slapping against his upturned buttocks. Steve couldn’t help his reaction. His hips were undulating faster as he met the thrusting cock. “That’s it, Stephie. Come on, sweetheart, be a good pussy boy for me,” cooed O’Donnell in his ear. “I want you to come like the little girl you are while I’m fucking your pussy. Show Lindsey what a good pussy boy you are!” Steve closed his eyes. And he began to squeeze his ass muscles, not to repulse the thick cock, but to stroke it’s full length, to squeeze it, and to make it pump it’s hot load of cum into his body. Oooh! Shit, he really was a pussy as he opened his eyes and looked directly into Lindsey’s face. His penis began spurting little drops of cum as he moaned with the release and the excruciating pleasure. His arms buckled and his head dropped to the floor. O’Donnell pulled out of his ass, he slapped Stephie’s buttocks. “You just came from having a real man’s cock up your pussy, little girl.”Holding Stephie’s hips firmly, Steven pushed his cock back into the gaping hole and sank it to the root in one push. Pounding the buttocks in front of him with his thighs, Steven pumped until he was shooting his sperm deep into the other man’s belly. “And now you’ve been seeded by a real man in your pussy for the first time! Oh! Sweetheart, I don’t think it is going to be the last!”AJ, who had been watching the making of a new pussy boy with rapt attention, met Steven O’Donnell as he stood up with a deep kiss. It was almost as if he was reclaiming his boyfriend. Lindsey looked at Steve on his knees before her. It was a different look. She wriggled out of her panties, oblivious to the other people in the room; just looking into his eyes. Holding them out to him on one finger, she told him, “Stephie, you are a little pussy. Put these on.” The tone wasn’t a request but a command. Staggering to his feet, Steve slowly drew on his wife’s panties. “Yes Lindsey.””And then go and get fresh drinks for myself and our guests. When you are finished, you will go into the bathroom and shave off that damned moustache! Only real men can have moustaches and you aren’t a real man, are you?””No Lindsey,” he said in a small confused voice as he struggled with all that had just happened. “And when you’re finished that I want you to come back and lick my cunt until I cum. There is no reason that your pussy should have all the fun… And Stephie… we’re going to talk about how things are going to change around here!”And it was a new beginning.

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